Pátek XII 21, 2007

First version of NetBeans Scala plug-in available

Caoyuan, the creator of NetBeans-based Erlang IDE published first version of the Scala plug-in which includes features such as syntax checking, highlighting, code folding, navigator, basic indentation, interactive Scala shell and basic Scala project management. More information in Caoyuan's blog.

Úterý XII 11, 2007

On the road again

I'm gone for a 5-week vacation to India to do some backpacking with friends but before they arrive I plan to do two presentations about NetBeans: at Calcutta JUG on Dec 17th and at Patkar College in Mumbai on Dec 19th. If you live nearby feel free to come and ask your questions about NetBeans. Both presentations will be demo-driven and will focus on new features in NetBeans 6.0 including practical tips about how to use NetBeans. If time permits I will also do demos on request - basically you can ask about any feature and I will try to demo it :)

In the upcoming weeks I will be connected to the internet only occasionally, so I won't be blogging much, but I am sure you already have other good sources of NetBeans news. We'll try to record a podcast with Gregg during next week to discuss the 6.0 release and other news items. Hopefully the internet connection will be good enough - I just saw a nice advertisement here: "cyber cafe, high speed connection: 512B". I'm afraid we'll need a bit more than that for Skype :)

Update: Unfortunatelly I had to cancel the above mentioned presentations - I got very sick in India and had to return to Prague to get medical treatment. I sincerely apologize to all who were looking forward to them.

Pondělí XII 03, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 has been released!

I am in Frankfurt at NetBeans day now (thanks to all attendees for coming, I think the atmosphere is pretty good). I wanted to show the audience how to get the free NetBeans CD but the link on the website changed to "NetBeans DVD". I was really surprise and I didn't realize we just released NetBeans 6 until someone in the audience told me he just downloaded NetBeans 6.0 during the talk :) So go get it, too.

Sobota XII 01, 2007

Karlovy Vary airport runs on Glassfish

I read today an interesting interview about how Karlovy Vary airport uses Glassfish v2 for scenarios from flight coordination to aircraft handling. Sometimes developers ask me if the reference implementation is good also for commercial deployments that require high reliability - I think if an airport decides to run on Glassfish it must be 100% ready!

Side note: Karlovy Vary is a spa city in Czech republic and although the airport is very small, there are direct flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg from Karlovy Vary :)

Čtvrtek XI 29, 2007

More about Groovy/Grails and NetBeans

NetBeans wiki is a great resource to find information about upcoming features of NetBeans. I just noticed there's a wiki page for feature plans for Groovy/Grails support in NetBeans. The interesting sentence over there is: "Ideas for features. Don't forget to have a look at Ruby support, we should try to do the same great thing!"

See: http://wiki.netbeans.info/wiki/view/Groovygrails

I am sure that Martin, Matthias and Gopal could use some help. So if you want to contribute to NetBeans, this could be a good opportunity!

Středa XI 28, 2007

Bubble competition winner announced

I asked Geertjan to announce the winner for my bubble text competition. You can read about it in Geertjan's blog. Congratulations to NetPaladin (and thanks to others for participating in this competition). Send me your preferred t-shirt size and postal address and you'll get a cool NetBeans 6.0 t-shirt.

P.S. For developers in Bulgaria: you are invited to come to the NetBeans event organized by BASD and BGJUG tonight. Unfortunately I don't have giveways with me (the decision that I would come to Bulgaria happened on Monday so it all happened in big rush for me). At any case I promise to do many interesting demos of NetBeans 6.0. The other speaker - Miroslav - is very experienced, so don't miss this event!

Úterý XI 27, 2007

Community acceptance survey results published

The results of community acceptance survey have been published - and it is a GO.

93% of respondents agree that NetBeans 6.0 Release Candidate is stable enough to move into final release! (Issues marked by the remaining respondents are being evaluated by QA team).

More details including nice graphs are available on netbeans.org. Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey.

Pátek XI 23, 2007

New Scala plug-in project started

Juan Miguel Garcia started a new project to add support for Scala into NetBeans. His goal is to provide similar level of support of Scala as the Ruby plug-ins provide for Ruby language. He even purchased a special domain for this project and started a new website: http://www.scalabeans.com/

Congratulations to Juan and I am hoping that Scala enthusiasts will provide Juan feedback once he publishes his first public releases and perhaps even contribute to the project!

