Čtvrtek I 31, 2008

Chat transcript from Second Life

I attended the Second Life NetBeans chat yesterday. It was quite a lot of fun - if you missed the chat you can read the transcript here. My colleagues David and Brian led the Q&A. We had a total of about 35 people (some popped in and out during chat). We were told this was a good turnout - given that we organized such event for the first time. At the end the developers were asking to repeat the event so we may do it again soon. I heard from our Sun stuff it's possible to deliver audio content as well for audiences so we may try to deliver some live presentations one day - although the chat was also interesting in my opinion, especially thanks to the experience (sometimes you have someone flying over your head in the auditorium, David told me there was a person with an axe sitting next to me at one moment, Brian tried to push me from the auditorium, because he's evil - and so on).

I forgot to take pictures yesterday so I grabbed some pictures of the Sun pavilion today:




Středa I 30, 2008

Nabídka práce pro studenty

Sun hledá 4 nové studenty do NetBeans QA teamu pro práci na částečný úvazek. Já jsem v Sunu v oddělení QA začínal, a tak pozice vřele doporučuji studentům, kteří chtějí zkusit pracovat ve větším mezinárodním teamu a vylepšit si znalosti Javy. Podmínkou je znalost angličtiny a základů programování. Výhodou je přátelské neformální prostředí (oblek nechte doma) a možnosti se toho dost naučit nejen kolem Javy, ale i o dalších technologiích od Sunu. V oddělení pracuje mnoho mých přátel, a i proto tuto práci doporučuji. Zde naleznete detailní informace o nabízených pozicích:


V případě zájmu pošlete vaše CV na adresu zamestnani@sun.cz. Další nabídky práce od Sunu naleznete na jobs.sun.cz.

Úterý I 29, 2008

Get paid for contributing to NetBeans!

Sun is giving away over $150.000 USD for contributions to NetBeans. Sun will pay US$11,500 for ten large projects, and US$2,000 for other 10 smaller projects, with bonuses available for exceptional achievement. The submitions will get opened on February 1st and the deadline for submitions is March 3, 2008. Choose a project which you would like to work on and you think would be really beneficial for NetBeans community - and get paid for your work! It can be a NetBeans plug-in, a platform-based application, some bigger bugfixing or even writing missing documentation - it's really up to you.

You can find more information at:


NetBeans 6.1 Milestone 1 available

Milestone 1 of NetBeans 6.1 is now available for download at:


This stabilized development build contains the following noteworthy features, just to mention some of them:
\* WebSphere 6.0 & 6.1 support is now part of the NetBeans
\* The plugin for Mercurial versioning system has been added to the standard NetBeans distribution.
\* Slided-in windows can be made transparent to see what's beneath them
\* Plugin Manager allows to run download&install plugins in background, task progress is notified in the status line
\* Accordion, Bubble help and Popup Menu JSF components are available in palette

Complete list of new M1 features:

The question everyone probably asks is: should I migrate to 6.1 M1? Well I would only suggest that if you like to stay on the bleeding edge and you want to help us by providing feedback and submitting bugs. For real work it's probably better to stick to 6.0, unless you really want to use some of the new features (e.g. Websphere support).

Pátek I 25, 2008

Switching to Mercurial

It's really happening - NetBeans is switching from CVS to Mercurial during this weekend! More information is here.

What is Visual VM?

Visual VM is a new project whose goal is to provide monitoring and profiling tools for the JVM with a GUI. You may ask - why do we need visual VM when we have NetBeans profiler? Well, in order to use NetBeans profiler you need to use NetBeans - on the contrary Visual VM is a standalone application (based on NetBeans platform :).

So what is the difference between NetBeans profiler and Visual VM? Some parts are very similar - especially the thread, CPU and memory profiling. Visual VM doesn't have some of the advanced features of NetBeans profiler, such as load generation with jMeter and source code related features including profiling points. On the other hand it is a "all-in-one" tool for monitoring and profiling tasks. So it integrates functionality from various command line tools such as jps, jstack, jstat, jmap and jinfo.

