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    October 2, 2007

Consumer JRE ready for testing

Guest Author

Consumer JRE is ready for testing. It also has a new name: Java SE 6 Update N (we at Sun like to change names of projects for some reason). The big news is that applets start FASTER now... go try it! It is exciting to see that Applets are coming back!

The following features are included (among others):

  • Java Quickstarter

    : Faster coldstart for Java applications and applets

  • Deployment Toolkit: Easier detection of a user's Java version

    from a web page. 
  • Graphics Performance

    : Acceleration through Direct3D on Windows for Java 2D, enabled by default

  • Nimbus: A new Swing cross-platform look & feel that's much

    more modern and cooler than Metal.
More information is available in Chet Haase's blog.

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  • Matt Hosanee Friday, October 19, 2007

    I'd like to see Apple release these updates to Leopard - 5.0 hasn't been updated since _07 :-(

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