TV Season Finales - Spoilers

I think we've now had the season finales of all the shows I watch (although in a couple of cases it was hard to tell). I couldn't let them go without a few comments and speculate on what's going to happen for some of them, at the beginning of the next season.

If you still have some of these on the Tivo and haven't viewed them yet, then don't read this. There are some major spoilers ahead. Same for folks in other countries who haven't received the last episodes yet. (I use a poor-man's Tivo. Record everything on VHS tape, and then watch them the following weekend. That way I can fast forward through the ads. I rarely watch a show in real time any more).

And yes, I still watch too much TV.

  • Two And A Half Men: One of only two comedies I watch. I'm not even sure that that was the season ender last week. There was no real cliff hanger. They are still very funny though. It's actually the support cast that make this a great show for me. People like the mother, the psychotherapist and the house keeper. I'll be back next year.

  • CSI Miami: I gave up on this show several weeks ago. David Caroso just ruins it for me. Perhaps they'll fatally shoot him next year.

  • Medium: Wow! They ended this season without a two parter dragging over into the new TV season. And everything on a positive note. Their loyal fans (and I'm one of them -- this is my favorite TV show) will be back.

  • NCIS: I've been saying for quite a while after their extended "big frog" run of episodes, that Jenny Shepard's character was truly terrible and should go. And what did they do in the last show? They shot her. Bravo! Does anybody think we are going to have three new NCIS agents under Gibbs next year? Neither do I.

  • Law and Order: SVU: So Casey Novak (Diane Neal) is gone. Looks like Det. Chester Lake isn't coming back either. I'm surprised that Stabler and Benson still have a job with all the not-by-the-book plays they do. I'll still keep watching it though.

  • Woman's Murder Club: Good season ender. They nicely rounded up the Kiss-me-not killer and left a minor cliff-hanger for next season. Personally I couldn't care less whether her father lives or dies. They introduced his character fairly late in the series and he's been a minor bit-player up until now, (although I suspect he's going to live and that's going to change for the next season). Nice to see (or rather not to see) Tom Hogan's wife isn't a regular any more. Her character and her interaction with everybody else, was just plain irritating.

  • Criminal Minds: This one was just over the top. Why do a show's producers believe that they need to leave you dangling in order to get you to watch the show next year? So, who do you think got blown up? First, I don't think it's Garcia. She'd been inside all the time. The obvious candidate is J.J. The question there is, is A.J. Cook (the person who plays her) pregnant in real life, and does she want to leave the show to spend time with the new baby? I'll pick somebody else. This is a little bit way-out-there, but I reckon it's Derek Morgan, and he wasn't blown up by the terrorists, but by female FBI agent who fears she's going to lose her job to him. There. That'll get the conspiracy theorists talking.

  • CSI: New York: Another really annoying dangling cliff hanger. I'm getting a tad fed up with them using "unique" technology to help them track down the bad guys. A gun with absolutely no recoil, that means two bullets have exactly the same entry wound. Give me a break! If the bank robbers were really trying to get away with the crime, why would they use a gun like that which would be easy to trace? I've no idea why the bank robbery went down the way it did, but no doubt it'll all be explained next year.

  • Law And Order: Jack McCoy has made an enemy of the governor! That'll be good for some interesting episodes next year. I see we had two new detectives and one new lawyer this season. I hope they manage to stick with these so they can build up some chemistry.

  • Scrubs: I'm again not even sure this was the season ender. It felt more like the last episode. Period. This show has been "slow" recently. They are running out of original funny ideas. I don't think it's coming back.

  • CSI: Warrick's gone. I can live with that. And the real mole in the department has been exposed. My wife and I picked him out several weeks ago, when you saw his profile in shadow reporting that Warrick had just been arrested. His voice is quite distinct. No doubt next year, Grisham and team will piece it all together and bring down their boss. Hopefully next year they'll also give bigger parts to some of the techies. A relationship between Hodges and Simms would be fun.

  • Without a Trace: Jack, the loose cannon, has finally been demoted. I was surprised he kept his job. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the relationship between Jack and Sam Spade next year. And also Danny Taylor and Elena Delgado (which just fizzled out this series).

  • Numb3rs: Megan's gone (and I'm going to miss her). Charlie's been arrested for emailing classified documents to four academics in Pakistan. A pointless cliff-hanger. It's bound to be all cleared up next year.



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