Pátek III 14, 2008

NetBeans party at EclipseCon

I am going to EclipseCon! Although I can't imagine switching to another IDE I've been following the progress of other tools and I'm looking forward to learn more about what's happening with Eclipse. I even took my running shoes so maybe I'll join the running sessions (we will see :) If you're a NetBeans user and you're attending EclipseCon let me know and we can chat...

Many development teams use more than one IDE, which is also a reason why we would like to invite you to a party on Tuesday, March 18 - the second day of EclipseCon. The party starts at 6:30 PM.  All EclipseCon attendees are invited. We'll have free food and beer, we'll show demos of latest and coolest features, and you can enter a drawing to win a prize (you need to show your EclipseCon badge to qualify). Don't expect anything formal, it's just an informal gathering with food, drinks, and NetBeans evangelists who will show cool demos and will happily answer any questions you might have.

It is really easy to get to the NetBeans Party from EclipseCon.  The convention center is connected to the Hyatt hotel.  Just walk through the hotel, past the lobby to the far end and go out those doors.  The Tech Mart building is right cross the driveway.  It is maybe a five minute walk.  To make it even easier for developers to get to the party we will have a trolley which will get you there (the ride will probably take like 30 seconds :) Here's the map:

Neděle III 09, 2008

IDE shootout in Italy

I am heading off to the airport to fly to Genoa and Rome, two cities where two IDE shootouts will happen on Monday and Wednesday. You can learn more about the event at: http://www.ideday.org. I am especially looking forward to the discussion at the end of each event which was pretty interesting in Cologne and I am sure it will be interesting again - things like comparing approaches of different IDE vendors toward open source, discussing the future of Java and IDEs and so on. It seems that the three IDEs that will fight will be: NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and JDeveloper. Eclipse seems to be missing... are the Eclipse folks afraid of direct confrontation? :)

Sobota III 08, 2008

NetBeans Platform Training in Prague

Jaroslav Tulach, Geertjan, me and six other NetBeans developers delivered NetBeans platform training during this Thursday and Friday. It was a very nice experience and I learned quite a bit especially during the first day. I managed to reuse the Lookup API outside of NetBeans platform in a regular Java application and I was surprised how easy it was (once you get the "magical bag" concept :)

Here's a picture from the training - all these guys got a "NetBeans Certified Associate" diploma. Many of the attendees want to continue to the next level of certification, which is also great.


You can visit the course page on edu.netbeans.org for more information about the courses.

We plan to do more platform trainings in Czech republic (it's easy to organize - we don't have to travel far away) but the program will also run globally (e.g. one training is planned on Philippines). For those who will consider attending future trainings, here's a blog entry about the experiences one of the attendees had (Honza also translated his blog entry into English - thanks a lot!).

Čtvrtek III 06, 2008

Have you already installed NetBeans 6.1 beta?

If not, go get it now... the beta of 6.1 is available from netbeans.org! :) Feedback appreciated.

Btw congrats to the NetBeans community for getting yet another Jolt award (for the best IDE). It has not been announced on the website yet but we won this award again. Great start of the year after winning 3 developer.com awards!

Úterý III 04, 2008

NetBeans grant submissions deadline extended

We extended the deadline for proposal submissions from March 3rd to March 7th. Currently we are not short of submissions in their numbers but we want to make sure that developers visiting Tech days in Hyderabad and in Sydney still have some time to submit their proposals. Only the best submissions will be chosen ;)

More information and submission for is available at:


Pondělí III 03, 2008

Sun shines on Jython

By now you might have already read the great news that Sun hired two key developers that work on Python and Jython. You can find out about the whole thing in Ted Leung's and Frank Wierzbicki's blogs. As a dynamic/scripting language fan I am quite excited about it. I am sure this step will raise many questions, but from my point of view it confirms that (this is my personal view on the happenings):

  • Java as a platform is way more important than Java as a language
  • Sun is very serious about dynamic languages and about providing choice
  • Sun continues investing into the open source community big way

I am sure developers will start asking soon whether NetBeans is going to support Python/Jython. Although I can't provide any timeline for the plug-in right now I think it's the next logical step. It may take some time, but we already have very good dynamic language infrastructure from the JRuby tooling project Tor is working on, so it would be a pity not to reuse it ;)

More information available through the newswire.

