• February 6, 2015

Managing your Exacheck...

Guest Author
I always run an Exacheck before patching an Exadata box. It's just a good practice. In many cases I'll ask the DBA at the customer to run it for me and send me the results. There is one consistent problem that I want to address in this blog and that's keeping your version of Exacheck current. First, Exacheck is updated quite regularly. When you run Exacheck it displays the version number for you at the top of the report. Before you trust any results of that Exacheck output, check the version. If it's not current, then you need to download and re-run Exacheck.
If you run old versions of Exacheck the results are tenuous at best. In almost every case I've seen, an old Exacheck report provides output that is simply wrong. This can send you on wild goose chases that waste your time.
So - the bottom line is keep your Exacheck current!

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