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Slicing the EDG

Different SOA Domain Configurations In this blog entry I would like to introduce three different configurations for a SOA environment.  I have omitted load balancers and OTD/OHS as they introduce a whole new round of discussion.  For each possible deployment architecture I have identified some of the advantages. Super Domain This is a single EDG style domain for everything needed for SOA/OSB.   It extends the standard EDG slightly but otherwise assumes a single “super” domain. Thi...

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Coherence Adapter Configuration

SOA Suite 12c Coherence Adapter The release of SOA Suite 12c sees the addition of a Coherence Adapter to the list of Technology Adapters that are licensed with the SOA Suite.  In this entry I provide an introduction to configuring the adapter and using the different operations it supports. The Coherence Adapter provides access to Oracles Coherence Data Grid.  The adapter provides access to the cache capabilities of the grid, it does not currently support the many other...

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One Queue to Rule them All

Using a Single Queue for Multiple Message Types with SOA Suite Problem StatementYou use a single JMS queue for sending multiple message types /  service requests.  You use a single JMS queue for receiving multiple message types / service requests.  You have multiple SOA JMS Adapter interfaces for reading and writing these queues.  In a composite it is random which interface gets a message from the JMS queue.  It is not a problem having multiple adapter instances writing to a...

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The Impact of Change

Measuring Impact of Change in SOA Suite Mormon prophet Thomas S. Monson once said: When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of performance accelerates. (LDS Conference Report, October 1970, p107) Like everything in life, a SOA Suite installation that is monitored and tracked has a much better chance of performing well than one that is not measured.  With that in mind I came up with tool to allow the measurement of...

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Clear Day for Cloud Adapters

salesforce.com Adapter Released Yesterday Oracle released their cloud adapter for salesforce.com (SFDC) so I thought I would talk a little about why you might want it.  I had previously integrated with SFDC using BPEL and the SFDC web interface, so in this post I will explore why the adapter might be a better approach. Why? So if I can interface to SFDC without the adapter why would I spend money on the adapter?  There are a number of reasons and in this post I will just explain...

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Going Native with JCA Adapters

Formatting JCA Adapter Binary Contents Sometimes you just need to go native and play with binary data rather than XML.  This occurs commonly when using JCA adapters, the file to be written is in binary format, or the TCP messsages written by the Socket Adapter are in binary format.  Although the adapter has no problem converting Base64 data into raw binary, it is a little tricky to get that data into base64 format in the first place, so this blog entry will explain how. Adapter...

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