Středa II 27, 2008

New demo: NetBeans & MySQL

I recorded a new screencast which show some of the features that are available in NetBeans to work with databases both for desktop applications and web services. The demo focuses on MySQL since the acquisition of MySQL AB by Sun has just been completed :)

Pátek II 22, 2008

Looking for feedback on new ClearCase support

Development version of NetBeans 6.1 provides new ClearCase support. We created new support for ClearCase because we heard repeatedly from various companies that they won't use NetBeans unless we have good support for this versioning system. The development team is now looking for feedback. If you work in a company that uses ClearCase we'd like you to try the plug-in and get your feedback on the features - what is missing, how are you satisfied with the workflow, how is the quality, etc. If you have any feedback please add a comment to my blog or send it to me by e-mail: roman dot strobl at sun dot com and I will forward it to the developers.

The plug-in is on the update center, so you just need to install the latest daily build and then search for ClearCase in the plug-in manager.

Here's the UI spec:

Here are install instructions:

Thanks for helping us make NetBeans useful for even more developers!

Středa II 20, 2008

New update center for localization

There's a new update center for localization which greatly simplifies the localization process. Using this update center it will be much easier to publish newest updates of localized bundles. You can read more about the update center in NetBeans wiki

Úterý II 19, 2008

Learn more about NetBeans Grant

Bruno Souza has an interview on SYS-CON.TV about how YOU can make lots of money by contributing to NetBeans, check it out if you're interested. I know that the current number of proposals and it's not too high at this moment so the probability of getting paid for contributing is still quite high if you submit a good proposal... just submit your proposals at:


Btw kudos to Rob for this great picture with Bruno Souza :)

Čtvrtek II 14, 2008

Interview with Martin Adamek about NetBeans Groovy support

I just presented some of our Groovy/Grails support in Cologne, it's shaping up quite nicely. What I like about Groovy/Grails is that it brings the same kind of productivity like Rails but with a language that is much more similar to Java and it compiles into bytecode (and Grails is built on top of existing Java frameworks). Check out the interview with Martin Adamek to find out more about the project and how you can contribute to make NetBeans groovier!

Partial parsing in NetBeans editor leads to significant performance boost

I got this info from Tomaz Zezula and Jan Becicka:

We made changes in the 6.1 java editor to reparse and reattribute only modified method rather than the whole java file. This leads to significant performance improvements. When the user types into the method only the top level method is reparsed which decreases both parse+attribute time and the time needed by tasks (hints, error marking, navigator) to recalculate changes. For example for modification of a method in the 150KB java class the benchmark looks like this:

75 ms
1 ms
Signature reattribution
318 ms
0 ms

Body reattribution

166 ms

4 ms

Also the newly added API allows the tasks listening on the Java model to recompute data only for changed method rather than for the whole file. Partial reparse has several limitations, it can't be used for methods contained in local classes or when modifying the source code of added or removed anonymous class.

What does this all mean for the user? It means much faster response in the java editor when making changes in the source code - full reparse is now mostly not needed and partial reparse is much faster (as seen on the table above). These changes are most visible on large classes where full reparse could have taken significant time in previous versions.

Úterý II 12, 2008

This is how I risk my life to evangelize NetBeans...

Here's a picture from my morning flight from Cologne on Czech airlines "jungle aircraft"... of course I am just joking that I risk my life, I am sure these propeller aircrafts are pretty safe... they just jump a bit more during turbulences.

Sobota II 09, 2008

Cologne JUG visit

I am delivering a talk at JUG Cologne next Monday (Feb 11th) about NetBeans 6.0 and 6.1. I want to focus on web development since the first presentation is about Groovy - I will show the progress we are doing with supporting Groovy in NetBeans 6.1 and then demonstrate web technologies traditionally supported by NetBeans: Java Persistence API, JavaServer Faces, Profiling of Java EE applications, jMaki and Ruby on Rails. This should be a "no fluff just stuff" type of presentation, with lots of demos from which you can hopefully learn how to get started with web development using NetBeans, Java, Groovy and Ruby and compare different web frameworks in action.

Ich freue mich auch auf dem letzten Punkt aus dem Flyer: Lokale Gastronomie :)

Notification for updates

I was using one of the latest builds of NetBeans 6.1 today and the IDE did something I didn't expect: I got a pop-up message about new updates. In the past I often overlooked that there were new updates available (the icon in the bottom left corner got changed only a bit in the past) so I guess it makes sense to notify about updates more visually - see screenshot below:

Pátek II 08, 2008

New ClearCase support now in beta

This just came from the VCS team - together with the upcoming WebSphere support in 6.1 NetBeans should be much better positioned in companies that use IBM technologies :) 

We are proud to announce that our work on the Clearcase plugin for the
NetBeans IDE is approaching beta state. We have just uploaded an early
access version to our web site and are working on making it available
via the development update center for NetBeans IDE 6.1. If you are
interested in trying it out, get a recent development build of NetBeans,
download the plugin from http://versioncontrol.netbeans.org/clearcase/
and install it via Tools/Plugins/Downloaded from within the IDE.

