NetBeans 6.0 RC2 released

You can get RC2 here. If you find any showstoppers, please let us know soon.

Btw, we did NetBeans day in Cairo today. Many developers have been asking for the slides and tutorials, so you can visit our NetBeans worldtour wiki with all the slides and demos. Thanks to all more than 500 attendees who came to NetBeans day in Cairo and for all the questions. I promise to come to Cairo again and deliver presentations at various universities and who knows, we may even organize an IDE shootout here in Cairo. Java developer community is quite vibrant in Egypt!

We also did NetBeans Day in Dubai earlier this week. I think it was a nice opportunity for local developers to meet - there are not many developer events in Dubai! I was amazed by the building activity in Dubai - the city seems to be one big construction site. Some of the places in Dubai were truly amazing... if you ever come to Dubai, visit Madinat Jumeirah at night - there's a promenade here which looks just awesome at night (and the prices of food are quite okay). You can't miss this place :)

Time to go back home. Wish me luck in surviving in health the constant temperature and timezone changes (this time from -3C to +32C and back to 0C in 5 days).


"Wish me luck in surviving in health the constant temperature and timezone changes (this time from -3C to +32C and back to 0C in 5 days)."

I wish you luck. :-) I would have already died. :-(

Posted by Fabrizio Giudici on listopad 21, 2007 at 12:57 odp. CET #

I used to say right on the beach. but never found time to hop-in for dip. Must have been too busy.

Am most pleased you liked it. try to get back in say 5-10 years time and look at the change.
Enjoy, SEanS.

Posted by SEanS on listopad 21, 2007 at 01:40 odp. CET #

A bit premature maybe, but have you heard any news on an update to the FindBugs plugin?

Because when I install it in 6.0 it says I am missing the following:

module javax.jmi.reflect/1 > 1.5 module org.netbeans.api.mdr/1 > 1.2 module org.netbeans.jmi.javamodel/2 > 1.18.0 module > module org.netbeans.modules.javacore/1 > module org.netbeans.modules.jmiutils/1 >

Which I assume were all part of NB 5.x?

Posted by Roridge on listopad 22, 2007 at 08:07 dop. CET #

Finally the final version is near by. Keep up good work!

I have one quiestion that relates to branding. I've noticed that, todays daily build is marked as Netbeans 6.1(?!?) Why? Bug? Or sun killed its yet unborn baby 6.0?

Related discusion topic at nable:

Posted by Adam Skalny on listopad 22, 2007 at 09:56 dop. CET #

"... if you ever come to Dubai", a good one :) Maybe if I won a lottery, but Egypt is next in the list :)
Hope that Bosnia would have a representative community one day, to deserve your visit here in Sarajevo.

Posted by Adnan Turic on listopad 22, 2007 at 11:22 dop. CET #

I filled in the report you asked but please do NOT release netbeans 6.0 like this!

It has now the nasty habit that it does something (compiling for the new editor?) in the background which drives the cpu to 100% for a 3-4 minutes. In that time my computer is unusable. This is the reason i'm not using eclipse which had the same problems in the time i tried it.

Posted by Kees Kuip on listopad 23, 2007 at 01:05 dop. CET #

Roridge, I am not sure who is the creator of Findbugs plug-in but I am hoping he will update it soon. Also look at: which should work with NB 6.0 RC1.

Adam, 6.0 is being finalized on release60 branch. This is normal development, because stabilization happens on a branch so that developers can already work on the next version of NetBeans!

Adnan, do you have a Java User Group or any Java conferences in Sarajevo? I can try to come in the future... you just need to gather enough developers at one place :)

Kees, sorry you had problems with 6.0. I haven't seen any problems like this, so please provide as many details as you can with the bug report. Thanks.

Posted by Roumen on listopad 23, 2007 at 11:57 dop. CET #

Roumen, till now, we didn't have any Java conferences. There is a number of java developers, but everything is on company level, and till now I didn't hear for any Java user group in B&H.

Posted by Adnan Turic on listopad 23, 2007 at 01:38 odp. CET #

Send me an e-mail if you'll find out about a conference in BH in the future. We have direct fligths from Prague to Sarajevo :)

Posted by Roumen on listopad 23, 2007 at 01:40 odp. CET #

We have agreement :) you'll be notified :)

Posted by Adnan Turic on listopad 23, 2007 at 01:47 odp. CET #

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