Wednesday Sep 14, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (Summary)

The anal retentive part of me wouldn't let me finish this series without providing a summary, so here 'tis.

Since May, I've been working with the amazing analysis of the first five years of posts from the BoingBoing group blog.

I've been looking for links. Stuff that interests me (and hopefully others). For each one, I've tried to summarise the post in ten words or less (with minimal personal commentary from me). Sometimes I just used the post heading from the BoingBoing poster. I tried to provide enough of a summary so that people know what it's about without having to click on the link. Sometimes that's impossible, so I've just given the name of the site, and you'll have to go look for yourself, to find out what it's all about.

I've tried to keep it at a G or a PG rating (so about 30% of Xeni's posts weren't eligible, even though some of them were fascinating - love those Kama Sutra cookies). I mostly ignored the ephemeral posts. I tried not to blog about the many unfortunate disasters and mishaps (natural, political, social or of a more personal nature) that occured during this period. Or the rants. I also left the self-promotions alone.

This still left lots and lots of fascinating posts. I found that most of the links from the "early days" (circa 2000-2001) no longer work, so those monthly summaries tended to be a lot shorter. As we proceed towards the present, the Web is still intact and my monthly summary got a lot longer (both to process - those BoingBoing'ers are also getting very prolific nowadays - and in the amount of interesting links found).

What would be another fun exercise is to redo this effort and use the WayBack Machine to try to link to some of those broken links. In hindsight, I should have kept a folder of them, but I didn't think about this until I was about half way through.

I also found lots of sites that I want to explore further. For now, I've just bookmarked them. I'll probably check them out at some future date and do several posts related to them.

Here's the links to each of the monthly summaries. Or you can just read all the posts to my BoingBoing category.

2005 Jan
2004 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2003 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2002 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2001 Jan/Feb Mar/Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2000 Jan/Dec

And who knows. Maybe I'll be doing another of these posts in five years time.





Favorite BoingBoing Links (January 2005)

  • "The first open-source board game" [link]
  • Countermoves - The Game Zine [link]
  • Senses special: The art of seeing without sight [link]
  • Before and After Pictures of a Glacier in Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park [link]
  • Basic Cryptanalysis (as taught by the U.S. Army circa 1990) [link]
  • Tool For Thought [link]
  • Ed Emberley Website (writer of wonderful childrens books) [link]
  • Self-defence with a Walking-stick [link 1] [link 2]
  • 101 Uses for bubble wrap [link]
  • Bubble Wrap as a Deterrent [link]
  • MOJO's Top 100 Soundtracks of All Time List ("You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet!") - UNDER CONSTRUCTION [link]
  • Hieronymus Bosch Figures [link]
  • Snaring secrets of the Venus flytrap [link]
  • Jell-o Aquarium [link]
  • Claude Shannon, master juggler and juggling robot builder [tribute] [movie]
  • Solving the Enigma of Kryptos [link]
  • How Tall Are You Compared to Famous People? [link]
  • The Polar Express: A Virtual Train Wreck (conclusion) [link]
  • Who's Who of Victorian Cinema [link]
  • Do You Want to Live Forever? [link]
  • Virtual Toad: A CGI Reconstruction of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride [link]
  • Album Cover Challenge [link]
  • Safecracking for the Computer Scientist (PDF) [link]
  • The Human Clock [link]
  • The Art Work of Ernst Haeckel [link]
  • Free (as in speech) Beer [link]
  • Electr-O-Sketch [link]
  • Googling Webcam's [link 1] [link 2]
  • Biosphere 2: A little world is up for sale [link]
  • Trailers for "A Scanner Darkly" (I can't wait) [link]
  • Introducing the Hipster PDA [link]
  • SD Memory Card with Built-in USB Connectivity [link]
  • Next Generation Concrete [link]
  • Knit a Feline Dim Sum (don't forget the catnip) [link]
  • Reader's Annotated Version of Neal Stephenson's "The Command Line" [link]
  • - a free visual database of magazine cover art from the 19th and early 20th centuries [link]
  • Blog Plasma [link]
  • Tallest Bridge [link]
  • Gotta Get My Stuff Done (animation about procrastination) [link]
  • 10 Tech Trends - Why There's No Escaping the Blog [link]
  • 250 Covers of "House of the Rising Sun" [link]
  • Home Hacking Projects for Geeks [link]


