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First World - WHO ? The West or the Middle East ?

I had been in several discussions and practically a verbal warfare zone with my pals on discussions around Technologically Advanced and First World Nations. Everybody seems to have a tendency to lean towards the West for it's Monetary powers. Well, I was stumped to find out what Dubai Had. Not the Saudi's, But Dubai. Dubai One of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Peninsula, is a very small country that spans 3,885 KM2. Dubai is the second largest emirate in the federation after Abu Dhabi. Dubai is distinct from other members of the UAE in that revenues from oil account for only 5% of the Gross Domestic Product of the emirate. A majority of the emirate's revenues are from the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) and now, increasingly, from tourism. However what shocked me more was the pictures from Dubai !!!. I have seen Vegas and almost all the best of spectacular places in the United States. But these pictures of Dubai had me in AWE. I though that it would be good idea to share those pictures here...

You gotto see it to Believe it !!!

Burj Dubai : This phenomenal tower from which construction began last January and will end in 2008 should reach the 800 meters height. The building, built in three parts around a central column, finishes in spiral. It will count 160 stages.

Burj Al Arab : Top of its 321 meters, Burj Al Arab, located on an artificial island is at the same time the hotel highest of the world and only possèdant 7 stars. Become the symbol of Dubaï, this impressionante infrastructure which opened its door in 1999, shelters 220 continuations.

Dubai Waterfront : Advancing on water of the Gulf, this whole of islands in the shape of crescent will extend on 81 square kilometres. Becoming the greatest sea front in the world, it détrône thus the island from Manhattan in New York.

A Arial View of Dubai's Palm Island : Three artificial islands in the shape of palm trees will shelter nearly 500 apartments, 2 000 villas, 25 hotels and 200 shops of luxury. Palm Jumeirah, the most advanced, will be completed as of the end of 2005. Hundred twenty-five kilometers of coast additional will be thus created.

Dubai Hydropolis : Entirely assembled in Germany, this underwater hotel will be immersed with broad of Dubai at the end of 2006. It will comprise 220 continuations whose panoramic windows will give on sea-beds. The price of a room for the night would rise with 500 dollars.

Madinat Al Arab : Here the representation of the one of the districts of the future greater sea front in the world, Dubai Waterfront. This sight accounts for the architectural ambition and the spectacular development of real constructions with Dubaï.

Dubai Marina : A new city, of a total cost of 10 billion dollars, will be built on a way of artificial navigation of 4,5 km. It will be able to lodge 120 000 people. Three principal towers will be set up and will bear the name of Arab perfumes.

Dubai Riveira : is one of the ten principal districts of Dubai Waterfront. There is nine different: Close-cropped Al, Outer Cornice, Inner Cornice, the Peninsula, Madinat Al Arab, Al Mined, Promenade, Palm Boulevard, the Exchange.

Dubai Sports City : This immense sporting complex of 7.5 km² will accomodate sports such as the cricket, the golf, Rugby, football, the sports of ground, track, and interior (tennis shoe, handball, volley ball). Hotels, residences and villas are also envisaged.

Dubai Old Town : It is the final district of the building site located at the foot of the tower Burj Dubai. This great real complex will include the highest tower of the world, the greatest shopping centre of the world as well as a gigantic residential district.

The World - Man Made Islands in Dubai : With broad of Dubaï, nearly 300 artificial islands, seen sky will form a planisphere. If you want to acquire one of these islands, it will cost some to you between 6,2 to 36,7 million dollars. Work of fill, already begun, should be completed at the end of 2005.

Dubai's Crystal Dome : With its 455 m height and its 2,2 million m² of total surface, it will be one of bulkiest and higher buildings of the world. It will shelter 500 000 m² offices, commercial spaces like 3 000 residential apartments.

Dubai SKI Dome - SNOW IN THE MIODDLE OF A DESERT !!! : This ski resort indoor, will comprise inter alia a directional ski piste and tracks of snowboard (with 6 000 tons of true snow). "Pinguinarium", aquariums four seasons, spa cold and hot... are also envisaged with the program.

Dubai International Airport : The international airport of Dubaï, most active in the world, accomodates 22 million travellers annually per annum. After its enlarging (in 2008) whose second phase was started, 70 million passengers will forward each year there.

Science and Space Center in Dubai : Space is one of the subjects exploited in the immense park with topics of Dubailand which has the ambition to become the largest tourist park and of attractions in the world.

Nakheel Falcon Tower : This tower falls under the construction of the ambitious baptized ultramodern property Jumeirah Lake Towers. The latter itself is included in gigantic Dubaï Waterfront.

Dubailand Dinosaur Park : The dinosaurs will be one of the 45 topics represented in the park of leisures of Dubailand. The project, carried out in collaboration with the museum of natural history of London, envisages the re-creation of an authentic prehistoric environment.

Jumeirah Island : On this immense artificial island in construction with the foot of Burj Al-Arab, it is envisaged the construction of several tens of hotels, of the thousands of houses and apartments, of the restaurants, the watery parks, the shopping centres...

I for one, know for sure where my next holiday is gonna be !! My Brother Anup, is in Dubai, lucky guy !!! Hopefully he will sponsor me a trip to Dubai someday Images displayed here are courtesy of : burj-Al-arab.com, Dubai Waterfront Co, Planet East, Emaar Properties, hydropolis.com, Dubai Waterfront Project, Dubailand, Ten Guides, golden delicious-dome.org and Department of Civil Aviation - Dubai.

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