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NetBeans engineering group at Sun is moving! Until today NetBeans engineers have been located in Dejvice, a residential area of Prague close to the airport. We were lucky to work in a very nice area with lots of trees and many pubs. However due to fast growth of Sun in Prague there was no longer enough space for everyone - Sun has more development teams in Prague - the biggest one is NetBeans, but there are also engineering teams involved in Solaris, Wireless Toolkit (WTK), Globalization, Java Enterprise System (JES) and Webservices Interoperability (WSIT formerly known as TANGO).

Most engineering teams have already moved to the new site, so we were one of the last to move. We have packed our boxes and our stuff will be transported over weekend. Hopefully we'll find everything again on Monday and our badges will work :)

How does the new site look like? According to the project website, The Park is the most ambitious business park development to date in Central Europe. It is a seat of IBM, GE, Sony, DHL and other large corporations. So everyone is wondering - will this move be a step forwards or backwards? The site looks indeed very modern, however the location is not so nice, judge yourself:


The office is right next to the main Czech highway (D1) in the southern part of Prague. It is right on the metro (underground) and well accessible using car, although much further from the airport now. It is great that there's a fitness center available, a large shopping mall and other benefits - but won't we miss the trees and relative quietness of the old office? And what about the pubs - will we also find some nice ones in this area?

More pictures:

Taken before the Sun logo was added...


I am personally glad that we are moving because I recently bought a flat close to the new office at Slunečný Vršek ("Sunny Hill") which is located in walking distance from the office or in 5 minutes by bike/car. At any case I'm going to miss Dejvice and it's nice environment!


You are probably confusing me with Romain Guy who used to be an intern at Sun and is now an intern at Google. People sometimes confuse us because we have very similar first names and we both evangelize Sun technologies. So yes, I am at Sun and don't plan to change my job anytime soon.

Posted by Roumen on červenec 27, 2007 at 03:21 odp. CEST #

Its a pity that lush green environs, surrounded by trees are falling out of favor and are mostly being replaced with sterile, glass cages in the midst of inconsequential patches of lawns and the like. At a time when the world is grappling with climate change and global warming (yes its real - remember the record high temperatures in prague last year or the floods in England this year), the least we can do is not have glass structures mirroring all the heat, just to save ourselves some electricity bills. In the long run, it doesn't make economic sense either. Its much cheaper to grow trees and let them cool your surroundings rather than convert forests into lawns and spend money on air conditioning. Besides, it is well known that it takes 2X the money to maintain lawns than to grow trees. I wonder when corporates will recognize this, get more responsible, and stop leasing buildings that have no real greenery around them.

Posted by Bharath R on červenec 28, 2007 at 01:24 dop. CEST #

The new location simply sucks. It is much worse than the location of the old building. The new building is surrounded by the three-lane freeway on one side and two-lane street on the other side. The whole area can be considered as one of the cheapest areas of Prague (whereas the old building was in one of the most expensive areas), and it can be easily seen (exhchange your view from nice villas built in 1920-30 to ugly concrete buildings built in 1970-80). Also where the engineers will go for lunch (McDonald's anyone?) or to drink some beer after work? I'm definitely not happy with all this ...

Posted by Silent Bob on červenec 29, 2007 at 11:37 dop. CEST #

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