Monday Sep 12, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (December 2004)

  • "My Favorite Car: The rare, cool El Tiburon" [link]
  • Stapless Stapler [link]
  • Scientific Photography - Life in a Microscopic World [link]
  • Amazing card-stacking photos [link]
  • How-to Record on your iPod (for free) [link]
  • Wallet Essentials [link]
  • Cryptozoology and Philately [link]
  • Conotoxins, or Cellular Automata Can Get You High! [link]
  • The BitTorrent Effect [link]
  • Find This Year's Mutant Snowflakes! [link]
  • How to Be Creative (PDF Download) [link]
  • Zoom through an hypnotic series of paintings [link]
  • Sphere Worlds [link]
  • Mix Your Own Doctor Who Theme (way cool) [link]
  • UPS Package Tracking With RSS [link]
  • Penguin Diving (time waster) [link]
  • Champion of Cheer (time waster) [link]
  • Ski Masks (for the disturbed person in your life) [link]
  • Sandbag Shelter Prototypes, various locations [link]
  • Scared of Santa Photo Gallery [link]
  • The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library [link]
  • Crocheting the Lorenz manifold (PDF download) [link]
  • imadethat - furniture kids can make [link]
  • Prisoners Inventions [link]
  • LEGO Logic Gates [link]
  • Paper Clock [link]
  • Exotic Guitars - Skeletar [link]
  • TinyP2P - the World's Smallest P2P Application [link]
  • Humunga Tongue Dog Toy (I'd buy one if only our dog would fetch) [link]
  • What to do when you are only allowed one trip to the Salad Bar [link]
  • The iTablet iBook mod [link]
  • A Painting A Day Blog [link]
  • Eats, Shoots and Leaves - the punctuation game [link]
  • The Worst Sentences - 2004 Winners [link]
  • Illegal Engineering (the history of Safes and Safe breaking) [link]
  • Eyeballing airport traffic at SFO, JFK, LAX (more airports) [sfo] [lax] [jfk] [more]
  • How we work - the habits, rituals and small (and occasionally big) methods people and teams use to get their work done [link]
  • Imaginary Friends [link]
  • Digital Girl (almost believable) [link]
  • Recursive Animation (recursive animation) [link]
  • Virtual Bubblewrap (go on, relieve some stress) [link]
  • Ballooning Into The Sky [link]
  • Gallery of Cartoon Character Skeletons [link]
  • Corgi Toy Gallery (I have one of those James Bond Aston Martine DB5's somewhere) [link]


Favorite BoingBoing Links (November 2004)

  • The Karate Kid Chimp [link]
  • Download a 12 sided calendar [link]
  • QTVR of Pikachu at Macy's Parade [link]
  • Banana Guard "Protect Your Banana!" [link]
  • TV-B-Gone [link]
  • David Malin Images, microscope to telescope, seen from pole to pole.... [link]
  • Make Your Own Japanese Gramaphone Model Kit Thing [link]
  • Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness [link]
  • The Gallery of Stick-Figure Warning Signs [link]
  • Demonstration for Cutaway Technical Illustrations using Adobe Illustrator [link]
  • Tricks of the Trade [link 1] [link 2]
  • What's That Stuff? [link]
  • Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments [link]
  • Periodic Table of Funk [link]
  • How to Make Friends by Telephone [link]
  • What Should I Do If The Internet Goes Down? [link]
  • Maim That Tune (Don't Go There!) [link]
  • Photoshopped World Run By Pirates Contest [link]
  • Dragon Optical Illusion [link]
  • Let Them Sing It For You [link]
  • Aurochime [link]
  • INSPIRE VLF radio receiver at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL [link]
  • Whale Sounds [link]
  • Looptracks [link]
  • Viragelic 2.0 - Naive Experiments with Generative Sound [link]
  • rand()% - an automated net radio station streaming real-time generative music. [link]
  • Infinite Wheel Dub Selector [link]
  • Jabberwocky as converted by three different Speech Recognition Engines [link]
  • Jabberwocky in Many Languages [link]
  • Hanse Colani Rotor House [link]
  • High-Resolution Aerial Photo of Disneyland [link]
  • "The Real Toy Story" [link]
  • Clocks Made Out of Found Objects [link]
  • Disney's Haunted Manor - in Balloons [link]
  • From cells to bells, 10 things the Chinese do far better than we do [link]
  • Five years of The Visualisations [link]
  • iPod charger in an Altoids tin gets 10 hours of play [link]


