Day Six - Java News From Java One

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Java has grown again quite a bit since last year. I've watched a clip which summarized the biggest events from all the Java Ones in history and it is pretty impressive. As they say, Java is everywhere.

There's one thing that kept annoying me for a while, which was that some of the people think Java is suitable for every solution. I come from the scripting world, I've been using PHP daily for 5 years and I just could not get why all the Java people are obsessed by the idea of having Java as the best solution even for the smallest web applications. Don't get me wrong, I think that Java is just great but for some types of small applications which you hack in few hours it is just too big. It feels like using chainsaw to cut a piece of bread. Use the right tool for the right job, as Borland guys say.

What makes me happy is that it seems that some of the Java folks are getting it. Java is not the best language for everything and it needs to interoperate well with scripting languages. So I'm glad for projects like Coyote and hearing Graham Hamilton say he wants to make sure that Ruby runs well with the Java platform. Scripting is powerfull, look at all those VB folks. Yeah, I know what you think, they're not real programmers. But the language they're using allows them to program fast rich applications, no matter how lame they are. So I am glad to see interoperability of Java and scripting languages is an issue which will be adressed in future versions of Java.

Concerning the other news, J2EE 5 resonates the halls of Moscone center in a big way. Today we've presented our planned support for J2EE 5, pardon me, it's Java EE 5 now. A lot of companies are talking about it, Oracle has today emphasized their support in JDeveloper. Well, they're also opensourcing like crazy, it seems to be a new fashion. Sun has opensourced collaboration support on Sunday and announced we're continue with the opensourcing efforts. Actually it's quite a nice thing to see, companies seem to be fighting who will opensource more. I really wonder what Microsoft guys think about it.

I've been to the profiler presentation today as well, finally I know more about our profiler. It seems like NetBeans is first in providing a good solution for dynamic bytecode instrumentation type of profiler. This enables to profile an application without having to instrument all the code up-front and with very minimal degradation of performance. I think we should create a flash demo of our profiler, probably a lot of people do not have a clue how to profile an application as I did before seeing the demo.

The other technologies which are heard here at Java One are mainly frameworks like Struts, Spring and Hibernate. JSF is also being mentioned a lot often. The big corporations are coming with solutions for SOA... well a bit harder to understand for somebody for who designing of business processes is not a daily job.

Right now, I'm trying to download Eclipse 3.1 which was announced yesterday (finally it works after many timeouts). Notice that the Eclipse guys are started to create flash demos of features, too. As Rick Ross says, competition in the Java Tools market is amazing, companies like Sun and IBM are doing so much to give the best of their tools for free. Which makes me wonder when Microsoft will start to do this with their tools (I know they provide Web Matrix for free, but it would be interesting to see the whole portfolio of dev tools downloadable for free).

Alltogether, it's great to be here. If you've never been to Java One, I can only recommend it, it's worth visiting (I know, it's easy to say if you don't have to pay for it ;-)

And here are the photos...

Entrance to the Moscone Center

Notice the Java One back-packs
I envy these because I didn't get one

Booth no. 1000 - NetBeans

Ludo presenting Java EE 5 support

Oracle's SOA presentation

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