NetBeans will get better Groovy and Grails support

Martin Adamek who works on the Java EE NetBeans team is working on a new plug-in for Groovy for the next release of NetBeans. You can read more about the plug-in in his blog. I am pretty excited about this because Martin has a lot of experience with NetBeans development so I am sure we'll get good support for Groovy and Grails in the upcoming release of NetBeans. The scope of the plug-in is bigger than what Geertjan has been working on - including fully featured editor with code completion and so on. I confirm that even though this is a new plug-in different from Geertjan's, Martin and Geertjan are friends, I've seen the meeting in our office :)

We started to use the slogan "NetBeans is the only IDE you need", but many developers asked us: "Where's good Groovy support?". So now I can say it's coming soon!

Středa XI 21, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 RC2 released

You can get RC2 here. If you find any showstoppers, please let us know soon.

Btw, we did NetBeans day in Cairo today. Many developers have been asking for the slides and tutorials, so you can visit our NetBeans worldtour wiki with all the slides and demos. Thanks to all more than 500 attendees who came to NetBeans day in Cairo and for all the questions. I promise to come to Cairo again and deliver presentations at various universities and who knows, we may even organize an IDE shootout here in Cairo. Java developer community is quite vibrant in Egypt!

We also did NetBeans Day in Dubai earlier this week. I think it was a nice opportunity for local developers to meet - there are not many developer events in Dubai! I was amazed by the building activity in Dubai - the city seems to be one big construction site. Some of the places in Dubai were truly amazing... if you ever come to Dubai, visit Madinat Jumeirah at night - there's a promenade here which looks just awesome at night (and the prices of food are quite okay). You can't miss this place :)

Time to go back home. Wish me luck in surviving in health the constant temperature and timezone changes (this time from -3C to +32C and back to 0C in 5 days).

Pátek XI 16, 2007

Is NetBeans 6 ready for release?

NetBeans is a community-driven project and it is now the right time to ask the community: are we ready to release? In previous releases only NetCAT members had the power to influence the decision whether the release is ready or not, but with NetBeans 6 the survey is open to the whole community. So test NetBeans 6.0 RC1 properly and let us know... here message from Jiri Kovalsky:

  Release Candidate 1 is available for almost 2 days now and we believe it's the right time for the final Community Acceptance survey [1]. The essential purpose of this survey is to find out if you - NetBeans community members - accept the RC1 as ready for FCS or not. This survey was always restricted only for NetCAT program participants but with NetBeans 6.0 we decided to open it to a broader audience.

  [1] http://qa.netbeans.org/processes/cat/60/ca_survey.html

  Thus I would like to ask everybody who already used the RC1 to login to netbeans.org site and take this short survey. It will be open until Sunday 11/25 midnight last timezone. In spite of that please complete the survey as soon as you gain a solid opinion about the RC1.

Středa XI 14, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 RC1 released

The only IDE you need is getting closer and closer... you can get the RC1 here.

NetBeans day Cairo information

The registration page for NetBeans day in Cairo is finally up... here's information about the event:

Venue: Dar Al Defa' Al Gawy, Nozha St. Nasr City
Date: November 21st, 2007


1. Sun and Open Source (Roman Strobl)
Discover how is Sun contributing to open source and find out about Sun's key open source initiatives such as NetBeans, OpenSolaris, Glassfish and OpenOffice.

2. NetBeans 6 - New & Cool (Roman Strobl + Ibrahim Foudah from American University in Cairo)
This session provides an overview of new tools available in the upcoming release of NetBeans 6.0. You will see demos of new Java editor in NetBeans 6, we will demonstrate various new features of NetBeans GUI builder in action and NetBeans Profiler which helps analyze performance of Java applications.

Ibrahim Foudah from American university in Cairo is going to demonstate the E-R modelling plug-in his team is working on.

3. Technologies for Creating Rich Internet Applications (Amol Desai)
Creating highly interactive web applications is a must today. During this session you can find out how to use different technologies to create Ajax-enabled applications to provide better user experience for end users.

4. Introduction to Swing Application Framework and Beans Binding (Roman Strobl)
Swing application framework and Beans binding are new frameworks which greatly simplify desktop application development. Together with NetBeans' Matisse GUI builder you can develop desktop applications much easier than before. All features will be again demonstrated in action inside of the IDE.

5. NetBeans Mobility Pack (Amol Desai)
Java is very popular by mobile applications developers. Discover what's new in NetBeans Mobility Pack, the ultimate tool for creating mobile applications. It's visual designer is not only easy to use but also very flexible and supports latest standards such as CDC and SVG.

