I Think I'm Getting Old

Although I'm younger than most of my NetBeans colleagues, after reading this post of a 15-year old boy using NetBeans, I feel old. Gee, this reminds me of me "developing" using "command line" in Basic on a Commodore C64 and getting my first PC around the age of 15 when I got so excited about the old Turbo Pascal. The times are changing.

P.S. Do you know about the comeback of Commodore? :)

I remember the Turbo Pascal days with joy, back then Borland created good products, these days i am a bit sad that the quality has decayed and that they have had the troubles with management, the only Borland product i use these days is Borland Together (and that is an acquired product).

I did not know about the new commodore, and it's a handheld device, i have to find out more about the hardware if it has a 3D chip and put it in my database :)

Posted by Daniel MD on leden 06, 2006 at 10:13 dop. CET #

Borland's tools used to be great, I used JBuilder a lot... it's sad to see them turning away from normal developers. It's cool that the commodore still has that old logo :)

Posted by Roumen on leden 06, 2006 at 12:21 odp. CET #

Ηι Roumen I am not surprised about the age of the Blogger!I think languages like Java have brought up the concept of making powerfull programming languages easier to use for younger people! We must not forget at the same time that we are going through the real years of the IT and Internet Boom.New people are brought up in fully computerized enviroments. PCs andf in general Computers are not something that you have to wait 15 years until your father buys one for you during christmas! Kids now learn about the internet and google very very soon..I am not surprised that we have 15 year old developers commenting on Netbeans! Thanx!

Posted by Paris Apostolopoulos on leden 06, 2006 at 02:21 odp. CET #

I am a senior consultant living in Italy where I have a small software company and live enjoying working new things. Since 4.0 I got Netbeans and I like it. It is just when you like a woman and decides it is the right one for you. I left my previous job because they used Eclipse but eclipse according to me does not deliver what netbeans do when you take it to real database stuff, like connecting and working with Oracle, mysql, derb y and much more. I am now using 5.0 beta2 and it is like to go on and stay there.

Posted by Juan J. Moreno on leden 10, 2006 at 01:25 odp. CET #

Thank you for commenting about me on your blog Roumen. I give a little bit of history about me on my blog but i will share some here as well. I am 15 as you are well aware of. I first got an intrest in computers when i was 7 and we got our first computer. It wasen't the greatest but i did learn how to navigate around Windows and do other simple things. At the age of 8 i fiddled with Acces and created a simple database which i thaught was just soo cool because it had a password and no one else could do it. Then when i was about 10 i wanted to be a "Hacker" so i went to a load of hacker sites to read tutorials and download programs i could use. That was trouble because as you probably know hacker sites have a lot of one thing...viruses. I got 2 worms and a few trogans. This was good because then i learned how to fix viruses which then lead to wanting to know how they worked. At 12 i started Basic...i couldn't do much so then i went and tried something called Turing (created by Holt Software). I hated Turing because it would never be used in the real world. In grade 8 i decided i would switch to java. After running through the HelloWord Program i decided this is the language for me. I worked hard at learning java. I would could for almost 6 hours everyday (including reading things that had to do with java). I bought a few java books so i could keep expanding my knowledge. Now i own almost 10,000 pages of java books and have saved up to buy my-self a powerfull laptop for all my computer classes. I enjoy learning new things. Some of my favourite programming topics are Inheritance, the java API, game development, Mobile Developement (using J2ME),crypography and many others. Thank you for viewing my blog and i wish you the best in your java development.

Posted by Collin Doering on leden 10, 2006 at 06:39 odp. CET #

Thanks Collin, wow, I am amazed how early people start with computers these days... I'll be happy if you will share your experiences with NetBeans in your blog!

Posted by Roumen on leden 11, 2006 at 01:03 dop. CET #

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