• August 11, 2014

Questions that make you go Hmmmm..... #1

Guest Author

This seemed like a great blog series. I participate in a number of Oracle question boards here and there and sometimes I see questions that I just find funny.... I thought I'd post those I find particularly funny, obnoxious or that otherwise stand out. I will, of course, not name the poster or the website where these questions appeared...

 So, today's gem is as follows:

"Can any one explain about optimization with example how to optimize query....

Its needful for me ..."

My first thought when I read this statement was something akin to "That's like asking if one could explain how to make an atomic bomb.". It is a sweeping question that people write whole books about and the poster seems to think that it can be explained in a single thread.

I can post a great example:

select * from dual, dual;

Optimize by changing to

select * from dual;

I'm not sure what the example (and associated explain plans) would teach the poster (other than CJ's on dual are somewhat troublesome unless that's what you wanted). 

I must say that I applaud the fact that the poster realizes that it's important for them to learn this.

Anyway, I found this a bit funny and so I thought I'd share.

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