Saturday May 03, 2008

Leo With and Without Bangs

DSC_2067.jpg DSC_2066.jpg

Saturday Feb 23, 2008

The Power of Static Electricity

So, I was playing with Leo on the couch, and noticed a bit of static electricity sparking off. One thing led to another, and, well, this was the result:


Monday Feb 18, 2008

A Young Dog Learns a New Trick

Two of Leo's favorite pastimes with me are biting and licking. Not biting to hurt, but play biting. Or, as my brother David calls it, nibbling. (The dog has never bitten anyone out of malice, and seems to have a good barometer for how he can interact with people... he'll jump and play with people who it turns out have dogs, but will stay docile around children.)

Anyway, a few nights back, he hit on a way to combine biting and licking. He clamped onto my hand with his canines, and then slipped his tongue out between them to lick me.

Ah, yes, my furry little bundle of joy.

Sunday May 20, 2007

just leo and me

well, after a very full and rewarding forty-five days, sarah (and huang'er) finished moving out of the apartment last night. we went from a height of two people and four dogs when i first moved in to just leo and me.

the good thing is that sarah found a place in the same wing of the complex. she has decided to stay in beijing after all, with only a brief visit back to the states. it is really amazing how this has worked out.

Friday Apr 06, 2007

and leo makes four

when i was looking at the apartment, there were three dogs living here: two shih-tzu, umh, hybrid puppies, which had belonged to sarah's previous roommate, and her dog. the plan was that the two puppies would be sent to shanghai (where their owner has relocated), and sarah's dog would be off to a friend's place before i moved in. well...

the landlord visited the place as part of my taking over the lease, saw the dogs, and reported them to the police. the dogs need to get a lot of shots and appropriate documentation before they can go anywhere. (i'll have to go through the same registration process with leo... it involves getting passport pictures taken of him.)

leo is having a blast. he has become fast friends with sarah's dog. i think the whole thing is just too cool.

i've walked to work and back the last couple of days. it takes around 30 minutes door to door. it is just a wonderful walk. i go through an area where bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters are sold, an area with restaurants, and an area that windows and metal appliances for restaurants are made by hand (often on the street).

one very interesting stretch of sidewalk is an area used for what i can only describe as recycling collection. that is, the three-wheel carts which ride around the city picking-up anything that can be recycled (from styrofoam to cardboard to computers) drop them off in this stretch. there the items are weighed, bundled, and loaded onto trucks.

Saturday Feb 17, 2007

leo makes a friend

leo has made a friend. they play in a park not far from the hotel. running, spar ring, peeing. both dogs are small, but they are also very, very fast.

the sounds of firecrackers are amazing. sounds like they are increasing in size and frequency. sounds like what i'd imagine shelling would sound like.

i was able to get back to the hotel yesterday by just telling the cab driver whe re i wanted to go. the hadian courthouse is right next to the hotel, so i just t ell them to take me there. it was really a good feeling.

Thursday Feb 15, 2007

leo roams wild in the office

i brought Leo into work today, and he is running around my wing of the office.

many people are stopping by to see him.

here is a great picture taken by raymond, with others available by clicking on it:

Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

leo visits eri

i brought leo into work yesterday [beijing e)ngineering and r)esearch i)nstitute]. kevin said that he thought this was the first time that a dog had visited eri. such a change from the sun culture i know in mpk... where so many people bring their dogs to work (not to mention cats and other pets).

leo was his usual active self. scampering around, smelling \*\*everything\*\*, and generally being a show-off. friends took pictures of him, and he was borrowed once. i'll try to bring him in every couple of weeks or so. definitely think it is good for the team's morale... and i know that leo \*\*loves\*\* the attention.

my home office is getting more setup. housekeeping moved my desk out of the bedroom and into the living room. nice to use both rooms of the apartment, and not have everything crammed into one space. i also got my vonage voip going. really as simple as just plugging in the phone adapter. it's really neat that the same phone number i had in the states works here. try doing that was a regular phone.

so, the only belongings i brought with me were to beijing were:

  • two suitecases (mostly clothes, shoes, and toiletries)
  • cameras and a laptop in one \*\*massive\*\* carry-on bag
  • leo

and, well, one book... norton's translation of rilke's letters to a young poet. i think i last read it around twenty years ago, when i definitely one and thought myself to be the other. it caught my attention when joyce (my friend, not the author!). it just seems fitting to read it once again.

Saturday Feb 03, 2007

making his presence known

leo was none the worse for wear after doing his time in quarantine. he was delivered to my hotel in good shape.

after being let out of his sherpa carrier, leo was quick to make his presence know.

Thursday Feb 01, 2007

leo in business class

i was a few thousand miles short of having enough miles to upgrade to business class, so i got the remainder from mom. i definitely thought it would make a huge difference for both leo and me, and it did.

we flew in the upper deck, and leo was a huge hit. one of the flight crew joked the he could run around up in the cabin. one of my favourite pictures of him is when he was looking out the window. classic leo.




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