You can register here (the number of seats is limited).

Pondělí XI 12, 2007

Enter the NetBeans Matrix

With NetBeans 6.0 the download experience went through a major overhaul. We have now something we call internally The Matrix. In case you haven't seen it you can enter The Matrix here. The idea is that you can choose your preferred version of the IDE (e.g. if you are a Ruby developer you most probably don't want all the Java stuff, etc.). However we found out that about 3/4 of the people download the "ALL" version.


I would like to mention that this may not be the best option for everyone. If you choose the "ALL" option you can definitely expect a much slower startup, your IDE will take more space on your disk and your UI will contain menu items and actions you may never use. So before installing NetBeans I recommend to take a second and think which of the features you really need.

Why do we need The Matrix? We used to have four different IDEs at Sun - NetBeans, Java Studio Creator, Java Studio Enterprise and Sun Studio. We were able to strip the number down to two: NetBeans and Sun Studio (a lot of developers asked for this simplification actually). So now when you install the full bundle of NetBeans you basically get NetBeans + 2 other IDEs in one application + a part of Sun Studio! It's been an amazing engineering effort to bring all these IDEs together and provide them via NetBeans in an integrated experience - and the end result is in my opinion very good given the time there was to make this happen. The Matrix lets you make choices which of the features you really need and which you don't.

So it seems to me that NetBeans users are a bit greedy because they probably think "Well I'd better download and install everything just in case I need it. It's free anyway." Remember that once you make this decision it will also brings some disadvantages, like slower startup speed and UI which may be less optimized to what you do. A smaller bundle might be better for you. The choice is yours... take the red pill or the blue pill? :)

Pátek XI 09, 2007

Two missing features in NetBeans 6.0

I am sure that NetBeans 6.0 is going to be a very successful release, I have been working with it since first milestones and the editing experience is so much better (productive) than any previous version of NetBeans! However not everything about 6.0 is perfect: due to quite an aggressive schedule some of the old features had to be dropped because they couldn't be rewritten to the new editor infrastructure. The features I miss the most are "Generate JSF pages from Entities" wizard and the Autocomment tool.

As for the "Generate JSF pages from Entities" wizard, there are other ways how to get similar functionality - you can use data binding in JSF visual web designer. Also Ruby on Rails support provides great CRUD generators. I heard that this missing wizard will come back in next release and there are thoughts to make it even more flexible.

As for the autocomment tool, you can use the hints (quick fixes) in NetBeans to generate Javadoc for you. These hints are disabled by default but you can enable them in the Options dialog. They're pretty cool in case you want to have javadoc everywhere, but can be quite annoying if you don't want to document, thus they are switched off by default. This is where you can enable them:

Once you activate these hints just move your caret to the line with method that is missing javadoc. A light bulb appears and you can press Alt-Enter to generate the javadoc. 

Btw you can notice that the branding of NetBeans 6 dailies was changed to RC1 - but it is not real  RC1 yet. We are getting closer to the release though.

Středa XI 07, 2007

NetBeans can refactor C/C++ code!

I sometimes get really surprised about what can be done with the tools - there is an experimental version of the plugin for C/C++ refactoring available on NetBeans plugin portal. The team also put up a little Wink demo you can watch here. They're looking for feedback so if you have feedback you can leave it in blog comments and I'll forward it to the development team.

Pondělí XI 05, 2007

NetBeans goes to Dubai

Sun is organizing NetBeans Day in Dubai together with Computer News Middle East on November 19th. I will speak there together with Amol Desai. We will present newest features of NetBeans 6.0. You can learn about how Sun is contributing to opensource, what's coming in NetBeans 6.0, how to use NetBeans to develop rich internet applications, how to take advantage of new Swing tooling, what's new in mobility and more. Join us on November 19th at this free event - and yes, you will get a NetBeans T-shirt, a NetBeans CD and free lunch :) Click here to register.

We are also planning to do NetBeans Day in Cairo on November 21st, I'll provide a link to the registration page soon.

Please share the news with your friends if you're from one of the Arabic countries - it's the first time we are organizing NetBeans days in this part of the world!

Čtvrtek XI 01, 2007

Page layouts in Visual web pack

Winston Prakash wrote a pretty cool plug-in for Visual web pack which lets you choose one of the page layouts when creating a new visual JSF page. I tried it and it works great.

