Friday Aug 04, 2006

DTrace, MDB: Solaris Internals Podcast

During Jim's recent west coast tour, we were apparently overheard talking in the local about Solaris Internals. Catch the Podcast here, or the raw mp3 here.

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Wednesday Jul 26, 2006

Fun at the OpenSolaris Users Group last night

Jim and I had fun at last nights Silicon Valley OpenSolaris Users Group. We finally met a few more great OpenSolaris community members, including Ben Rockwood, who has blogged about the meeting already! We ran a quiz and gave away a set of signed books too.

I just posted the slides we used to talk about the book here, for reference.

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Wednesday Jul 19, 2006

Solaris Internals Released!

I'm very happy to be finally able to say that Solaris Internals is shipping! I received a box from the same batch that went to Amazon this week, and Amazon have updated their status to available.

We expect the 2nd book (Solaris Performance and Tools) to ship next week.

Also, we've started creating a Peformance FAQ for the 2nd book. It's in early stages right now, but growing quickly.

On a final note, Jim and I hope to do a talk about the books at the Silicon Valley OpenSolaris Users Group next week in Santa Clara; hope to see you there!

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Monday Apr 03, 2006

Performance, Observability, DTrace and MDB

Solaris Internals, 2nd Edition is finally done!

At 5:30am this morning, Jim, I and Brendan Gregg submitted two completed books to the publisher. You may notice two easter eggs here; first there are now TWO books, and there is another primary author in the fold - Brendan Gregg.

The first of the two books is an update to Solaris Internals, for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris. It covers Virtual Memory, File systems, Zones, Resource Management, Process Rights etc (all the good stuff in S10). This book is about 1100 pages.

The TOC for this book is here

The second book is aimed at Administrators to learn about performance and debugging. It's basically the book to read to understand and learn DTrace, MDB and the Solaris Performance tools, and a methodology for performance observability and debugging. This book is about 550 pages.

The TOC for this book is here

We need your help to name the two books. The current proposals are:

  • Solaris Internals: Kernel Architecture for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris
  • Solaris Performance and Tools: Performance Measurement and Debugging with DTrace and MDB

We would very much like to hear your thoughts on what you feel would be great titles and subtitles for the books.

We welcome and look forward to your thoughts on the titles!

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Friday Aug 26, 2005

Least Privilege Chapter done

This week I completed a draft of the Least Privilege chapter, based on some technical content from Casper Dik. It's added about 40 pages to the book. Darren Moffat is working on a complementary chapter on the Solaris 10 crypto framework too, so this edition will have a Security section...

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Friday Jul 08, 2005

Solaris Internals: 2nd Edition!

It's no secret that we hope to get an updated Solaris Internals book out. Jim and I have had this AI on our desk for a while. The good news is that it's been making quite a bit of progress of late!

The idea is to update the existing book from Solaris 7 to Solaris 10, highly leveraging OpenSolaris, DTrace and mdb. There's a lot to add, given the onslaught of development: substantially revised virtual memory, a new file system interface, a new threads model, zones, ZFS, Least privilege, SMF and the list goes on. We scoped adding all of this, and we'd have a 2000+ page book when we're done.

What we've decided to do is break up the work into smaller deliverable chunks, and deliver it in parts. Yes, we're taking the Knuth approach: Solaris 10 Internals will have more than one volume. We're splitting some of the new material and most of the performance discussion out into the subsequent volume. We're enlisting a few helpers for the subsequent volume, to make it more of a community effort.

So that you can keep the pressure on us, I thought I'd share where we are with the current volume. Our target is to be done with this volume in the next couple of months.

Part Chapter Primary Old pages Target pages Left

Preface JM 6 7 2
I – Intro Introduction Phil Harman/JM 36 40 10

Running Page Total


II – Tools Introduction JM 2 2 2

Dtrace Jon 0 30 5

MDB RMC 5 5 5

Kstat Boothby/RMC 0 15 0

III – Memory VM Intro RMC 6 6 0

VM Monitoring RMC 44 44 0

Large pages RMC 14 14 0

Memory Arch RMC 36 36 0

Physical Mem Mngmnt RMC 20 20 0

HAT Tariq 12 20 7

Kernel Memory RMC 48 48 0

IV – Platform Sync Intro JM 16 16 5

Sync Impl JM 16 16 4

NUMA/CMT RMC/Saxe/Chew 16 18 4

Kernel Services JM 37 38 20

Kernel Modules & Linker JM 0 20 20

V – Process Model Process Model JM 48 48 20

Sched Classes & Disp JM 65 50 40

ProcFS JM 22 22 6

Signals JM 18 20 10

Resource Management JM 8 20 12

IPC JM 48 48 10

VI – Files & File Systems Files RMC 40 40 4

Intro RMC 18 22 6

FS Architecture RMC 46 70 0

UFS Shawn 24 30 6

NFS Spencer/Sameer 0 30 0

ZFS RMC 20 0 20

Appendix A ELF File Format JM 12 12 12
Appendix B Kernel Maps RMC 12 12 0

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