Is David Lynch Crazy or Genius?

This question keeps me busy at the moment because I am watching for the second time the whole Twin Peaks series. If you haven't seen it, I recommend doing so, it's fascinating. When I first saw Twin Peaks on TV I thought it was some stupid soap opera. How naive of me - few years later I was recommended to watch it again and I had to re-evaluate my opinion.

Why is Twin Peak so special? From TP FAQ: Most early viewers were attracted by Lynch's penchant for unusual themes in his films. Others were captivated by the visuals and the music. Many were fascinated with solving the Laura Palmer murder mystery. And those of us still addicted to the show revel in studying the subtleties of plot, mood, and meaning that become apparent with repeated viewing. Like all great TV ("The Prisoner", "Star Trek", "The Singing Detective") and all great art, TP holds up to more- than-casual study and provides fodder for endless contemplation and discussion.

I especially like on Twin Peaks that it opens hundreds of questions - it's very mysterious. There are many groups, forums, fan sites, etc. where people are trying to find answers on even small details from the series. There exist two worlds in Twin Peaks - the reality and a kind of dream world and both of these worlds fade into each other. The whole story is quite complex so I won't try to explain it, it's better to see it.

I used to have a map of the relationships which I've tried to find now on the internet, but I've found it only in this resoution:

I am hoping that some reader of my blog has this map in better resolution - if you do, can you please send it to me? Thanks!

Oh my godness. You've seen whole serie at one jump? Crazy boy, how many hours it took?

Posted by Lukas on červenec 17, 2005 at 12:30 odp. CEST #

No Lukasi, I haven't seen it at one jump. The first time it took me around two weeks to see both series.

Posted by Roman Strobl on červenec 17, 2005 at 12:39 odp. CEST #

Well i did it once it took me one entire weekend, a cable TV station (SIC radical) here in Portugal played Twin Peaks from start to finish including the movie, starting late Friday, and it ended late Sunday, i also have the DVDs.

I have insomnia so i can stay up for many days, it sucks most of the time, but in this case it was quite cool having something to watch, late night TV like 4-5 AM is very week, so reading Sci-Fi/ Asimov Books is a nice way to spend the time.

I was very young the first time i watched the series but loved it then and still love it now; the music is excellent and very catchy got to love that jazzy sound. But the End disappointed me; I am always disappointed with Lynch's endings, My favorite Lynch movie: The Elephant Men.

Posted by Daniel MD on červenec 19, 2005 at 11:38 odp. CEST #

I love the music, too. I'm watching the series now and finding out things I didn't notice before. It's fantastic how much can the series capture you. Btw, watching it over the whole weekend - well, that's really something. I could not do it.

I used to fight with insomnia, I always cannot sleep if I'm too excited or too depressed. I still mostly have it if go to some other country - when there's too much of new impulses. Regular excersises both for the mind and the body help me getting a good sleep. Not sure if in your case it's something chronical, if not it can be helped a lot in my experience.

Posted by Roman Strobl on červenec 20, 2005 at 04:16 dop. CEST #

Is David Lynch Crazy or Genius? Watching Eraserhead will answer this question.

Posted by Rhys Campbell on červen 06, 2006 at 05:57 odp. CEST #

have you seen Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)?

Posted by SE on duben 11, 2007 at 04:45 dop. CEST #

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