Friday Sep 09, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (October 2004)

  • The Smiling Stingray [link]
  • Bhutan, the world's largest book (on Amazon for $15,000) [link]
  • The Sims Voting Machine [link]
  • Halloween iPod Costume [link]
  • Steam Wars [link]
  • Build Your Own Batphone [link]
  • Cutout Star Wars Masks [link]
  • Domino Artwork [link]
  • Amazing Drinking Straw Art [link]
  • Defective Yeti - Jokes [link]
  • Movies of Levitating Objects [link]
  • Leafy Sea Dragon Gallery [link]
  • Edible Chess (reminds me of miniature drink bottle chess, a much more "interesting" game for grownups) [link]
  • The Human Body - a Telecollaborative Project for St. Mary's Grade 2 Class (our son just entered second grade) [link]
  • 1986 Ford WOW Bus [link]
  • Cory Doctorow - Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town [link]
  • World's largest stinky flower in QTVR panorama [link]
  • Cool Stop Motion Videos [link]
  • Disney's Haunted Mansion as a 3D Model [link]


Thursday Sep 08, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (September 2004)

  • The Seven Worst Jobs Ever [link]
  • Escher for Real [link]
  • Art, Geometry, and Abstract Sculpture [link]
  • Photoshopped Modern Ruins Contest [link]
  • Hand Shadows to be Thrown Upon the Wall [link]
  • Lawn Furniture for Literalists [link]
  • Recursiveness: Sims 2 Characters Can Play Sims 1 [link]
  • Photoshopped Bugs as Modern Objects Contest [link]
  • The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy Adventure Game [link]
  • Play Petals Around the Rose [link]
  • See How Bill Gates Played Petals Around the Rose in 1977 [link]
  • Wikipedia Reaches One Million Articles [link]
  • ORNL microscope pushes back barrier of 'how small' [link]
  • Legends: Pirates & Privateers [link]
  • QVTR: Tribute in Light to Honour Victims of 9/11 [link]
  • The Paper Airplane that Flaps its Wings when it Flies [link]
  • Wikipedia vs. Britannica Smackdown [link]


Wednesday Sep 07, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (August 2004)

  • Death Clock [link]
  • Cheech Wizard Project Page (animation) [link]
  • Photoshoped Nightmares Contest (not for the squeamish) [link]
  • Turn Your GMail Account into a Mountable Linux Filesystem [link]
  • Galleries of Ray Caeser - Artist [link]
  • Twilight Zone: Planet of the Apes [link]
  • Tell an AI where you've been for a month and it'll guess where you're going [link]
  • How to Make 3D Photos [link]
  • Alice in Wonderland Illustrators [link]
  • Stream of Consciousness - The Creative Process (animation) [link]
  • Logo R.I.P. [link]
  • Dungeons & Dragons 30th Anniversary [link]
  • The ActionScript Jabberwocky [link]
  • The Entrances to Hell in and around the UK [link]
  • Photoshopped Vintage Ad's Redux Contest [link]
  • Geeky Stickers [link]
  • Stairway to Heaven (in various styles) [link]
  • Wastepaper Toss (time waster) [link]
  • Crunch Time (bloody time waster) [link]
  • Super Pet (time waster) [link]
  • Hoverbumps (time waster) [link]
  • Neave Lab (various pretty time wasters) [link]
  • Lewis Carroll Scrapbook Online [link]
  • ENIAC close-ups as art photos [link]
  • Radiohead Creep Acoustic Animation (Flash) [link]
  • Photoshopped Modern Mod Ren Contest [link]


Tuesday Sep 06, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (July 2004)