When you run Visual VM you can see all running java processes and you can connect to them, take thread dumps, heap dumps, analyze CPU and memory performance. Although Visual VM requires JDK 6 to start you can connect to applications running on 1.4.2 or higher. And you can also connect to remote hosts and perform remote profiling.

Visual VM also shares the NetBeans plug-in architecture, so you can create plug-ins for Visual VM like if they were NetBeans plug-ins. Right now you can install an MBeans browser plug-in and a visual GC plug-in.

You can download Milestone 1 of Visual VM and give it a spin yourself. For more information look at the PDF presentation from last Java One BoF about Visual VM.

Středa I 23, 2008

NetBeans Gathering in Second Life

Join us in a free virtual NetBeans event in Second Life! We're meeting at Sun pavillion (slurl here) on Thursday, January 31 at 10am PST. My colleagues Brian Leonard and David Botterill, will lead the discussion about NetBeans 6.0. Learn how this latest release enables greater developer productivity with a faster, smarter editor, multi-language support, and a customizable IDE. I will try to join the event as well, it should be fun!

Středa I 16, 2008

NetBeans Podcast Episode #39

Lots of things are happening in NetBeans land, to get your overview tune in to the latest episode of NetBeans podcast:

NetBeans Podcast Episode #39 (27 min 44 sec, size: 31.5 MB)

Podcast feedback to: roman dot strobl at sun dot com.

To subscribe via iTunes or similar players, visit http://feeds.feedburner.com/netbeanspod.

Congratz, NetBeans community!

NetBeans won three Developper.com awards:

  • Best Development Tool - NetBeans IDE
  • Best Wireless/Mobile Development Tool - NetBeans Mobility
  • Best Java Tool - NetBeans IDE
No other IDEs won any of the prizes... NetBeans stormed everyone :) Congratulations, NetBeans community!

In the other news... Sun acquires MySQL.

Getting ready for Mercurial

As you may have heard, NetBeans sources will be moving to Mercurial. Why is this happening? Well, CVS has lots of deficiencies and other Sun projects are migrating to Mercurial as well (OpenSolaris, OpenJDK, Glassfish). More reasons why are we switching are here

Mercurial is a distributed versioning system (you can read more about distributed versioning systems here). If you are new to Mercurial or distributed versioning systems, our guys created great training materials. There is also a Mercurial plug-in available for NetBeans 6.0, you can get it from the update center (screenshots of the plug-in are here).

I really like the possibility to work offline with Mercurial. Our admins will like the fast branching options (I heard it can take 12 hours to make a branch of NetBeans CVS tree - isn't that insane?). Most operations will also get faster because they will be local. But there will be also some problems for sure - Mercurial is quite young and going from CVS to DVCS is quite a big paradigm change but hopefully it won't hurt too much...

Update: I just did my first push - how exciting! This wiki page is also very handy: http://wiki.netbeans.info/wiki/view/HgHowTos

Středa I 02, 2008

Micah and Martin on the road again

Remember Micah and Martin who delivered the NetBeans CD to Palestina? They're on the road again and this time they're meeting developers who use NetBeans in China. They're meeting with many people and record interesting videos from their travels. So you can discover China with netbeans.tv :)

Pondělí XII 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone ... with a Celtic/Bretan song (isn't the ancient language beautiful?):



Pátek XII 21, 2007

Developer conference in Grenoble

My first business trip in 2008 will lead me to Grenoble. Sun France is preparing a 4-day event with many interesting topics: Sun Secure Global desktop, OpenSolaris, GlassFish, NetBeans, OpenDS, OpenESB , xVM, OpenJDK, OpenDMK, Identity Management, Federation Management, Java CAPS. I heard that Grenoble is a very nice mountain city so I am thinking about taking a day off after the conference and exploring the ski slopes ;) At any case I hope to see members of French community at least at the developer day which is the last day of the conference. I plan to do many demos of NetBeans 6.0 with focus on sharing tips & trick on usage of NetBeans. I will have about three hours total to do that, so I am sure you'll be able to show a lot of stuff, covering Java SE, EE and ME development as well as building plug-ins for NetBeans and reusing the NetBeans platform. More information and agenda is available on fr.sun.com.

