Neděle VIII 27, 2006

About Virtual Worlds

I've been always fascinated by virtual worlds. Did you know that there's already more than 6 millions of people playing the World of Warcraft online game? There are always limits of what is possible in a virtual world and today I watched a google talk about Second Life and realized that the borders have moved again.

The interesting thing about Second Life is that anyone can create his own new objects in the world and there are people who make enough money by playing the game to live their life just in the game. They don't have to work, they just create nice things and sell them to other players. Isn't that quite amazing?

Neděle VIII 20, 2006

Geeky T-shirts

I really want this T-shirt...

When the boss interrupts you...

These are also great...

This manpage is seriously corrupted!

For computer shop workers

No place like localhost...

Yeah, it must be...


I got one...

more beer
less work

Doesn't work with <head>

Pátek VIII 18, 2006

Fun Officially Back at Sun

Our CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, just announced that fun is officially back at Sun. I'm very pleased about this news. Actually I didn't notice it was ever gone, but that's probably because of the org I'm working in.

So I'd like to officially declare, herewith, a rebirth of fun at Sun. Good, cheap, drive the other guys up a wall, fun. And to that end...

Allright, time to do some photoshop work...

That's more the way I like it...

Sobota VIII 12, 2006

The Best OS Commercial

Have you seen Steve Ballmer introducing Windows 1.0? Solaris guys, you should really make a parody of this commercial for OpenSolaris :) ZFS, zones, self-healing, D-Trace, all for just... how much did you guess? $500, $1000? No, it's for free! Download it today!

Btw, happy 25th birthday, IBM PC :)

Středa VIII 09, 2006

Visualize Your Website's HTML DOM as a Graph

This is really weird... if you want to visualize DOM of any HTML page as a graph, you can do so here. This is how my blog looks like, the links overweighted the page. Although this applet is very useless, it seems to be popular. I'm not surprised :) You can share your picture on Flickr.

Pátek VI 30, 2006

OpenSolaris and NetBeans

I've blogged last weekend about doing evangelism for elite young programmers. Thanks to Tomas Heran we have another group T-photo for our "geeky T-shirt photos" collection, this time with OpenSolaris and NetBeans.

Hmm now can people see how small I am :)

Úterý VI 27, 2006

Chuckle of the Day

I had to laugh when I read this post called Ten things programmers might want to know about marketers. It might not click with you, but if you ever had a hardcore developer trying to understand the processes behind marketing/evangelism, it may click. And I agree with Ian Skerrett, especially if you're working on an opensource IDE we are all marketers (or as we say evangelists). So start your own blog, produce your flash demos and make sure you are visible! You won't regret it (unless you're not interested in moving on in your career :)

Sobota VI 24, 2006

This is Why Cool Threads Matter...

Such things happen when you just keep increasing the CPU speed... ;)

Read the whole article about exploding Dell laptop on theinquirer

Pátek VI 02, 2006

10 Lessons Learned from Road Trip to Poland

1. The hole in my car's exhaustion pipe causes the car engine to sound really loud and cool (like one of those sport cars). So cool that everyone turns their heads around in the city.
2. Unfortunately, the cops turn their heads around as well.
3. A hole in an exhaustion pipe causes that the car requires more fuel to drive.
4. I thought my car had a red light which shows that I'm almost out of fuel but it turned out to be just a black screw which looks exactly like the inactive "out-of-fuel" diode.
5. It would be very naive to think that you can buy fuel somewhere in the mountains after 10 p.m., even if it's close to the nation's border and people will most probably want to buy fuel here.
6. Cheap hotels do really have a reason why they are cheap. It's not just a coincidence.
7. Eating lots of guarana bombons works great for driving concentration, but absolutely doesn't work for sleeping. There is a reason why they write on these things the maximum daily dose.
8. Roads in Poland are fun. Who needs rules anyway. And avoiding all those holes... great adventure!
9. In Poland you can fit 4 cars next to each other on a road for 2 cars in all other countries.
10. Finally a country where my laptop power supply works without buying an adapter! Hurray!

Úterý V 30, 2006

Need 4 Speed in Prague

If you've never been to Prague, you can take a virtual tour at 120 mph with this driving video (they write the roads were closed during filming but obviously not all of them).

Pátek V 26, 2006

Czech People Are The Best in Drinking Beer

Did you know that Czech people have the biggest consumption of beer per capita? So far this year people of the Czech republic have drunk over 650,000,000 liters of beer. That's an average of more than 52 beers per second :) Check out the online counter of Czech beer consumption. I sometimes wonder if this is something we should be proud of though... have a great weekend everyone!

