Neděle VII 17, 2005

Is David Lynch Crazy or Genius?

This question keeps me busy at the moment because I am watching for the second time the whole Twin Peaks series. If you haven't seen it, I recommend doing so, it's fascinating. When I first saw Twin Peaks on TV I thought it was some stupid soap opera. How naive of me - few years later I was recommended to watch it again and I had to re-evaluate my opinion.

Why is Twin Peak so special? From TP FAQ: Most early viewers were attracted by Lynch's penchant for unusual themes in his films. Others were captivated by the visuals and the music. Many were fascinated with solving the Laura Palmer murder mystery. And those of us still addicted to the show revel in studying the subtleties of plot, mood, and meaning that become apparent with repeated viewing. Like all great TV ("The Prisoner", "Star Trek", "The Singing Detective") and all great art, TP holds up to more- than-casual study and provides fodder for endless contemplation and discussion.

I especially like on Twin Peaks that it opens hundreds of questions - it's very mysterious. There are many groups, forums, fan sites, etc. where people are trying to find answers on even small details from the series. There exist two worlds in Twin Peaks - the reality and a kind of dream world and both of these worlds fade into each other. The whole story is quite complex so I won't try to explain it, it's better to see it.

I used to have a map of the relationships which I've tried to find now on the internet, but I've found it only in this resoution:

I am hoping that some reader of my blog has this map in better resolution - if you do, can you please send it to me? Thanks!

Úterý VI 07, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Seen it Finally

Finally, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has arrived to Prague so I went to see it with my friends. I knew upfront I should not expect much, I read the reviews in other blogs, so I rather didn't expect anything and waited to be pleasantly surprised. Which didn't happen - the movie was just average in my opinion. Maybe if I haven't read the book, which is so amazing or if I didn't see the series from the 70s, I would like the movie more. There were some good things, I liked the Vogons:

A Vogon

... and some of the sceens were very nice (like the factory for building planets), but still, compared to the original series with 6 parts, Artur Dent was just not British enough. It's hard to actually say what was missing, maybe it was the subtle difference in sense of humor... I can't tell, but it was not "it". On the other hand I still had lots of fun, it wasn't boring at all, so it's worth seeing, especially if you've read the book or you like sci-fi comedies/parodies.

Čtvrtek V 26, 2005

So I Saw Star Wars Epizode III, too

Yesterday I finally went to see Epizode III. My expectations were high, although I knew it won't be like when I saw the original series for first time. The new series is seems to me more for mass audience than the original Star Wars. Anyway, I could not skip it, at least due to my curiosity.

Greetings to our St. Petersburg colleagues!

The first thing I've noticed was how extremely LOUD are all the ships in the space - we all know there's no way how sound is spread in free space, because it's almost vacuum, but nevermind. One of the disadvantages of being adult is that you doubt this kind of things and don't trust everything the filmmakers show you, which is a pity for us, because we loose part of the excitement.

I've enjoyed the movie, the beginning was a bit boring, but the story once the story started accelerate, I got absorbed by it completely. I especially liked the part when Anakin goes through the transformation from a good guy into a bad guy, although his original motives were all of good kind. Although it's not visible how he murders the small Jedis in the temple, the imagination works in this case wonderfully and seeing all the dead bodies of Jedi children was quite moving.

The effects were really wonderfull, I also liked how the scenes switched fast, it made the movie very dramatic. Epizode III is definitely a must-see in a cinema, the experience is boosted by Really Big ScreenTM with Genuine Sound SystemTM. I guess if I saw the movie just on DVD I would not enjoy it so much. I also liked the animal Obi-Wan drove, Lucas Arts came in every epizode with great and original flora and fauna.

Btw, do you know Star Park? It's a parody on both Star Wars and South Park :-) An amazing idea. Check out the Star Park gallery or the Star Park musical here:

Star Park Musical
May the force be with you!

Pondělí IV 18, 2005

Constantine with Keanu Reeves

I went to see the new movie with Keanu Reeves - Constantine. I kind of liked the movie, although it was difficult to perceive Keanu different than Neo from The Matrix. The story is about an exorcist who is fighting his way to heaven by killing daemons. I find interesting the ideas about eternal fight of good and evil and how important it is to keep the balance. Although the movie doesn't go very deep, it reminded me Lord of The Rings where the fight of good and evil is deeply rooted in the story (I rather mean the book, the movie is only surface of what is in the book). And Keanu played well, this time he was very sarcastic and he was charismatic as usual.

Would I recommend you to see the movie? Yes and no. If you like the comix type of stories with heroes and daemons, add some points. If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves, add even more points. For the others it depends, being sci-fi or fantasy positive helps. I would not recommend the movie to people who rather prefer "normal" reality. And to Christians, because in the movie there is a version of Bible with a different ending - guess who wins. That may be quite insulting for some of the religious people.

Sobota IV 09, 2005

An Extraordinary Movie

I went to the cinema to see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It was a great experience. The movie's web page with playable clips is here:

Wait! Before you will go to see the movie or get DVD and then write me comments like "this was the worst movie I've ever seen" I have several warnings for you. This is not mainstream. It's a special movie for special people. It looks like if it was a low-budget movie filmed by several students. Some of the music even sounds like a midi file! If you're after visual effects, great scenes, advanced computer graphics, ultra 3D THX surround sound played on 32 huge loudspeakers, this one is certainly not for you.

The story is strange. A crew full of loosers sailing the seas, searching for a "jaguar shark" who killed the captain's friend, trying to film a movie for 12-year old children? Broken relationships, lost hopes, captain meets his adult son he didn't want to have, his wife wants to divorce, he drinks too much and fells in love with a younger pregnant woman who by no chance wants to have anything with him. Everybody's wearing red stocking caps which just look awful and seems to be proud to be members of the Zissou team, lead by a captain who's life is a neverending depression.

What can be interesting on such a movie? Well, the story is so absurd, that it actually becomes funny. There are moments where you can't stop laughing, because the situation is so bad or just because of the way the movie looks so crappy. The actors play their roles exceptionally. And surprisingly, the movie is full of deeper thoughts. It touches you, maybe because one of your relationships went also wrong or because you didn't want to accept at one point of your life becoming adult. Or maybe because you are also still searching for something in your life and cannot exactly name what it is.

As written in one of the reviews, this movie touches deeply 1 of 10 people, while the other 9 don't understand what's special on it. I think it's worth trying if you are from the first group.

P.S. You have to see the movie if you like music of David Bowie. It's full of his songs sang in Portugese :-)

Roman Strobl


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