We are looking for your feedback on everything: missing features,
stability, workflow, Use cases, UI spec, etc.

Clearcase plugin home page - contains the plugin and all info including
Use cases and UI spec documents:

Release notes and installation guide:

Issuezilla link for reporting bugs and requesting features:

We have created mailing list for people interested in discussion about
the plugin development and features, you can subscribe here:

Thanks for your attention,

NetBeans VCS team

Čtvrtek II 07, 2008

NetBeans 6.0.1 has been released

You can get NetBeans 6.0.1 from netbeans.org. It's a minor bugfix release with no new features. So what has changed? There are some bugfixes available (see the list here) and also Glassfish v2 UR1 is now officially supported. So no big deal but don't forget the more significant 6.1 release is in the works - beta is coming in a month or so.

Úterý II 05, 2008

Android plug-in for NetBeans

I haven't tried the NetBeans Android plug-in myself yet, but the screenshots look promising. The project name is Undroid.


Pondělí II 04, 2008

Expanding to new communities

NetBeans is expanding to new developer communities by adding support for various scripting languages. We did Ruby for 6.0 and in 6.1 the Groovy support looks very interesting (see Martin Adamek's blog for details or you can watch the progress on the Groovy tasks page). I plan to demo Groovy support in NetBeans during next week in Cologne so keep your fingers crossed.

The other language whose developer community happens to be very large is PHP. I've been using PHP for many years before Sun so I am quite excited to see it being supported by NetBeans as well (and it will be easier for me to evangelize it - I actually developed a large e-commerce application in PHP). The plug-in is available on the update center of 6.1 or 6.0 (the older version) and it's still rather in it's infancy - sorry no refactoring yet :) However there's one particular feature which I thought was cool - integration of bigmanual into code completion. I switched so many times between the editor (Homesite, Zend, Quanta, ...) to the browser to see the bigmanual... I wish I would have had such a feature back then, it would have been a big timesaver!

Čtvrtek I 31, 2008

Chat transcript from Second Life

I attended the Second Life NetBeans chat yesterday. It was quite a lot of fun - if you missed the chat you can read the transcript here. My colleagues David and Brian led the Q&A. We had a total of about 35 people (some popped in and out during chat). We were told this was a good turnout - given that we organized such event for the first time. At the end the developers were asking to repeat the event so we may do it again soon. I heard from our Sun stuff it's possible to deliver audio content as well for audiences so we may try to deliver some live presentations one day - although the chat was also interesting in my opinion, especially thanks to the experience (sometimes you have someone flying over your head in the auditorium, David told me there was a person with an axe sitting next to me at one moment, Brian tried to push me from the auditorium, because he's evil - and so on).

I forgot to take pictures yesterday so I grabbed some pictures of the Sun pavilion today:




Úterý I 29, 2008

Get paid for contributing to NetBeans!

Sun is giving away over $150.000 USD for contributions to NetBeans. Sun will pay US$11,500 for ten large projects, and US$2,000 for other 10 smaller projects, with bonuses available for exceptional achievement. The submitions will get opened on February 1st and the deadline for submitions is March 3, 2008. Choose a project which you would like to work on and you think would be really beneficial for NetBeans community - and get paid for your work! It can be a NetBeans plug-in, a platform-based application, some bigger bugfixing or even writing missing documentation - it's really up to you.

You can find more information at:


NetBeans 6.1 Milestone 1 available

Milestone 1 of NetBeans 6.1 is now available for download at:


This stabilized development build contains the following noteworthy features, just to mention some of them:
\* WebSphere 6.0 & 6.1 support is now part of the NetBeans
\* The plugin for Mercurial versioning system has been added to the standard NetBeans distribution.
\* Slided-in windows can be made transparent to see what's beneath them
\* Plugin Manager allows to run download&install plugins in background, task progress is notified in the status line
\* Accordion, Bubble help and Popup Menu JSF components are available in palette

Complete list of new M1 features:

The question everyone probably asks is: should I migrate to 6.1 M1? Well I would only suggest that if you like to stay on the bleeding edge and you want to help us by providing feedback and submitting bugs. For real work it's probably better to stick to 6.0, unless you really want to use some of the new features (e.g. Websphere support).

Pátek I 25, 2008

Switching to Mercurial

It's really happening - NetBeans is switching from CVS to Mercurial during this weekend! More information is here.

What is Visual VM?

