Sunday Sep 20, 2009

Links for 20th September 2009

More recent Twitter links.

  • Online dating advice. [link]
    Remember kids, "Yo. S'up?' as a greeting, doesn't impress.
    (via Nat Torkington).

  • World's Smallest Working Model Train Layout [link]
    No problems finding somewhere in the house to lay it out.
    (via HackADay).

  • Good ICHCB and IHAHD pics [1] [2] [3] [4]

  • Excuse me ... [link]
    (via Danek, via Seth).

  • Imogen Heap - First Train Home on Letterman [link]
    (via HackADay because of the monome. I want one).

  • Taking your Lego obsession too far: [link]

  • Death Star over San Francisco [link]
    (via Make: blog).

  • 10 Ways To Let People Know You're A Bad Python Programmer [link]
    (via Nat Torkington).


Sunday Aug 30, 2009

Links for 30th August 2009

More recent interesting Twitter links.

  • Two recent great ICHCB pics [1] [2]

  • What if The Matrix runs on Windows XP? [link]
    (from John Harres via Nick Hammond).

  • Oracle wins U.S. approval to buy Sun... Oracle has said it expects to close the deal by Aug. 31. Hmmm. That would be tomorrow. [link]
    (via @webmink).

  • Finished Blocks With Letters On [link]
    All 64 levels. Cute song & animation at the very end. Excellent game.

  • The State of the Robot Nation [link]
    Robotic technology has come a long way very quickly.

  • Tatjana van Vark: amazing creations [link]
    (via HackADay).


Monday Aug 10, 2009

Links for 10th August 2009

I've been busy with other things lately, but here's a summary of the small number of my recent interesting tweets.

  • The Case Against Apple [link]
    (via Simon Phipps).

  • Finally discovered Three of my cat favorites: [1] [2] [3]

  • Had a hack attack. gcalctool: 55 libraries & 99MB to add 2 numbers. Bloat! Now calctty: 3 libraries and 9400KB.

  • Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale [link]
    (via Chris Blizzard).

  • After the Pentatonic scale I had to dig up 2 other McFerrin pieces: with help from Bona and with help from Pixar

  • Caption Contest Friday: Anyone Missing An Intern? [link]

  • Capillary action color calendar that automatically updates itself [link]
    (via Make: blog).


Monday Jul 27, 2009

Links for 27th July 2009

A summary of my more interesting recent twittering.

  • Rhythmbox is much better than Amarok for managing my iPod [link]

  • All Scrubs episode now watched. Favorite moments are: [1] [2] [3]

  • Script to find dogs for @dustidog to follow on Twitter [link]
    Learned what the following/followers ratio is. Sigh.

  • Love the new Export feature in the Sun blogging software [link]

  • Never underestimate the stupidity of your fellow humans [link]
    (via popurls).

  • Use The "Egyptian Method" to Sleep Well on a Hot Night [link]
    (via popurls).

  • 50 Creative and Inspiring 404 Pages [link]
    The conspiracy one is my favorite.
    (via popurls).

  • Zipper Pond in Taiwan [link]
    (via Make: Blog).

  • Incredible rubber tire sculptures [link]

  • R.I.P. Walter Cronkite. I see Wikipedia have already updated his web page [link]

  • Twenty visualizations to understand crime: [link]
    (via Nat Torkington's blog).

  • Love the current Google home page image for 40th Anniversary of landing on the moon: [link]

  • Tut exhibition at the de Young museum in San Francisco [link]
    Last saw a Tut exhibition at British Museum in 1971.
    (Update: the de Young exhibit is excellent. Plenty of things I hadn't seen before, shown well and with lots of time to see it all).

  • Wikipedia entry for the recent solar eclipse. [link]
    Was easily able to show him where it was with the help of their animated gif (which now seems to be missing from their web page).

  • Ordered our first jigsaw puzzle from Artifact Puzzles: [link]
    (Update: puzzle arrived over the weekend via Amazon. Very pleased with it. Excellent value. 254 laser cut wooden pieces which took us 2-1/4 hours to complete. One minor annoyance was that one of the "tabs" on one of the pieces must have broke off when it was being made, and had been white glued back on. When I went to fit it to its neighbor, I had to force it because of a surplus of white glue preventing a precision fit. Everything is fine, I just won't be separating those two pieces ever again.

    If anybody from Artifact Puzzles reads this, I recommend putting the picture of the puzzle on the lid of the wooden box it comes in, rather than the end. It's easier to hold that way, as you try to match pieces against picture).

  • Rice paddy crop art [link]
    Scroll to the bottom of the page for the complete picture.
    (via MAKE: blog).

  • Apollo software open sourced [link]
    I wonder if this makes it the oldest piece of FOSS.
    (via MAKE: blog).

  • 43 weird things said in job interviews [link]
    (My favorite question from an interviewee: "Will Sun pay for my psychiatric treatment?")

