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  • January 27, 2016

Oredev Trip Report

Guest Author

Oredev 2015 was held on 3-6 November in Malmo Sweden. This was my third time at the largest IT conference in the Scania region - I had been there first in 2010 as an independent. The conference is rooted in .NET and development process/methodology but has been trying hard to beef up it's Java content. This year it attracted a decent section of the Java crowd including my fellow Oracle colleagues Bruno Borges and Stephen Chin. Topics covered included .NET, Java SE, Java EE, mobile, methodology, agile, HTML5, JavaScript and NoSQL.

The third day of the conference I delivered one of my newer talks titled "Reactive Java EE - Let Me Count the Ways!". It aligns Java with core Reactive Programming principles. Though many people don't realize it, Java EE has long had very good support for asynchronous, event-driven, non-blocking scalable systems. This includes features and APIs like JMS, Message Driven Beans, Asynchronous Session Beans, CDI events/observers, asynchronous Servlets/NIO, server/client side JAX-RS and the Java EE concurrency utilities. These features can be used in a highly Reactive fashion especially in conjunction with Java SE 8 lambdas, streams and CompletableFuture. The slides for the talk are here (click here if you can't see the embedded slides):

The attendance was good and there was good Q & A afterwards. The video for the session is here.

The last day of the conference I delivered "What's Coming in Java EE 8". The talk covers the possibilities for Java EE 8 such as HTTP 2/Servlet 4, a new standard action-oriented web framework, security simplification, even better JSON support, CDI 2, more pruning, JMS.next(), JAX-RS.next() and Java SE 8 alignment. I also cover Adopt-a-JSR. The slides for the talk are here (click here if you can't see the embedded slide deck):

The talk was reasonably attended with some good Q & A afterwards. The video for the session is here.

My visit to Malmo was not all work and no fun. Since this was my third time to Malmo, I know the city quite well. This time I decided to look beyond the city to some of the many Viking sites that litter the Scandinavian country side. Ales Stones - a Stonehenge like mysterious rock formation - was especially hauntingly beautiful (take a look at the pictures below). If you have some extra time while visiting Scania I recommend at least visiting Ales Stones.

All in all, I enjoyed Oredev/Malmo and look forward to going back some time again soon.

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