It would be awesome if you could create your own templates with your favorite HTML editor, import them into Visual web pack and then add your functionality. Winston's plug-in seems to be the first step in that direction. When you are designing your web application you don't have to start from scratch but you have pre-defined layouts. My wish is that I could design these page layouts with an external tool and import them into Visual web pack and work with them. But I realize this is very hard to implement.

Using Developer collaboration behind firewall

One of the neat but less known features of NetBeans is Developer collaboration. It lets you chat with your colleagues, share files and even build projects on remote machines right in the IDE. Sun provides a free service at share.java.net you can use as a server. However in some companies this may not be an option, since they don't allow their employees to connect to a remote server through their firewall or their policies disallow using such remote service for security reasons.

So we often get asked: "How do I install a collaboration server inside of my company?" Until recently I didn't have a good answer to that question. But recently I found out that you can set up your own OpenFire XMPP server and Developer collaboration can work with it. The instructions to set up the server are on this wiki page. Happy collaborating! :)

Pátek X 26, 2007

GPL matters!

Check out the dual license of NetBeans 6. I just had a discussion recently with two guys working for a Linux vendor and we agreed that NetBeans 6 uses the most Linux-friendly license (GPL - in our case it's actually GPL v2 with classpath exception), which means NetBeans should be on a way to become the Java IDE of choice in Linux distros - the other popular Java IDEs don't use GPL or they use commercial licenses. I hope all Linux vendors will notice this little difference :)

Úterý X 23, 2007

Beta2 is out

Get it while it's hot...

Neděle X 21, 2007

Installer for NetBeans Platform-based applications

I wanted to blog about Vadiraj's plug-in called "NetBeans Application Installer Generator" but Geertjan already beat me by writing an interview with Vadiraj. The plug-in currently works only for NetBeans Platform-based applications but based on my discussion with Vadiraj in Bangalore he wants to make it also work for any Swing applications, which is very cool. This plug-in lets you generate a platform-independent installer by a couple of clicks. See the wink screencast to find out how the plug-in works. Great job, Vadiraj!

Sobota X 20, 2007

NetBeans News made my day...

Even though Air France lost my luggage today, I am not irritated. I just watched the new "NetBeans news" and my mood is back to normal again. Discover the "Portable Pack" and "Upload Center" in the following video:

Čtvrtek X 18, 2007

Meet NetBeans evangelists

The interesting thing about my team is that we are all located in different cities (we are based in US, Czech republic, Brazil and Australia). So we rarely meet all in person, but when it happens we have lots of fun. Check out this video from our trip to Karlstejn castle. And watch out, "NetBeans sechst kommt!" :)

Interview about NetBeans 6

Ed Ort interviewed me in Milan about NetBeans 6, Tech Days, NetBeans days, NetBeans community and related topics. It's a brief high-level overview and hopefully you can find some interesting information in the interview:

Pondělí X 15, 2007

NetBeans 6 presentation at BOJUG

If you want to find out about all the cool features in NetBeans 6 and you live in Bangalore (or nearby), come on Friday Oct 19 to Sun Microsystems. The BOJUG meeting will be held at Himalaya room at Sun Microsystems from 6:00 PM - address: Divyashree Chambers, Shantinagar, Bangalore (see map).

In approx. 2 hours I will do many demos of NetBeans 6. Here's the abstract of the presentation:

This presentations provides an overview of features coming in NetBeans 6, which is currently available in beta version. You'll see demos of NetBeans GUI builder with (codename Matisse) and it's support for Swing application framework and Beans binding. NetBeans Profiler can be used to analyze performance bottlenecks and we'll look at practical examples of using the profiler to solve performance issues. One of the main focuses of NetBeans 6 was improving the editing experience, so you'll see various improvements in the code editing area as well. We'll look at NetBeans' Java EE 5 tools and various features for rapid web application development, including AJAX support. There is currently a lot of buzz around Ruby on Rails, so we'll demonstrate how you can use NetBeans to create Rails applications. You can also discover new features for Java ME and JavaFX development in NetBeans 6. NetBeans can be easily extended so at the end of the session you'll see how to start writing plug-ins for NetBeans.

Středa X 10, 2007

A book about NetBeans 6 coming soon!