Five demos from Gregg

My colleague and co-podcaster Gregg Sporar has five cool demos of NetBeans 6.0 on JDJ. Gregg was interviewed by Jeremy Geelan from JDJ - I just finished watching the webcast and it's worth watching it, even I learned something new from Gregg's demos :)

First version of NetBeans Scala plug-in available

Caoyuan, the creator of NetBeans-based Erlang IDE published first version of the Scala plug-in which includes features such as syntax checking, highlighting, code folding, navigator, basic indentation, interactive Scala shell and basic Scala project management. More information in Caoyuan's blog.

Čtvrtek XII 20, 2007

NetBeans Podcast Episode #38

NetBeans 6.0 has been released... but we already know what are the plans for 6.1! Tune in to the latest episode of NetBeans podcast:

NetBeans Podcast Episode #38
(36 min 15 sec, size: 34.8 MB)

  • 0:00 NetBeans 6.0 has been shipped! Check out some interesting reviews/blogs:
  • 2:03 JasperSoft announces support for NetBeans. A beta release of their iReport plugin is available. Watch screencast videos of it here.
  • 4:17 The first patch for NetBeans 6.0 is available. Find out more.
  • 6:15 Plans are being made for NetBeans 6.1
  • 9:00 Looking out to the future:
  • 10:51 Screencasts - lots of them. Roumen has his latest on Javalobby. Gregg and Tor have some out on the new 6.0 video tour page. View more 6.0 screencasts here.
  • 14:58 Road trip reports: Austin, Houston, Berlin, Dubai, Cairo, Bulgaria, and Frankfurt.
  • 22:51 NetBeans Magazine issue #4 is now available (also available as a .pdf file). Several good articles, as usual.
  • 24:17 Groovy and Grails support is being added. Read more in a blog entry from Martin Adamek. There is also a wiki page.
  • 26:24 NetBeans experts chat session transcript has been posted.
  • 28:03 The module of the podcast is Add Property
  • 29:21 NetBeans Puzzler: If you think you know the answer to the new NetBeans Puzzler, send an email to gregg dot sporar at sun dot com. Put "NetBeans Puzzler" in the subject line. We will announce the prize winner on the next podcast - so send in an entry! Disclaimer: The deadline for this podcast's puzzler entries is Sunday, January 13, 2008 at 11:59 PM Greenwich Mean Time. If more than one correct entry is received then Gregg will draw one winner at random. Sun employees are not eligible, void where prohibited by law, and we cannot send mail to restricted places. And remember: the Puzzler questions are getting harder - but the prizes are getting better. Recent winner Ryan de Laplante sent in a photo of himself with his prize, a copy of the fantastic book: Rich Client Programming.

Podcast feedback to: roman dot strobl at sun dot com.

To subscribe via iTunes or similar players, visit http://feeds.feedburner.com/netbeanspod.

Pictures from my travels

I was cleaning pictures from my mobile phone today and thought some of them were quite interesting so I'll share them. The quality is not very good and I am not a good photographer, but maybe you'll find some of them interesting, entertaining or will inspire you to visit one of the places I've been to.

Spring on Cyprus. Very inspiring!

I took this picture from my hotel window in Cologne :)


I do like animals :)

The best sculpture of an elephant in India (they claimed). 

Gate of India. The guy on the left is waiting for the picture to be taken to sell me some stuff really cheap!

There is still hope.

Conquering the space.


This is not Taj Mahal.

There's no place like :)

Pyramids and the Sun.

The stones look that small from far away, but if you get close they're so large...


The Sphinx.


Breathtaking Trevi fountain in Rome.

Fool's garden in San Francisco.

Colors of India.

Shore temple in Mammalapuram, India. The stones of the temple are rounded because they've been under water for a couple of times.

Palace in St. Petersburg. Enough room for many soldiers...

Late evening in St. Petersburg with incredible colors.

Sunset in the desert.