Neděle V 07, 2006

Executives and Venture Capitalists Like to Kill Dragons, too

A World of Warcraft guild full of executives and VCs? Interesting.

Pátek V 05, 2006

The World's Largest Tetris Game

Happy Friday everyone! Before you leave your offices to enjoy the weekend, check out the world's largest Tetris game :)

Čtvrtek IV 20, 2006

Pictures from Russia

I am in Russia this week and it's very exciting, especially because Czech republic has been under heavy influence of Russia before year 1989 (the Velvet revolution). It is very interesting to be here, because it reminds me of the time of communism in the Czech republic. So I thought I'd share some of the pictures and videos I took here...

Thousands of soldiers in a ceremony with russian hymn (video)

Flag ceremony on Aurora (video)

Russian underground - metro (video)

Soldiers in the city

Bring me back my Leningrad!

Aurora - isn't she beatiful?

A typical Russian building

Jaroslav Tulach (Yarda) - NetBeans architect

Anton Chechel - from mobility team

We had to taste Russian vodka - it is very good - I recommend Rusky Standard. Moscow and St. Petersburg are very exciting cities for visitors, so if you have a chance, visit them. Prepare for a lot of pollution, but it all belongs to the atmosphere of Russia.

Thanks to everyone who came to the NetBeans day in Moscow, I think it was very interesting for both the audience and presenters, we got so many questions - Russians are not afraid to ask tough questions :)

Středa IV 12, 2006

Europeans in Brazil

I have a little story with Petr Suchys I'd like to share. Yesterday, we went around 6 in the morning for our breakfast at the hotel in Sao Paolo. We were discussing our trip to Brasilia (where we are right now). So we were talking about the flight and about the weather. I told Petr that we might need to take our jackets, because we are travelling north and obviously if you travel to north, it gets colder.

So we both went our rooms and met back in the lobby and I asked in the elevator - well, is it really colder in the north? We started to laugh... ok... aren't we on the southern hemisphere? Doesn't it get hotter as we move closer to the equator? Well, kind of yes! Two Europeans in Brazil... :)

Neděle IV 02, 2006

Remember The Time...

... when you got your first computer? :)

Čtvrtek III 30, 2006

Need Better Texts for Your Website?

Just Gizoogle them - see gizoogled. So:

You've got a nice Mobile application -- now wouldn't it be cool if people could just download and install it over the air? This Tech Tip describes how to deploy and run a Java ME application using the Sun Java Application server and OTA provisioning.


You've gots a funky ass Mobile application -- now wouldn't it be coo` if thugz could jizzy download n install it over tha air? This Tech Tip describes how ta deploy n run a Java ME application using tha Sun Jizzy Application crazy ass nigga n OTA provision'n.

You can try to translate your company documents like vision statement, marketing strategy, etc. :)

Pátek III 17, 2006

Friday Fun Stuff

It's Friday afternoon so I guess everyone is already thinking about the weekend rather than about work. Time to have some fun... have you seen the Korean Maddness video?

Sobota III 11, 2006

Good for a Chuckle or Two...

Borland's Delphi Goodbye on

The Delphi user song is great:

Oh they didn't write Skype in Javascript
Or Scheme or other Lisp.
And they didn't use Java or that C sharp
'Cos it had to be fast and crisp.
And they didn't write Skype in C++
Though they wanted it tough and tight.
And they didn't write Skype in Vis Bas
Cos Vis Bas is just shi ain't quite right.

Neděle III 05, 2006

The Best of World of Warcraft Music Videos

I am truly amazed about how many music videos were produced from the World of Warcraft. People create their own videoclips, with music background and screens from the game. Virtual reality or virtual insanity?

Here are some of my picks...

<script language="javascript"> </script>

This is the funniest WoW video I've ever seen
(warning: contains abusive language!)

Chinese Coke Commercial

Amish Paradise (Gangsta's paradise parody)

Word up - really nicely done

Tauren Chicken Dance

Still don't have enough? Check out Comfortably Numb (an undead thinking about his previous life), Mr. Gnomely (Mr. Lonely parody), I'm too sexy parody, Numa Numa Dance 1, 2 and 3, Staying alive parody, Who needs a social life anyway?, I believe I can fly , Gnome dance, Happiness is a footstep away, I like to move it and Here without you.

And here's I Surrender - the first famous WoW video which started it all.