  • London Underground Map translated into German [link]
  • Alternative History map of the London Underground (if Germany had won WWII) [link]
  • The Don Martin Dictionary [link]
  • Classic "How and Why" Book Covers (I used to have some of these in England when I was a kid). [link]
  • How to Turn Your iPod into a Universal Infrared Remote Control [link]
  • Demolition of the Seattle Kingdome. [link]
  • Animated Stick-men Gif's [link 1] [link 2]
  • Changing the Face of Web Surfing [link]
  • Reptile Freaks [link]
  • Alice's Adventures Underground [link]
  • Alice In Wonderland [link]
  • Cut Out "Smoking" Coins [link]
  • Granular Matter Homepage [link]
  • There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom - Richard Feynman [link]
  • What webloggers are reading this summer (2004) [link]
  • Lego Animated Spiderman 2 Film [link]
  • Google - Using Advanced Search Operators [link]


Monday Sep 05, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (June 2004)

  • Roses are red, and now come in blue (look lilac to me) [link]
  • EUROBAD '74, an exhibition of Europe's worst interiors of 1974. [link]
  • Automated Antenna Design [link]
  • The Top 10 Most Untranslatable Words [link]
  • Alice in Wonderland pop-up book as a Flash app [link]
  • Photographers' bust card [link]
  • MP3: Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" played by UMass Front Percussion Ensemble [link]
  • Gallery of Fantastic Timepieces [link]
  • Slow Down Signs as drawn by kids [link]
  • Zelda Classic [link]
  • Public Toilet with one-way glass [link]
  • Card Throwing Technique [link]
  • Movie Related Fonts [link]
  • Design Your Own Paper Box [link]
  • Ivor the Engine (Paper Model) [link]
  • Video Game Characters (Paper Models) [link]
  • Paper Video Arcades [link]
  • Chairs - in an aircraft kit packaging style (makes Ikea look positively classy) [link]
  • The Reality of Running Away from Stuff [link]
  • Hyperlinkomatic (alternative bookmarker) [link]
  • Brotronic Weapons [link]
  • BBC Shockwave soccer replays [link]
  • Nanotechnology pioneer slays "grey goo" myths [link]
  • Seattle's Science Fiction Museum [link]
  • Photoshoped Cybernetic Animals Contest [link]
  • Turn Your PC into a Mac [link]
  • Webjay Playlist Community [link]
  • Human subjects play mind games [link]
  • The bridge that's smaller than a pinhead [link]
  • Dancing With Cats [link]
  • Listmania! - the Top 25 Weirdest Items You Can Purchase Through Amazon! [link]
  • Photoshopped Animal Renaissance Contest [link]
  • Satellite images 'show Atlantis' [link]
  • Photoshopped Replacement Theory Contest [link]
  • EngL 3020 Studies in Narrative: Science Fiction and Fantasy [link]
  • I Gave My Cat An Enema [link]


Thursday Sep 01, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (May 2004)

  • Photoshop'ed Contests
  • Cory Doctorow - A Place So Foreign and 8 More [link]
  • The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci - a page a day [link]
  • Ugokie Flash Animations [link]
  • Harbin Snow and Ice Festival [link]
  • Window Seat - Reading the Landscape From the Air [link]
  • Post Modern Furniture For Pets [link]
  • Pete Thorne's Rocket Paintings [link]
  • Nanotrees [link]
  • Slidshow of Pre-fab Houses [link]
  • How to Make Your Own Ringtones [link]
  • 300 images from 1800 sites [link]
  • Design critique of Jakob Nielsen [link]
  • Futurama panoramas stitched from frame-grabs [link]
  • Gukanjima - View of an Abandoned Island [link]
  • Vintage Robots [link]
  • Name That Candybar [link]
  • Biscuit of the Week [link]
  • The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project [link]
  • Hugo Nominated Fiction for 2004 Online [link]
  • Neil Gaiman - Study in Emerald [link]
  • T-Shirt Origami [link]
  • Library of Alexandria discovered [link]
  • Large Scale Data Repository: Petabox [link]
  • Did You See The Gorilla? [link]
  • Vending Machines of Japan [link]
  • Fantastic "Walking Illusion" Fancy Dress Costumes (pricey) [link]
  • Eric Drexler's Nanotech Website [link]
  • Barrington Bayley - Who Owns The Noosphere [link]
  • Bad Scrabble Hands [link]
  • Understanding Colds [link]
  • Fonts From Sticks and Stones [link]
  • 'Where in the multiverse...?' (researching the vocabulary of science fiction for the OED) [link]


Favorite BoingBoing Links (April 2004)