Pátek XII 14, 2007

New screencast: Matisse in NetBeans 6.0

I recorded a new screencast which demonstrates many of the new features of "Matisse" GUI Builder in NetBeans 6.0. I can't take much credit, because the demo script was prepared by Matisse developers, so all kudos go to them. All the steps are described in our wiki. You can also join the discussion on Javalobby.

Click on the image to play the screencast

Zápisky z Indie

Vyrazil jsem s batohem na 5-týdenní dovolenou do Indie, měl jsem se tam setkat po dvou týdnech s přáteli, kteří si nemohli vzít tak dlouhou dovolenou jako já a chtěli jsme procestovat jižní Indii. Bohužel jsem musel dovolenou předčasně zrušit, protože jsem onemocněl. Tento výlet do Indie byl pro mě dost silným zážitkem, a tak jsem si řekl, že se o něj podělím prostřednictvím blogu. Určitě existují velmi pěkné části Indie a spousta cestovatelů má pozitivní zkušenosti. Jak se říká "your mileage may vary". Omlouvám se za hrubší jazyk, takto jsem svoje zážitky popsal přátelům, rozhodl jsem se text necenzurovat, abych zachoval jeho autenticitu. Pokud vás hrubší výrazy uráží, nečtěte to. Byli jste varováni :)



dneska je mi mnohem lip - uz jsem mohl spat v kuse nekolik hodin, prasky zabraly :) Tak vam posilam moje dosavadni zazitky z Indie z tech par dnu co jsem tam stravil.

Videl jsem hodne nemocnych lidi, spoustu odpadku na ulicich (na mnoha mistech nemaj infrastrukturu typu popelari tak proste hazi odpadky na ulici a ty hnijou a desne smrdi). Nevidel jsem za celou dobu ani jednu cistou ricku nebo potok, vse smrdelo tak, ze se k tomu nedalo ani priblizit. Na vesnicich byly kaluze s cerno-zelenou vodou plnou odpadku a v tom se brodily prasata a prebiraly to :) Mistni pak cerpaj vodu z nedaleke studne, koupou se v tom a hned vedle vesele perou pradlo s penivymi prostredky, spinava voda zase stejka nekam blizko zdroje pitne vody. Hodne lidi tam zije bez zachodu, takze konaji svoji potrebu, kde se da. Samozrejme to pak podle toho i na hodne mistech zapacha, sracky clovek cejti v Indii skoro porad. Do toho vseho chodi po mestech kravy, ktere vesele zerou plastove lahve, ktere jsou vsude pohazene (a pak na to udajne chcipaj). Vetsina krav je desne vyzrana, asi jim ty plasty opravdu nedelaj moc dobre na zaludek. Vsude se potulujou psi, vypadaj jako kdyby prozily treti svetovou valku a jsou znacne agresivni (videl jsem jednu super psi rvacku :)

Ve velkych mestech je silny znecisteni ovzdusi (o dost horsi nez BKK - i kdyz sviti slunicko tak smogem skoro nepronikne :), prilis mnoho lidi a neustaly dopravni kolaps. Kdyz jsem dorazil do Delhi ve 2 rano tak jsem si koupil jizdenku na statni taxi. Stal me o dost min nez posledne (310 Rs. - neco pod 150 Kc) kdyz jsem byl v Bangalore, kde jsem si vzal nejakyho soukromyho, platil jsem mnohem vic. Na druhou stranu v Bangalore me aspon dovezli do hotelu, taxikar v Delhi tvrdil ze adresa je neuplna a ze se musime zeptat na informacich (coz byla zaroven cestovni kancelar). Tam mi nabidli vylet na Taj Mahal za 200 Eur (bez vstupenky, jen doprava) a chlapek predstiral, ze volal na muj hotel a tvaril se, ze mam problem s rezervaci (asi mi chtel prodat i ubytovani :). Behem toho se me ptal na detaily my rezervace, ja malem dostal zachvat smichu, protoze bylo jasny ze s nikym nemluvi a jenom to hraje. Vydrzel to predstirat snad 10 minut :) Nakonec jsem mu rek, ze si vylet asi koupim, ale ze se chci rozhodnout az rano, protoze jsem unavenej a ze se chci nejdriv vyspat. To se mu moc nelibilo, ale asi zpozornel, ze mam prece jen zajem o vylet tak neco napsal taxikarovi na papir a muj taxikar se prastil do cela jako ze uz konecne vi, kde ten hotel je. Ja jsem mel pocit vitezstvi, protoze jsem ty hajzly prechcal a dostal jsem se na hotel bez vetsi financni ujmy, samozrejme jsem do cestovani kancelare nezavolal, protoze za 200 Eur by se dalo na Taj Mahal dostat v pohode letecky.