  • Amazon says they are sorry [link]
    That's a good start. Well done.
    (via Make blog)

  • "Old" news from May: World premiere of brain orchestra [link]
    There's something vaguely disturbing about this
    (via Make: blog).

  • Joseph Odhiambo, world record basketball dribbler [link]

  • 7 creative and highly original casual games to sharpen your mind [link]
    splitter is addictive.
    (via Mountain View Public library Twitter @MVPublicLibrary)

  • Blocks with Letters On is even more addictive than splitter [link]
    Don't go there!


Thursday Jul 02, 2009

Links for 2nd July 2009

A summary of my more interesting recent twittering.

  • The President of Brazil holding an OpenSolaris T-shirt [link]
    (via Kelly Nishimura)

  • A Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean [link]
    (via @lbkwrm)

  • Favorite Scrubs Episode (#100) [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

  • Kid swaps his iPod touch with Sony Walkman [link]
    "It took me 3 days to figure out the tape had a 2nd side"
    (via Alex Muffett)

  • Miss Ellie - world's most ugly pedigree dog [link]
    I'm so glad we have a cute looking mutt.

  • Dunking Devils (Basketball trick shots) [link]

  • Getting my iPod working with my Ubuntu desktop.
    1st, fix the read-only problem [link]
    2nd, use Amorok to easily transfer music to the iPod [link]

  • Humor: Owls on drugs [link]

    (via @lbkwrm)

  • An alarm clock for really heavy sleepers [link]
    Would hate to wake up in that with a hangover.
    (via HackADay)


Thursday Jun 25, 2009

Links for 25th June 2009

A summary of my more interesting recent twittering.

  • Open Source kit to put Jesus on your toast [link]

    (via HackADay). As kaj comments: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Toast.

  • In case of fire, do not Twitter [link]

    (via Popurls).

  • Twitter Users Heckle Hoekstra En Masse [link]

    Wild prediction here, but I bet @petehoekstra won't twit'ter so much from now on.

  • Pete Hoekstra's twitter gives Jon Stewart comedy fodder [link]

    (via Rebecca)

  • Tried turning my blog into a Zine with zinepal [link]

    Needs work. Didn't include the images with each entry.

  • The spawn of Twitter [link]

    Now an interactive version of the chart would be really impressive
    (via Nat Torkington's blog).

  • Mythbuster's Adam Savage's Maker Faire Saturday talk on Colossal Failures which we missed [link]

  • 20 Creative and Unique Typefaces [link]

    Everybody will comment on #2, so why should I be different? Ouch!
    (via @neilhimself)

  • The Twitter Book [link]

    Lots of ideas for a great Twitter experience.

  • Potential nominee for Parent of the Year award: [link]

    No idea if it's true.
    (via PopUrls).

  • Caffeine and your kid Three useful resources [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]


Friday Jun 12, 2009

Links for 12th June 2009

A summary of my more interesting recent twittering.

  • Sinnerman - Nina Simone [link]

  • The Twitter Book [link]

  • Alice 3D [link]

    Great for teaching kids how to program and enjoy it at the same time.

  • For crochet'y people everywhere [link]

  • San Jose Mercury News to charge for web content [link]

    Good luck with that.

  • AP Economic Stress Index [link]

    (via Nat Torkington's blog).

  • OpenSolaris 2009.06 announced [link]

  • OpenSolaris 2009.06 What's New [link]

  • Couple clips from the Scrubs season 8. Sesame St. / Muppets episode [link] [link]

  • Maker's Faire [link]

  • The Audies for 2009: [link]

    Neil Gaiman wins one for The Graveyard

  • Transcript of the OpenSolaris 2009.06 chat on Slashdot [link]


Friday May 29, 2009

Links for 29th May 2008

A summary of my more interesting recent twittering.

  • Google Wave [link]

    (thanks Rebecca).

  • What to do when you really really need the number to be random [link]

    (via HackADay).

  • Web 2.0 company status update [link]

    Load of dead companies there.
    Article [link]
    (via Nat Torkington's blog).

  • Tommy Emmanuel & Martin Taylor Four handed guitar [link]

  • Ukulele Orch. of GB: The Good the Bad the Ugly [link]

  • A SpareBot-inspired spaceship [link]

    (via Hack A Day).

  • Say it with flowers [link]

    Getting mesmerized.

  • Thunderbird start page now providing useful folder summary info [link]

    (via Nat Torkington's blog).

  • Visualization in sports [link]

    Love the bit on all the shots in the NBA 2007-8 season. Static image here.

  • Keyboard pants [link]

  • New pattern found in the Prime Numbers [link]

    (thanks Tim Bray)

  • Eat Fast Get Fat? [link]

    (Via O'Reilly Radar).


Thursday May 07, 2009

Links for 7th May 2008

A summary of my more interesting recent twittering.

  • World's oldest living dog turns 21 [link]

    There was another than just died at 28.

  • Apple tablet rumors [link]

  • Amazon Kindle DX [link]

    It's getting a lot better. Still not in color and too expensive for my tastes.

