Sorry about late approval of comments....

Just wanted to apologize about the late approval of a couple of comments. I thought I'd approved them but when I got on to do a blog entry I found that they had not been approved.  :)

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It's out! Learn all about Oracle Database 12c Multitenant features. The book is called: Keeping Up With Oracle Database 12c Multitenant - Book One: CDBs, PDBs and the Multitenant World

My newest book effort is out! It's called Keeping Up With Oracle Database 12c Multitenant - Book One: CDBs, PDBs and the Multitenant World and you can find it here on If you have not looked at Oracle Multitenant - now is the time! This is part one of what will be 3 or 4 books on Oracle Multitenant. You might look at this book and feel like it's not complete. Well, you are correct. This is part of a new series of books that I'm trying to get off the ground called the...

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The Life and an INTP Part One - Ah, the good old days

This is somewhat of a personal post, but it's also related to Oracle. I've been involved in some discussions about 12c Multitenant and the fact that Oracle will be doing away with the 12c Non-Multitenant architecture someday. These discussions have made me a bit insightful, as have some related things. So, if you will allow me a moment to write a few personal thoughts - I'll then get back to Oracle stuff. I also wonder if you might relate to some of these thoughts.First I...

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Oracle Multitenant - Common Users

In a Multitenant database,you can create user accounts within the PDB's just like you normally would. For example this command: SQL> show con_name CON_NAME ------------------------------ TESTPDB SQL> create user dbargf identified by robert; Will create a user account called dbargf within the container named TESTPDB. The user will not be created in any other container. This is known as a local user account within the CDB architecture. It is local to a unique PDB.This isolation...

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Responses to You can't please all of the people... deprecation of the non-CDB architecture

I have received a few comments related to my posts on the deprecation of the non-CDB architecture. I must admit, I find some reactions to be a bit confusing. First, let me be clear - I am NOT an official voice for Oracle. This is MY blog, MY opinions and I am NOT directed by Oracle in any way with respect to what I do (or do not) write here.So, let's quash the notion that I'm acting as some kind of Oracle Shill when I suggest that there is a major over reaction to...

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You can't please all the people anytime - or - How people use anything to throw up FUD - or - Yes, the non-CDB architecture is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c - Part Four

Welcome to part three of my response to this blog entry on the deprecation notice of the Oracle non-CDB architecture. The previous blog entries are here for part one. Until now I've tackled these comments: What I want to talk about is Oracle’s attitude to its customers and what seems to me to be breathtaking arrogance. Personally I can think of three very good reasons why I might not want to use the single PDBwithin a CDB configuration which does not require a...

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