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WebLogic Admin Cookbook Review

Antony Reynolds
Senior Director Integration Strategy

Review of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Advanced Administration Cookbook

Like all of Packts cookbook titles, the book follows a standard format of a recipe followed by an explanation of how it works and then a discussion of additional recipe related features and extensions.

When reading this book I tried out some of the recipes on an internal beta of 12.1.2 and they seemed to work fine on that future release.

The book starts with basic installation instructions that belie its title.  The author is keen to use console mode, which is often needed for servers that have no X11 client libraries, however for all but the most simple of domains I find console mode very slow and difficult to use and would suggest that where possible you persuade the OS admin to make X11 client libraries available, at least for the duration of the domain configuration.

Another pet peeve of mine is using nohup to start servers/services and not redirecting output, with the result that you are left with nohup.out files scattered all over your disk.  The book falls into this trap.

However we soon sweep into some features of WebLogic that I believe are less understood such as using the pack/unpack commands and customizing the console screen.  The “Protecting changes in the Administration Console” recipe is particularly useful.

The next chapter covers HA configuration.  One of the nice things about this book is that most recipes are illustrated not only using the console but also using WLST.  The coverage of multiple NICs and dedicated network channels is very useful in the Exalogic world as well as regular WLS clusters.  One point I would quibble with is the setting up of HA for the AdminServer.  I would always do this with a shared file system rather than copying files around, I would also prefer a floating IP address to avoid having to update the DNS.

Other chapters cover JDBC & JMS, Monitoring, Stability, Performance and Security.

Overall the recipes are useful, I certainly learned some new ways of doing things.  The WLST example code is a real plus.  Well worth being added to your WebLogic Admin library.

The book is available on the Packt website.

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