  • Modern Products in a Vintage Style [link]
  • Mathematical Patterns in African American Hairstyles [link]
  • Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics [link]
  • Baen Books Available for Download [link]
  • Photoshoped Dream House Contest [link]
  • Photoshoped Snow in Tropical Paradise Contest [link]
  • Fark - SF Shows Merge Contest [link]
  • IconContest - 2004 Contest Winners [link]
  • Spiders Make Best Ever Post-it Notes [link]
  • Quentin Tarantino Archives [link]
  • Stacked, Packed Nanowires hold Triplexed Megadata [link]
  • Best Wi-Fi Signal Finder Yet [link]
  • The Entire Silmarillion of J. R. R. Tolkien in 1000 Words [link]
  • Unconventional Contrivances and Machina Arcana [link]
  • Pocket Calculator Show [link]
  • Howtoons - One page Cartoons Showing Kids How to Build Things [link]
  • The Sound of Mathematics [link]
  • Melted Soldier Bowl [link]
  • The Museum of Unworkable Devices [link]
  • Disused Stations on London's Underground [link]
  • No-Off by Nob Yoshigahara (good time waster) [link]
  • Replica 1 - Apple 1 Clone [link]
  • Stopping Speeding Drivers in Pleasanton [link]
  • The Exorcist in Thirty Seconds - as Told by Animated Bunnies [link]
  • PC Magazine's Top 100 Sites [link]
  • The Numerous Ways to Spell Viagra [link]
  • Kapla Buildings [link]
  • Kaneda's motorcycle from anime classic "Akira" [link 1] [link 2]
  • QVTR: Paris Subway [link]
  • Space Invaders 25th Anniversary (crick here for detail) [link]
  • The Gallery of Random Art [link]
  • The Museum of Bad Art [link]
  • The Museum of Online Museums [link]
  • If Quake Were Zork [link]
  • Wacky Warning Labels [link]
  • How to Rise and Shine when you're Nocturnal by Nature [link]


Tuesday Aug 30, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (March 2004)

  • Sony QRIO Demo - Dancing Robots (unreal) [link]
  • L5 Society Bernal Sphere Posters [link]
  • Send Yourself a Future Email [link]
  • Ferromagnetic Silly Putty [link]
  • Download Random Numbers From Quantum Origin [link]
  • Shrook - RSS Reader [link]
  • QVTR - Ice Climbing in the Pyrenees, Spain [link]
  • Japanese Pencil Carvings [link]
  • Airport ABCs: An Explanation of Airport Identifier Codes [link]
  • Web Button Maker [link]
  • Boohbah Zone (time waster) [link]
  • The Canonical List of Weird Band Names [link]
  • Japanese Currency Origami [link]
  • Swiss Army Knife With USB [link]
  • Design Your Very Own Roller Coaster [link]
  • Spotworks - The Evolution of Visuals [link]
  • Nature's artforms, with alpha channels, free for the remixing [link]
  • Art of Electromagnetism [link]
  • Steampunk Submarine Free Paper Toy [link]
  • Build Your Own Space Exploration Fleet [link]
  • More Free Paper Toys to Print and Assemble [link]
  • Law & Order: Artistic Intent [link]
  • Random Law and Order Plot Generator [link]
  • Television Heaven [link]
  • Kinetic Wood Sculpture [link]
  • QVTR: Bretagne - Brittany Coast [link]
  • Subway Systems of the World, Presented on the Same Scale [link]


Favorite BoingBoing Links (February 2004)

  • Matchstick Rockets [link]
  • Telltale Weekly - Funding a Free Audiobook Library [link]
  • Animals of the London Underground [link]
  • Flying Pig - Paper Animation Kits [link]
  • Wirelessly Enabling the Disabled [link]
  • Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions [link]
  • The Micro and Mini Car Club [link]
  • Barcode Yourself [link]
  • Postcards From the Future - Sponsored Cityscapes [link]
  • Candy Science: M&Ms pack more tightly than spheres [link]
  • Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text [link]
  • Detecting Patterns in Complex Social Networks [link]
  • Mobile Phones With Manners [link]
  • Popping Water Balloon in Zero Gravity [link]
  • Google Logos for Fictitious Holidays (very funny) [link]
  • Cory Doctorow - Eastern Standard Tribe [link]
  • Transformers Instructions Archive [link]
  • Molecular Expressions [link]
  • Everything I Need To Know About Web Design I Learned Watching Oz [link]
  • Age Maps (very spooky) [link]
  • Stephen Wolfram's - A New Kind of Science - Online [link]
  • A Softer World (comic strip) [link]
  • Stick Figure Ninja - Weapon of Choice [link]
  • Commercial Animation Art [link]
  • Robot Love [link]
  • Muffin Films [link]
  • Google Tutorial [link]
  • Sock Puppet Oil Painting Gallery [link]


