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  • March 30, 2015

ConFoo 2015 Trip Report

Guest Author

ConFoo 2015 took place 16-20 February in Montreal, Canada. To my knowledge it is the largest developer conference north of the border. The conference has roots in PHP, but has been making an effort to better attract a Java audience hence it was important for me to support the conference. If you are a Canadian Java developer, I would consider adding ConFoo to your radar as a more convenient (and possibly cheaper) event to go to in order to stay up-to-date. Topics covered included PHP, Ruby, methodology, JavaScript/HTML, Java and .NET. Thanks to a number of community speakers, the Java EE presence was very strong this year.

I started the first day of the conference with my talk on JMS 2. Besides covering JMS 2, I've also started to roll in some of the possibilities for JMS 2.1. Given the dynamics of the conference the crowd was modest but not bad. The slides for the talk are posted below:

After lunch I did my talk on effectively testing Java EE applications using Arquillian. The talk basically goes through each major Java EE API and demonstrates through code how the API could be tested using Arquillian. The slides for the talk are posted below:

The code for the talk is available on GitHub. If you are looking into testing Java EE applications using Arquillian, the code should be very helpful to you. Feel free to give me a holler if you need any help. This session too had decent attendance and I chatted with a few folks offline after the talk.

I finished the first day of the conference with a five minute lighting talk on Java EE 8 and Adopt-a-JSR in the main keynote hall. During the talk I referred to the Java EE 8 talk delivered by Brazil Java community member Hanneli Tavante (details below).

The next day of the conference my friend Ryan Cuprak delivered his excellent talk on mobile development and Java EE 7 titled Hybrid Mobile Development with Apache Cordova and Java EE 7. Ryan is my fellow co-author for EJB 3 in Action, the JUG leader for the Connecticut JUG as well as a fellow JavaOne Rock Star Speaker. The talk has some excellent material and it is basically the same talk that Ryan delivered at JavaOne 2014 as a two-hour tutorial. The video for that talk is embedded below (it is linked here if you are having trouble seeing the embedded video):

Not at all surprisingly, Ryan received excellent feedback on his talk. In the afternoon Florianopolis, Brazil JUG leader Rodrigo Candido da Silva gave a very good talk on securing JAX-RS services with OAuth.

The last day of the conference Rodrigo did another very interesting talk on various strategies for handling multitenacy in Java EE applications. After lunch, I was very happy to attend Hanneli Tavante's talk on Java EE 8. Usually someone from our team does this talk at conferences so it is very encouraging to see folks in the community picking up the topic. Like Rodrigo, Hanneli is also an active part of the Brazilian Java community, but from Sao Paulo. In the coming months, key North American Java EE advocate Josh Juneau will also be covering Java EE 8 at the Chicago Coder Conference (I will be speaking at the conference as well). To make it easier for the community to pick up the material, I have now included speaker notes to my public deck - you can download it's source in PowerPoint (now, I realize talks are highly personal and I don't expect anyone to deliver my talk verbatim - neither Hanneli nor Josh are doing that). I will make a point to keep both the deck and the speaker notes reasonably up-to-date as Java EE 8 progresses:

Please do feel encouraged to pick up this talk yourself. If needed please reach out to me and I will be happy to help you prepare.

I finished the conference with yet another five minute lighting talk in the main keynote hall - this time on Domain-Driven Design (DDD). Because the talk was supposed to be technology agnostic, I mentioned Cargo Tracker only briefly as a resource to look at on how to implement DDD with Java EE.

All in all, this was a trip worth doing again. If you are a Java centric speaker, do consider ConFoo as a future destination.

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