Metro v Delhi byl jeden z mala pozitivni zazitku - chvili jsem si pripadal jak na zapade akorat tam bylo vic lidi :) Takze jsem ho hodne pouzival pro prohlidku mesta (jizdne stalo 8 Rs. - 3.50 Kc :). Kdyz jsem vystoupil na jedne stanici abych se podival na Red Fort v Delhi tak jsem se zase musel vratit, protoze jsem to proste nerozdejchal :) V Delhi jsem potkal celkem pohodovyho riksu, kterej mel dobrou anglictinu a povozil me po ruznych pamatkach a samozrejme me zavezl i do par obchodu aby si privydelal na syna, ktery studuje v USA pocitace (hrozne jsem mu to zral :) V prvnim jsem par minut vydrzel, protoze tam meli zajimavy sosky, ale druhej byly jen latky, tak jsem riksu nasral, protoze nedostal zadny penize, utekl jsem prilis rychle. Ale protoze byl hodnej a vozil me pred tim nekolik hodin a hodne mi toho vypravel tak jsem mu dal 300 Rs (asi 135 korun). Byl z toho uplne vedle, jeste jsem nemel moc prehled kolik riksove stoji, ale viditelne jsem mu dal hodne penez :)

V Delhi jsem potkal dost malych deti, ktery maj po celym tele vyrazku a samozrejme se me bezely dotknout :) Daval jsem nekolikrat penize vyhublejm zenskejm, ktery drzely mimino zabaleny ve spinavejch hadrech a prosily beze slov o penize. Hodnekrat me obtezovaly maly deti, ktery chtely "mony mony" a nedalo se jich zbavit. Taky tam byly stary lidi, kteri uz meli jen kosti a kuzi a lezeli slozeny na zemi a prosili o penize (uz byli v deliriu a neco mleli dokola). Tohle vse jsem nesl docela tezko.

Na Taj Mahal jsem se bohuzel nedostal, protoze jsem mel let do Chennai v 6 vecer a to bych se nestihl vratit vlakem a i kdyz byly vsude nabidky na vylet minubusem na Taj Mahal, byly nechutne drahy, tak jsem to odlozil na konec cesty kdy jsem mel mit skoro 3 dny v Delhi. Jinak v Delhi byl hotel naprosto udesnej, tak jsem si radsi v Chennai priplatil (asi 1500 Kc na noc) na lepsi hotel a bylo to taky desny, ze snidane jsem se malem pozvracel. Na hotelu pracovaly deti (vcetne recepce, moc jim ta anglictina nesla :), mohlo jim byt tak 14 let. Tepla voda netekla na zadnem miste v Indii kde jsem byl, ne ze bych ji potreboval :) Deti v Chennai vubec pracovaly tak nejak vsude.

Sel jsem se projit po Chennai, ale kvuli znecisteni vzduchu a neustalym nahanecum a agresivnimu marketingu riksu je to temer nemozne. Utekl jsem jim na plaz, ale byli vytrvali a pronasledovali me i po plazi a nekolik jich za mnou i bezelo :) Brzy jsem toho mel v Chennai dost a tak jsem jel na jih (50 km od Chennai je Mammalapuram, doufal jsem v cisti vzduch a trochu klidu, protoze to neustaly troubeni na ulicich mi uz slo dost na nervy). Zkousel jsem taxi, ale to by bylo drahy, tak jsem jel asi hodinu a pul riksou :) Riksa byl dost divnej a hodnekrat zastavoval protoze mel rozbitou karu a musel ji opravovat, ale byl to celkem fajn zazitek, protoze vzal i nejaky deti se kterejma byla legrace (samozrejme mely nechutnou vyrazku tak jsem si radeji odsednul) a ja jsem poprve od priletu do Indie konecne dychal cisty vzduch. Take odpadku u silnice trochu ubylo, tak jsem z toho mel dost pozitivni naladu a rikal si ta Indie asi nebude tak spatna a jen jsem mel rychleji vypadnout z mesta.