Pátek III 03, 2006

Friday Fun Stuff

As we say in the Czech republic, Fridays are little Saturdays. Why not to have a bit of fun on Friday afternoon?

Check out The Sysadmin Song.

Pátek II 24, 2006

I Think I'll Leave Java for... Whirl!

Thanks to the Javaposse podcast I found this great programming language: Whirl. It even has a nice Virtual Machine in Flash. The language was designed with all these features in mind: Inheritence, Simplicity, Ease of use, XML, Maintainability, Polymorphism, Flexibility, Power, Subtraction and Grilled Chicken. Unfortunately, none of those things made it into the final product.

The guy who invented Whirl has some other hillarious languages: COW, 3code and Taxi. Definitely worth checking out.

Čtvrtek II 23, 2006

The World's Largest Error Message

Ooops :) Time to try a more reliable OS...?

Středa II 15, 2006

Fire Distinguishers for Sun Servers?

I got a photo from Simon Vostry, general director of ZOOM International, a Czech company where I worked before Sun. If you want to do voice recording of Cisco IP telephony, they have a very interesting solution called CallREC (built on Java and Linux).

So here's the photo:

I am trying to persuade Simon that our servers won't need any fire distinguishers. He doesn't want to believe me, because according to him the performance of Sun servers is so high he's not sure. Simon, it's really not necessary, unlike some servers of our competitors, Sun's servers are cool and Eco-responsible (but still their performance rocks in case you don't want to save the world and just need high-performance ;)

Úterý I 31, 2006

Every OS Sucks

Here's a funny video you can watch while waiting for the 5.0 final to be released...

I agree, Every OS Sucks (and bloats). Give me back my Commodore 64!

Neděle I 15, 2006

For a Better Monday

In case you're visiting my blog on Monday, here's a tip how to improve your Monday mood. Read the history of Basic.

Neděle I 08, 2006

My Favourite Vlog

Check this out, the Rocketboom show kicks ass! The amount of recorded content is quite amazing. This just could not be possible without the internet. Thanks to Dick Wall for the link.

Čtvrtek I 05, 2006

A Small Video From Our QE Office

Romain Guy shared with the rest of the world photos of the Swing team, it's quite nice to see who is behind Swing. Today I got a new toy - the cool Nokia N70. So I tried it's video recording capabilities and here's the result. I guess I should not move the camera so much next time... It's amazing what you can do with a mobile phone these days!

Our QE Office (2.8 MB)

Pátek XII 30, 2005

Happy New Year...

... with a Java song (from 1997)!

Čtvrtek XII 29, 2005

My Silly Predictions for 2006

Quite a lot of people is blogging now about their predictions for year 2006. Given how silly these predictions mostly are, here is a couple of mine:

1. Microsoft will buy Sun. The name of the new company will be Sun Microsoftsystems. The new software giant will integrate .net together with java and there will be one platform to rule them all. Most previous Sun employees will leave the company because they will not be able to stand the company culture forcing closed source. The great war against opensource will begin.
2. Stranded non-convertible Sun employees will go look for shelter, most of them will find it at Google who will kindly hire them to have enough warriors for the battle against the new software giant.
3. IBM will create an alliance with Google and together they will prepare a war plan. A global massive campaign for promoting opensource will begin. Opensource iniciative and free software foundation will join to fight against their common enemy.
4. The whole population of Earth will divide into two groups, one supporting the opensource and second the closed source. Questions of software licenses will become a matter of religion and an army of software priests will arise.
5. The heads of software priests will try to meet to agree on common software licencing principles on neutral land, but the whole symposium turns into a terrible bloodshed.
6. People of the Earth will understand there is no agreement possible and will go into the streets to fight the opposite force. Millions of lives will be lost in this great battle.
7. There will be no hope for humanity. Armies of software advocates will fight there and back, without one side winning over the other one.
8. Suddenly, the Internet collapses because of an unkown virus, attacking both open and closed source systems.
9. People will lose effective means of communication (like blogs) and become hopeless without the Internet. This will lead to the end of the holy war, because without the Internet, there is no way how to easily distribute software and the questions of licences will become less important. People will understand they have to tolerate each other, even if part of them wants to pay for the software.
10. A new era will begin, similar to hippies in the 60s. People will start to take drugs, go to music festivals and stop to care about software.

\*\* Note for all the people from the traditional IT business world: this is just supposed to be funny. All these predictions are just random phantasies, Sun has nothing to do with them, except that Sun is by coincindence employing me. At any case this is not what Sun thinks is going to happen. Please don't quote me.

Roman Strobl


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