Wednesday Apr 30, 2014

OBIEE Sample Application v406 Preview

A new version of the OBIEE Sample App will drop soon, V406.  In addition to refreshing the software components to the latest patch sets, it includes demonstrations of integrating with HTML5 maps and leveraging ADF charts and visuals within OBIEE.  Here are 2 sneak peak videos of what is to come.

Integrating HTML5 Maps

Leveraging ADF Visualizations

Wednesday Sep 04, 2013

Webcast: Modernizing Business Analytics

Join us on Tuesday, September 10 at 1pm EST / 10am PST to learn about the latest innovations in business analytics and how to modernize your current BI environment.

Find out how to:

  • Drastically improve your organization’s ability to make data-driven decisions
  • Keep decision-makers informed even on the go with rich visualization and mobile BI
  • Learn how Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g and Oracles Exalytics can modernize your company’s business intelligence

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Wednesday Aug 21, 2013

New BI Mobile App Designer Released

 This is a very exciting and cool new product that I have been beta testing for a few months now.  The Mobile BI Application Designer lets business users easily create interactive, mobile BI apps that work on any mobile device.  This new feature of OBIEE requires an upgrade to and then 3 additional patches.  Full docs of the installation process are on the OTN link above.

Thursday Nov 15, 2012

Oracle Spacial & BI Webcast - 11/29/2012

Join us for an interactive webcast on using Spacial Analysis with Oracle BI.  Oracle experts will show how to perform predictive analytics, network analytics and spatial analysis – combined together, in real-world scenarios.

This webinar is appropriate for anyone involved in the design and management of analytic applications and solutions where spatial analysis can add insight and value to business processes.

 Date:  Thursday, November 29th, 2012, 2PM EST/11am PST

Register here.

Wednesday Sep 05, 2012

New Business Analytics Newsletter Available

Check out the August edition of the Oracle Business Analytics Newsletter.

 One of my favorites in this edition is the link to the Land O' Lakes video with Barry Lebenson, CIO, where he describes their use case for Oracle Endeca Information Discovery.  Its about half way down the page, or just click here.

Friday Jul 27, 2012

New OBIEE Sample App Available (

A new version of the OBIEE Sample Application is now available on the Oracle Technology Network. The Sample Application (SampleApp) for Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus (EE) is a comprehensive collection of examples designed to demonstrate Oracle BI capabilities and design best practices.

As with the previous version, this release is available as a Virtual Box image, providing a turnkey environment for testing and exploring OBIEE. 

Key new features of the sample app include:

  1. Exalytics Features - Exalytics configurations, aggregate navigation, Summary Advisor, & advanced visualizations are enabled in this stand-alone VM environment.  This allows you to test and evaluate the advanced features available in Exalytics.
  2. Lifecycle & Administration Examples - Enhanced examples for Webcat monitoring and maintenance, enhance user testing, query analysis & database monitoring examples.
  3. New Content & Visualization Examples - New visualization examples, a new BIP example application, and a new example dataset and application for analyzing US Flight Delay information.

You can see the scale of the changes and new content in following graphic shows the Index of the new Sample app, with all the new content highlighted in Red.  A full list of changes is available on the OTN site link below.

You can download the new sample app from

The SampleApp contents and its code are distributed free for demonstrative purposes only. It is neither maintained nor supported by Oracle as a licensed product.

Thursday Jul 19, 2012

Custom Styles & Skins for OBIEE 11g

This is a topic that has been coming up more and more in conversations with customers.  Mainly, customers looking to define a lightweight style for mobile specific dashboards.  There is a detailed whitepaper that was released a while back with specifics on the modification and customization of your OBIEE 11g deployment.

Another excellent resource is this Oracle by Example tutorial - Creating and Deploying Custom Styles, Skin, and Messages in Oracle BI EE 11g

Both resources should get you going, but if you need additional assistance, Oracle Consulting is always ready to assist!

Saturday Jun 30, 2012

OBIEE Released!

As of last night,  Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite BP1 is now generally available via

What’s New?