Dorazil jsem do Mammalapuram, maj tam uzasny stavby ze 6. stoleti, takovy maly Ankor Vat:  http://images.google.com/images?q=mammalapuram&ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi

I kdyz Mammalapuram bylo velmi zajimavy misto, dostal jsem ten silenej prujem, krece do bricha a horecku. Pravdepodobne kvuli jedne z restauraci na plazi kde jsem si dal podezrely jidlo (moje oblibene nudle s kurecim, ale to kure chutnalo hoodne divne) a orange shake. Take jsem kazdou noc marne bojoval s komary (meli odpuzovace ale komari jsou viditelne zvykly a desne hladovy :) Pokoj jsem vybral jeden z tech drazsich (650 Rs. - 300 Kc). Meli docela pekny velky svaby, jeden se mi hned chtel nastehovat do batohu :) Po dvou dnech prujmu a horecek jsem myslel, ze tam chcipnu. Asi jsem i udelal chybu, ze jsem malo pil (vyprazdnoval jsem se totiz velmi casto), tak jsem byl na hranici fyzickeho i psychickeho zhrouceni. Samozrejme mistni na mym stavu jeste rejzovali, a tak mi prodavali vodu za 50 Rs. Bohuzel za celou dobu v Indii jsem nepotkal nikoho, kdo by nechtel ze me sedrit posledni rupii. Uz jsem na to byl pripravenej z Thajska, ale tam to meli aspon trochu lepe vymysleny, tady ty jejich lzi a vymysly byly dost trapny a vubec byli hrozne agresivni.

V jeden slaby moment, kdy jsem dostal obzvlast silne krece do strev jsem po navsteve toalety vyrazil do internetovy kavarny zabookovat letenku. Letenka s Lufthansou do Prahy stala pres 18 litru, ale v tu chvili bych dal cokoliv jen abych se dostal do civilizace a vzhledem k nekterym priznakum malarie jsem uz byl v pokrocilym stadiu paniky :). (mimochodem pocitac byl totalne zavirovanej, tak doufam, ze ted nemaji moje cislo kreditky :) Letel jsem za 6 hodin po tom co jsem se rozhodl, chtel jsem zmizet co nejrychleji to slo. Vcera jsem prospal vetsinu dne, navstivil Tesco a koupil velke baleni piskot (prodavaj to po pul kile :) V letadle a nekolik dni pred tim jsem nejed, tak se mi dneska ulevilo, ze jsem do sebe neco nasoukal a udrzel v sobe nejakou tu vodu diky praskum proti prujmu :)

Takze takhle jsem se mel v Indii, diky pokud jste docetli az sem, potreboval jsem se z toho trochu vypsat. Dlouho jsem o tom premyslel, ale uz se tam nechci vratit, sorry XXX/YYY/ZZZ, ale tech par dnu na konci byly jedny z nejhorsich dnu myho zivota. Taky mam pouceni pro priste, ze neni dobry se vydavat do exotickych zemi sam, kvuli nemoci jsem to nes dost spatne psychicky. Cetl jsem si dneska na netu a v LP o zapadnim pobrezi a pry je to lepsi nez vychod, takze se tam budete mit asi lip, ale ja uz zpatky proste nechci. Asi jsem navstivil spatnou cast Indie. Jeste pred odletem v Indii jsem zjistoval, co za nemoci muze cloveka v Indii potkat, tak jsem si uvedomil, ze mam zdravi jen jedno a nemel bych takhle experimentovat. Vim, ze vetsina lidi se asi vrati v pohode, ale potom co jsem videl nemam pochyby ze je jednoduchy tam chytit neco zakernyho, nemoci tam jsou soucasti kazdodenniho zivota a je obzvlast nechutny jak tam misty nakladaji s odpadky a fekaliemi (neresi to). Takze omlouvam se, ze to takhle na posledni chvili odrikam, ve vic lidech by to byla vetsi prdel, ale ja na to nemam se tam vratit. Nejsem nejak narocnej na hygienu, ale Indie tohle slovo vubec nezna. 

