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Using 11g Database with SOA Suite 10.1.3

Antony Reynolds
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Installing SOA Suite 10.1.3 with an 11g Database

Just at a customer who has an 11g RAC database that he wants to use for his SOA repository.  If you try and install SOA Suite into an 11g database, it tells you that the database is not supported and the irca configuration assistant fails to find a java library.  11g is a certified platform for SOA Suite so here is how to get it installed.


Before installing the SOA Suite executables you need to run the irca script to create the SOA Suite schemas in the 11g database.  The irca script needs to be able to find an ojdbc14.jar file.  This file is not shipped with the 11g database which provides libraries for Java 5 and Java 6 rather than the almost obsolete Java 1.4.  This leaves you with a couple of options;

  • Use an Oracle 10g home as your Oracle home, if you have one on the machine, when running irca.
  • Copy the JDBC libraries from an Oracle 10g home (<Oracle10g_Home>/jdbc/lib) to the Oracle 11g jdbc location (<Oracle11g_Home>/jdbc/lib).

Having done this then the irca script should run fine and create the ORABPEL, ORESB and ORAWSM schemas for you in an 11g database.  You are now ready to run the SOA Suite installer.


When you run the installer to create the SOA Suite instance it will fail when checking for the existence of the SOA Suite schemas unless you patch the installer files first.  The way to do this is to download patch 6265268 from MetaLink and follow the instructions which basically require you to modify the install media as follows:

  • Replace DBConnectQueries.jar
    • Move
      • <MEDIA>/stage/Queries/DBConnectQueries/8.4/1/DBConnectQueries.jar
    • to
      • <MEDIA>/stage/Queries/DBConnectQueries/8.4/1/DBConnectQueries.jar.pre6265268
    • Copy
      • <PATCH>/DBConnectQueries.jar
    • from the patch to
      • <MEDIA>/stage/Queries/DBConnectQueries/8.4/1/DBConnectQueries.jar
    • Note that the current patch documentation incorrectly refers to an 8.5 directory rather than the 8.4 that actually exists.
  • Replace IP_DBQueries.jar
    • Move
      • <MEDIA>/stage/Queries/IP_DBQueries/3.0/1/IP_DBQueries.jar
    • to
      • <MEDIA>/stage/Queries/IP_DBQueries/3.0/1/IP_DBQueries.jar.pre6265268
    • Copy
      • <PATCH>/IP_DBQueries.jar
    • from the patch to
      • <MEDIA>/stage/Queries/IP_DBQueries/3.0/1/IP_DBQueries.jar

You can now launch the installer and there will be no complaints about an 11g database.  Note that if you are installing a SOA Suite cluster then this will need to be done for each SOA Suite instance being installed.

What’s the Point?

As you are making these changes your mind keeps asking why you are doing this.  Apart from being told to do so by your DBAs there are some good reasons for using 11g.  The 11g database is the most manageable Oracle database ever, and several options only work on the 11g database.  11gR1 has been out for a long time now and so from a longevity perspective its best to put new deployments on an 11gR1 platform even if you have a release-1 strategy to avoid “bleeding edge” deployments.

Finally as you can see, it is not that hard to use an 11g database with SOA Suite.

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