Could NetBeans Become the Most Advanced IDE for Ruby?

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Tor Norbye is working hard on Ruby support in the NetBeans IDE and he has been teasing us with his "Ruby in NetBeans" screenshots for quite a while:

1. Code completion for require

2. Rdoc-based documentation in code completion

3. Code completion for regular expressions

4. More code completion goodness

5. Advanced syntax highlighting

I have been trying the JRuby support in NetBeans (and yes I am recording a cool flash demo now :) It's bleeding edge, things may sometimes break, but other than that there's lots of advanced features available.

One cool thing is that you can choose if you want to use JRuby or Ruby - it's just a configuration parameter in the Options dialog. So you can choose stable Ruby for regular work or JRuby for bleeding edge (and call Java code from Ruby and vice versa, take advantage of JDBC, etc.).

What really got me excited is that Rails starts to work on JRuby! The JRuby guys - Thomas and Charles - are approaching their 0.9.8 release of JRuby so as it gets closer to 1.0 release it becomes stable and performant enough. So basic Rails applications work today on top of JRuby!

Ruby is becoming first class citizen in the NetBeans IDE:

To get Ruby support go to the development update center of NetBeans 6.0 (Tools | Update Center) and choose Features | Ruby. All necessary modules will be installed. The Ruby support is improving every day - in the last several days Tor created couple of features which helped me with the demo. So update it regularly to get more features :)

But back to the title of this post - could NetBeans become the most advanced IDE for Ruby? Go read this comparison of features available in Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA.

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