Úterý XII 11, 2007

On the road again

I'm gone for a 5-week vacation to India to do some backpacking with friends but before they arrive I plan to do two presentations about NetBeans: at Calcutta JUG on Dec 17th and at Patkar College in Mumbai on Dec 19th. If you live nearby feel free to come and ask your questions about NetBeans. Both presentations will be demo-driven and will focus on new features in NetBeans 6.0 including practical tips about how to use NetBeans. If time permits I will also do demos on request - basically you can ask about any feature and I will try to demo it :)

In the upcoming weeks I will be connected to the internet only occasionally, so I won't be blogging much, but I am sure you already have other good sources of NetBeans news. We'll try to record a podcast with Gregg during next week to discuss the 6.0 release and other news items. Hopefully the internet connection will be good enough - I just saw a nice advertisement here: "cyber cafe, high speed connection: 512B". I'm afraid we'll need a bit more than that for Skype :)

Update: Unfortunatelly I had to cancel the above mentioned presentations - I got very sick in India and had to return to Prague to get medical treatment. I sincerely apologize to all who were looking forward to them.

Pondělí XII 03, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 has been released!

I am in Frankfurt at NetBeans day now (thanks to all attendees for coming, I think the atmosphere is pretty good). I wanted to show the audience how to get the free NetBeans CD but the link on the website changed to "NetBeans DVD". I was really surprise and I didn't realize we just released NetBeans 6 until someone in the audience told me he just downloaded NetBeans 6.0 during the talk :) So go get it, too.

Sobota XII 01, 2007

Karlovy Vary airport runs on Glassfish

I read today an interesting interview about how Karlovy Vary airport uses Glassfish v2 for scenarios from flight coordination to aircraft handling. Sometimes developers ask me if the reference implementation is good also for commercial deployments that require high reliability - I think if an airport decides to run on Glassfish it must be 100% ready!

Side note: Karlovy Vary is a spa city in Czech republic and although the airport is very small, there are direct flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg from Karlovy Vary :)

Čtvrtek XI 29, 2007

More about Groovy/Grails and NetBeans

NetBeans wiki is a great resource to find information about upcoming features of NetBeans. I just noticed there's a wiki page for feature plans for Groovy/Grails support in NetBeans. The interesting sentence over there is: "Ideas for features. Don't forget to have a look at Ruby support, we should try to do the same great thing!"

See: http://wiki.netbeans.info/wiki/view/Groovygrails

I am sure that Martin, Matthias and Gopal could use some help. So if you want to contribute to NetBeans, this could be a good opportunity!

Středa XI 28, 2007

Bubble competition winner announced

I asked Geertjan to announce the winner for my bubble text competition. You can read about it in Geertjan's blog. Congratulations to NetPaladin (and thanks to others for participating in this competition). Send me your preferred t-shirt size and postal address and you'll get a cool NetBeans 6.0 t-shirt.

P.S. For developers in Bulgaria: you are invited to come to the NetBeans event organized by BASD and BGJUG tonight. Unfortunately I don't have giveways with me (the decision that I would come to Bulgaria happened on Monday so it all happened in big rush for me). At any case I promise to do many interesting demos of NetBeans 6.0. The other speaker - Miroslav - is very experienced, so don't miss this event!

Úterý XI 27, 2007

Community acceptance survey results published

The results of community acceptance survey have been published - and it is a GO.

93% of respondents agree that NetBeans 6.0 Release Candidate is stable enough to move into final release! (Issues marked by the remaining respondents are being evaluated by QA team).