Adam Myatt is writing his second book about NetBeans, it is planned to be released in late November or early December. Read the full interview at Javalobby. Very exciting news! And a great Christmas gift for all NetBeans fans :)

Pondělí X 08, 2007

Beans Bindings Docs

I keep getting questions about documentation for Beans Binding. Sun's docs team is working on it and it will appear on https://beansbinding.dev.java.net and there will be a special trail on java.sun.com. So stay tuned, articles and tutorials are in the works. In meanwhile, you can still go to Help | Javadoc References | Beans Binding to get the Javadoc.

Neděle X 07, 2007

Java Day in Greece

This Saturday Paris and Panos from Hellenic JUG organized a Java day with many different great sessions about code quality, concurrency, clustering (Teracotta), Spring and OSGi, Glassfish - and NetBeans (delivered by me). Paris has a nice writeup in his blog including pictures.

JHUG organizers and speakers

I delivered a session about NetBeans 6 with many demos. A big surprise for me was when I asked about the number of attendees that use NetBeans - about 1/2 of the attendees raised their hand. Honestly, it doesn't usually happen that so many hands go up! The adoption of NetBeans has clearly been growing in last years, it was great to see that NetBeans is so popular in Greece.

As usual, I'd like to share some answers on questions asked during and after the event:

Q: When will NetBeans support Freemarker?
A: Geertjan has a series of blog entries about Freemarker. Don't forget that NetBeans is an opensource project so we always encourage to contribute - if you find that NetBeans doesn't support your favorite framework, it may be a good opportunity to help yourself and others out by writing a plug-in!

Q: Is there any support for JOGL in NetBeans?
A: Michael Bien released NetBeans OpenGL pack recently which is worth checking out.

Q: Are there any plans to support jMaki in Visual Web designer?
A: I know the effort was started but I am not sure about the current status (if anyone has an update on this please add your comment).

Q: I used to use Forte many years ago but then I switched to Eclipse because J2EE support was commercial. How is it with NetBeans and J2EE, is it still commercial?
A: Absolutely not. Everything we do with NetBeans is free and open source. NetBeans has great J2EE 1.4 and Java EE 5 support and will have first class Java EE 6 support together with Glassfish as one of the first IDEs (if not the very first one). So give NetBeans another try, many things have changed since the time of Forte for Java.

Q: When is NetBeans 6 going to be released?
A: The current plan is first week of December. We will try to release as soon as possible, but quality is more important than keeping exact release date.

I would also like to thank to the participant who helped me to fix my Matisse demo :)

Pátek IX 28, 2007

Questions from Tech Days in Italy

I've been very busy during this week at the Italy tech days and NetBeans days. It's been quite a pleasant experience (except for the Alitalia flight from Rome to Milan, the landing looked a bit like if the pilots would fight over their steering wheel, but I am alive :) The NetBeans days went pretty well, except for a 20-minute alarm during my presentation in Milan - that was really bad! But it seems that everyone is excited about NetBeans 6, I read the results of the surveys people filled in and almost everyone wants to use NetBeans after seeing it, except for very few undecided developers, noone said "no" after seeing the full power of NetBeans!.

Some of the more interesting questions were:

Q: Does NetBeans support Spring?
A: NetBeans does not support Spring out of the box, but you can get a Spring plugin from the plugin portal.

Q: Where can I find documentation for JSR 295 and 296?
A: For 296 there is a great document on java.sun.com. JSR 295 is problematic, especially converter and validator docs seem to be missing + other advanced topics :( At least there's Shannon Hickey's blog, but in my opinion we need more documentation for Beans Binding! If you have any good pointers please let me know.

Q: How do I migrate to NetBeans if I use JBuilder or Eclipse?
A: Look at our migration guides for JBuilder and Eclipse. We have a full session about moving from Eclipse and using Eclipse together with NetBeans.

Q: I enjoyed the demos at NetBeans day. Are these demos scripted somewhere?
A: Yes, our demos are scripted on the NetBeans worldtour wiki page.

Q: Question: any plans to support visual design for GWT?
A: We'd love to, but it's not on the roadmap now - too few resources. Maybe the community can help?

Q: NetBeans has slow startup. Can I do something to speed it up?
A: Yes, try installing a minimal set of plugins. The new installer for NetBeans 6 lets you choose only those pieces of functionality you need and you can update through the plugin manager. If you run Windows also make sure you turn off your antivirus for NetBeans files, it may slow it down significantly.

Thanks to everyone for the interesting discussions I had, flying to Sardinia now for another NetBeans day :)


Roman Strobl


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