Visual VM is a new project whose goal is to provide monitoring and profiling tools for the JVM with a GUI. You may ask - why do we need visual VM when we have NetBeans profiler? Well, in order to use NetBeans profiler you need to use NetBeans - on the contrary Visual VM is a standalone application (based on NetBeans platform :).

So what is the difference between NetBeans profiler and Visual VM? Some parts are very similar - especially the thread, CPU and memory profiling. Visual VM doesn't have some of the advanced features of NetBeans profiler, such as load generation with jMeter and source code related features including profiling points. On the other hand it is a "all-in-one" tool for monitoring and profiling tasks. So it integrates functionality from various command line tools such as jps, jstack, jstat, jmap and jinfo.

When you run Visual VM you can see all running java processes and you can connect to them, take thread dumps, heap dumps, analyze CPU and memory performance. Although Visual VM requires JDK 6 to start you can connect to applications running on 1.4.2 or higher. And you can also connect to remote hosts and perform remote profiling.

Visual VM also shares the NetBeans plug-in architecture, so you can create plug-ins for Visual VM like if they were NetBeans plug-ins. Right now you can install an MBeans browser plug-in and a visual GC plug-in.

You can download Milestone 1 of Visual VM and give it a spin yourself. For more information look at the PDF presentation from last Java One BoF about Visual VM.

Středa I 23, 2008

NetBeans Gathering in Second Life

Join us in a free virtual NetBeans event in Second Life! We're meeting at Sun pavillion (slurl here) on Thursday, January 31 at 10am PST. My colleagues Brian Leonard and David Botterill, will lead the discussion about NetBeans 6.0. Learn how this latest release enables greater developer productivity with a faster, smarter editor, multi-language support, and a customizable IDE. I will try to join the event as well, it should be fun!

Středa I 16, 2008

Congratz, NetBeans community!

NetBeans won three Developper.com awards:

  • Best Development Tool - NetBeans IDE
  • Best Wireless/Mobile Development Tool - NetBeans Mobility
  • Best Java Tool - NetBeans IDE
No other IDEs won any of the prizes... NetBeans stormed everyone :) Congratulations, NetBeans community!

In the other news... Sun acquires MySQL.

Getting ready for Mercurial

As you may have heard, NetBeans sources will be moving to Mercurial. Why is this happening? Well, CVS has lots of deficiencies and other Sun projects are migrating to Mercurial as well (OpenSolaris, OpenJDK, Glassfish). More reasons why are we switching are here

Mercurial is a distributed versioning system (you can read more about distributed versioning systems here). If you are new to Mercurial or distributed versioning systems, our guys created great training materials. There is also a Mercurial plug-in available for NetBeans 6.0, you can get it from the update center (screenshots of the plug-in are here).

I really like the possibility to work offline with Mercurial. Our admins will like the fast branching options (I heard it can take 12 hours to make a branch of NetBeans CVS tree - isn't that insane?). Most operations will also get faster because they will be local. But there will be also some problems for sure - Mercurial is quite young and going from CVS to DVCS is quite a big paradigm change but hopefully it won't hurt too much...

Update: I just did my first push - how exciting! This wiki page is also very handy: http://wiki.netbeans.info/wiki/view/HgHowTos

Středa I 02, 2008

Micah and Martin on the road again

Remember Micah and Martin who delivered the NetBeans CD to Palestina? They're on the road again and this time they're meeting developers who use NetBeans in China. They're meeting with many people and record interesting videos from their travels. So you can discover China with netbeans.tv :)

Pátek XII 21, 2007

Developer conference in Grenoble

My first business trip in 2008 will lead me to Grenoble. Sun France is preparing a 4-day event with many interesting topics: Sun Secure Global desktop, OpenSolaris, GlassFish, NetBeans, OpenDS, OpenESB , xVM, OpenJDK, OpenDMK, Identity Management, Federation Management, Java CAPS. I heard that Grenoble is a very nice mountain city so I am thinking about taking a day off after the conference and exploring the ski slopes ;) At any case I hope to see members of French community at least at the developer day which is the last day of the conference. I plan to do many demos of NetBeans 6.0 with focus on sharing tips & trick on usage of NetBeans. I will have about three hours total to do that, so I am sure you'll be able to show a lot of stuff, covering Java SE, EE and ME development as well as building plug-ins for NetBeans and reusing the NetBeans platform. More information and agenda is available on fr.sun.com.

Five demos from Gregg

My colleague and co-podcaster Gregg Sporar has five cool demos of NetBeans 6.0 on JDJ. Gregg was interviewed by Jeremy Geelan from JDJ - I just finished watching the webcast and it's worth watching it, even I learned something new from Gregg's demos :)


Roman Strobl


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