More details including nice graphs are available on netbeans.org. Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey.

Neděle XI 25, 2007

A picture from Cairo

Here's one picture from NetBeans day in Cairo... this is your unique opportunity to publicly make fun of me - you can put into the bubble anything you want me to say. On this picture I am not looking into the camera, I am looking at my Sun colleague instead. Imagine I am about to tell something to my Sun colleague to comment this situation. I expect lots of creative and funny submittions - leave them as comments. The author of the best submittion will get a NetBeans 6.0 T-shirt (leave your name in the form, multiple submittions are allowed, please no content which could be offensive to those on the picture - remember cultural differences - and I will ask Geertjan to pick the best one in order to be objective)! Have fun!



Pátek XI 23, 2007

New Scala plug-in project started

Juan Miguel Garcia started a new project to add support for Scala into NetBeans. His goal is to provide similar level of support of Scala as the Ruby plug-ins provide for Ruby language. He even purchased a special domain for this project and started a new website: http://www.scalabeans.com/

Congratulations to Juan and I am hoping that Scala enthusiasts will provide Juan feedback once he publishes his first public releases and perhaps even contribute to the project!

NetBeans will get better Groovy and Grails support

Martin Adamek who works on the Java EE NetBeans team is working on a new plug-in for Groovy for the next release of NetBeans. You can read more about the plug-in in his blog. I am pretty excited about this because Martin has a lot of experience with NetBeans development so I am sure we'll get good support for Groovy and Grails in the upcoming release of NetBeans. The scope of the plug-in is bigger than what Geertjan has been working on - including fully featured editor with code completion and so on. I confirm that even though this is a new plug-in different from Geertjan's, Martin and Geertjan are friends, I've seen the meeting in our office :)

We started to use the slogan "NetBeans is the only IDE you need", but many developers asked us: "Where's good Groovy support?". So now I can say it's coming soon!

Středa XI 21, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 RC2 released

You can get RC2 here. If you find any showstoppers, please let us know soon.

Btw, we did NetBeans day in Cairo today. Many developers have been asking for the slides and tutorials, so you can visit our NetBeans worldtour wiki with all the slides and demos. Thanks to all more than 500 attendees who came to NetBeans day in Cairo and for all the questions. I promise to come to Cairo again and deliver presentations at various universities and who knows, we may even organize an IDE shootout here in Cairo. Java developer community is quite vibrant in Egypt!

We also did NetBeans Day in Dubai earlier this week. I think it was a nice opportunity for local developers to meet - there are not many developer events in Dubai! I was amazed by the building activity in Dubai - the city seems to be one big construction site. Some of the places in Dubai were truly amazing... if you ever come to Dubai, visit Madinat Jumeirah at night - there's a promenade here which looks just awesome at night (and the prices of food are quite okay). You can't miss this place :)

Time to go back home. Wish me luck in surviving in health the constant temperature and timezone changes (this time from -3C to +32C and back to 0C in 5 days).

Pátek XI 16, 2007

Is NetBeans 6 ready for release?

NetBeans is a community-driven project and it is now the right time to ask the community: are we ready to release? In previous releases only NetCAT members had the power to influence the decision whether the release is ready or not, but with NetBeans 6 the survey is open to the whole community. So test NetBeans 6.0 RC1 properly and let us know... here message from Jiri Kovalsky:

  Release Candidate 1 is available for almost 2 days now and we believe it's the right time for the final Community Acceptance survey [1]. The essential purpose of this survey is to find out if you - NetBeans community members - accept the RC1 as ready for FCS or not. This survey was always restricted only for NetCAT program participants but with NetBeans 6.0 we decided to open it to a broader audience.

  [1] http://qa.netbeans.org/processes/cat/60/ca_survey.html

  Thus I would like to ask everybody who already used the RC1 to login to netbeans.org site and take this short survey. It will be open until Sunday 11/25 midnight last timezone. In spite of that please complete the survey as soon as you gain a solid opinion about the RC1.


Roman Strobl


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