Sunday Aug 28, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (January 2004)

  • Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad [link]
  • Hidden Beauty in a Missile's Nose Cone [link]
  • Pickled Dragon Mystery [link]
  • You've Heard of TinyURL. Here's HugeURL [link]
  • How I PC'd an Apple G5 (Hoax) [link]
  • Neave Games - Classic Arcade Games now in Flash [link]
  • Shooting Food [link]
  • The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business [link]
  • New York Chinatown Chinese New Year QTVR (with sound) [link]
  • Merlin's Lists of Five Things (or 5ives). [link]
  • Willmore Works - Lamps [link]
  • The Non-Expert: IKEA [link]
  • Tin Robot Artwork [link]
  • Interactive Zip Code Explorer [link]
  • Law & Order Coloring Book [link]
  • Kismet Robot [link]
  • Robot Golem Voodoo Art [link]
  • tinygrow (time waster) [link]
  • Artbots [link]
  • Lego - Han Solo in Carbonite (and others) [link]
  • 296 Different Speech Accents [link]
  • Industrial beauty [link]
  • Mazda Transformer [link]
  • Mathematics and Physics Visualizers (Java Applets) [link]
  • Translating Elvis into Sumarian [link]
  • CodeCon Program 2004 [link]
  • Hi-res Mars QTVR [link]
  • BBC Comedy Clips [link]
  • What's Your Law (various contributors) [link]
  • Entire Roll-of-Film-Long Views of Trains in Motion. [link]
  • Dirkon - the Paper Camera [link]
  • Not Fooling Anybody - a chronicle of bad conversions and storefronts past [link]
  • Heritrix - Internet Archive's open-source, extensible, web-scale, archival-quality web crawler project. [link]
  • Photoshop Celebrity Aging [link]
  • The CURTA Calculator [link]
  • 101 Ways to Save the Internet [link]
  • How to Apologize [link]


Thursday Aug 25, 2005

Favorite BoingBoing Links (December 2003)

  • QTVR: Countdown to New Years Eve - Times Square - with sound [link]
  • Nano Project [link]
  • Cotswold Towns [link]
  • The Best of British Blogging 2003 - Guardian Awards [link]
  • Shuffle the Penguin (time waster) [link]
  • Create a Tree (time waster) [link]
  • Rustic Alphabet [link]
  • Fold a Yamaha motorcycle [link]
  • DIY medieval tapestry [link]
  • The Gender Genie [link]
  • Graffiti Archaeology [link]
  • Amazing Japanese Origami [link]
  • Virtuoso Super Mario Brothers 3 Game [link]
  • Brain Alphabet [link]
  • Cousin Kinship Chart [link]
  • The Amazing Catapult Watch! [link]
  • Immersive Quake superimposed over meatspace [link]
  • Advice for Ward Cunningham (Wiki inventor) on Surviving at Microsoft [link]
  • 100% Candy Holographic and Photo Lollipops [link]
  • SmoothTeddy: Quick 3D Modeling and Painting (Java application) [link]
  • London tube map, remixed [link]
  • Stunning Snow Sculptures [link]
  • Champagne Cork Chair Contest [link]
  • White Vibes - Fun Effects with Flash [link]
  • Hippie Hobbit House [link]
  • How many years does an Azeri have to work to buy a copy of Windows XP? [link]
  • Mr Picasso Head [link]
  • Replica Instruments [link]
  • Virtual Toad: A CGI Reconstruction of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride [link]
  • Tumbling Teddies (time waster) [link]
  • Kite Aerial Photography [link]
  • The 2003 Perl Advent Calendar [link]
  • CSS Fisheye [link]





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