  • Hana (flower simulator) screensaver for Mac OS X (Intel) [link]

  • What eBooks should be [link]

  • Swine Flu tracker [link]

  • What's the state of the economy? Yet another way to look at it [link]

  • Need to burn an audio CD with no track gaps? [link]

    This works great on Ubuntu Jaunty

  • When Prom Goes Bad (humor) [link]

  • What to do in an emergency (humor) [link]

  • JoAnn Kuchera-Morin: Tour the AlloSphere. TED talk [link]

    A stunning new way to see scientific data. The potential is amazing.

  • Lawyers (humor) [link]

  • How to tick people off (humor) [link]

  • Explaining Twitterspeak to others (humor) [link]

  • Susan Boyle: The Biggest YouTube Sensation Ever? [link]


Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

Links for 22nd Apr 2008

A summary of my recent interesting twittering.

  • Ugobe files for bankruptcy [link]

    The Pleo's were cute when I saw them at Maker Faire, but way too pricey.

  • There's an Edge of Darkness film coming later this year [link]

    The 1985 BBC drama was my favorite drama series ever.

  • Our dog now has more followers on Twitter than I do [link]

  • Takeuchi Taijin's "A wolf loves pork" [link]

    (via Make: blog) - thanks Lynea

  • Interactive map of vanishing employment [link]

  • Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent [link]

  • Congratulations to Smart Bitches Trashy Books for successfully Google bombing "Amazon Rank" [link]

    "There was a glitch in our systems & it's being fixed," Amazon's director of corporate communications, Patty Smith, said. Yeah, right.

  • Robot programs humans to help it get through park [link]

    (via Hack a Day).

  • Best Ever Blueberry scones from Cooks Illustrated [link]

  • Python API's for the Web [link]

  • Tommy and Phil Emmanuel - Sugarfoot Rag [link]

  • How I got audio working for YouTube videos on Ubuntu Jaunty [link]


Tuesday Apr 07, 2009

Links for 7th April 2009

Summarized for posterity.

  • Robotic snout does double-takes at passerby [link]

    (via MAKE blog).

  • Nice Twitter backgrounds [link]

    (thanks lucy).

  • POV fun: The Propeller Clock [link]

    (via the MAKE blog).

  • art machines [link]

  • Cat Hair Bags [link]

    "shaving one Persian cat produces enough hair to make a handbag"

  • Willard Wigan - Micro sculptor [link]

  • A big box of ADHD [link]

  • Snow White & the Apple [link]

    (via MAKE blog).


Monday Mar 30, 2009

Links for 30th March 2009

  • Pride and Prejudice Red Dwarf style [link]

  • Matt Shlian paper sculpture [link]

  • How to provide snacks for your Super Bowl party [link]

  • Wire Glue, now made with Buckyballs! [link]

    (from the MAKE blog).

  • Gaping hole halloween costume [link]

  • Guide to Sound Effects [link]

  • Poodwaddle World Clock [link]

  • Wonderful not-so-subtle parody of British Professional Darts [link]

  • Wikipedia for schools. [link]

    (5500 articles, 34,000 images and 20 million words).

  • A great ad you'd never see on US TV. [link]

  • Alan Moore's BIG NUMBERS Episode 3, long-lost and rediscovered on ebay [link]

    (thanks to Neil Gaiman)

  • IntriCut: The paper work of Aoyama Hina [link]

    (Lots of other good paper links in the right column too).

  • The WayBack machine is now going to be on Sun hardware. [link]

    (A 3 petabyte file system).


Sunday Mar 22, 2009

Links for 22nd March 2009

More interesting Twitter links from the last week.

  • You can't see pending FaceBook friend requests [link]

    (thanks Joanmarie)

  • How to post your drivel to Twitter and FaceBook at the same time [link]

    (thanks Joanmarie)

  • Easy Peasy (Ubuntu based O/S) for Eee PC (looks great) [link]

  • Python folks maybe just a little closer to considering to think about something that's been in [Open]Solaris for years [link]

  • Solar cells from donuts and tea. Ummm, donuts! [link]

  • Object Oriented Concepts survey [link]

  • Extreme Sheep Herding [link]

    (thanks Lynea)

  • More good music than you can point a stick at [link]

    (thanks Ranbir)

  • Shell Programming 101. Just enough to make you dangerous [link]


Sunday Mar 15, 2009

Links for 15th March 2009

These are the interesting links I've posted to Twitter since I started, just over a couple weeks ago. I wonder if there is a way to get them automatically reposted (and/or summarized to this blog).

  • Turn your Mac laptop logo into a "second monitor" [link]

  • Twitter keyword monitor [link]

  • Twitter for Beginners [link]

  • Steve Wozniak - Dancing with the Stars [link]

  • Finger USB drive [link]

  • 20 words that should exist [link]

  • Over 6Gb of free SXSW 2009 music [link]

  • Video of Carter Johnson's postage stamp puzzles [link]

  • Twitter Python front-end [link]


Friday Feb 06, 2009

Links for 6th February 2009

Three quick ones.





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