  • Oracle BI Mobile HD.  New iPad client and accompanying server support.
  • Quick Access User Experience: The Oracle BI Mobile app has been completely redesigned to make it easier for users to quickly access information they most often need. Live thumbnails enable faster discoverability of content, while a re-designed search interface searches across offline and online content.
  • Greater Interactivity: Touch and gestures are the primary way of interacting with content on tablets like the Apple iPad. The new release of the Oracle BI Mobile app makes it easier than ever before to use touch and multi-gestural interactions to work with BI content. With this release, users can take advantage of new gestures to interact with business intelligence information, including using the one-finger swipe, two-finger pinch, tap-and-hold, and tap-and-drag gestures.
  • Offline Access: In this version, Oracle BI Mobile enables always-available analytics to users.  Content can be saved for offline viewing and consumption and refreshed when back online.  A fine-grained security privilege allows administrators to grant or revoke the ability to save offline content for specific users or roles or groups.

The new Oracle BI Mobile HD client is compatible only with this new server release, and is available at

Although there are significant features in this release, it is delivered as a bundled patch set exclusively from  Install BI Foundation Suite first, then follow the instructions in knowledge article “How To Apply The OBIEE Roll-Up Patches [ID 1459232.1]”.

Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

Coming to a City Near You: Oracle Business Analytics Summits

Oracle invites you to join us for an information-packed event where you’ll learn about the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in business intelligence, analytic applications, and data warehousing.[Read More]

Monday Jul 05, 2010

OBIEE 11g New Feature - Hierarchy Columns

Although OBIEE 11g won't be launched for a few days, I'm going to start giving you a sneak peak at some of the features of the upcoming release. I've enlisted the help of some of our top OBIEE consultants who have been working with the product and Oracle Development for a while now.

Sharing his thoughts on the new Hierarchy Columns in this post is guest blogger Doug Ross. Doug is one of our top OBIEE consultants and is a 15 year Oracle veteran.

OBIEE 11g Hierarchy Columns

by Doug Ross

OBIEE 11gR introduces the concept of a “hierarchical column” which allows for encapsulating the presentation of a dimension hierarchy in an Answers analysis report within a single column. The advantage of the hierarchical column is that it offers a better user experience in navigating within a hierarchy.  

In prior releases of OBIEE, navigating through a dimension hierarchy was limited to drilling down from one level to the next which added new columns to the output. For example:




Clicking on the Type of column header results in adding a new column, "Brand", to the results.

This drilling behavior is still available within OBIEE but OBIEE 11g provides a more powerful method for interacting with the hierarchy by offering the ability to expand and collapse individual levels within the same report column using the plus (+) and minus (-) icons adjacent to the displayed member values.



This screenshot shows how the user selects a hierarchical column in OBIEE 11g Answers. Notice the new icon for the hierarchy column type.



Here are some sample screenshots of the hierarchy column in various states of expansion. Notice how all the drilling occurs within the same column.




There are two basic types of hierarchical columns: level-based and value-based. As with OBIEE 10g, the hierarchies are configured in the Business Model and Mapping layer of the OBIEE repository (RPD) using the Administration tool. The hierarchies can then be exposed within Subject Areas in the Presentation Layer.

A level-based hierarchy follows the general style where a dimension column serves as the parent to a different child level column. The product hierarchy in the examples shown above would be an example of a level-based hierarchy.

A value-based hierarchy uses the same dimension column for all levels but relies on other structures in the data model to identify the parent-child relationship. A good example of a value-based hierarchy would be within the employee dimension where the manager to staff relationship exists.

In the screenshot below, the Sales Rep Hierarchy is added to an analysis. The same Sales Rep column is used for all levels of the hierarchy and there are other data elements that define which Sales Rep reports to another Sales Rep.

Picture 7.jpg

Drilling into various Sales Rep values shows the organization reporting hierarchy.


Picture 8.jpg


As you can see, the new hierarchy column feature of OBIEE 11g provides a very powerful way to increase the usefulness of drilling within an Answers analysis view.


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