Open Group SOA Source Book

Last Wednesday the Open Group made available their SOA Source Book.  They describe it as “a collection of source material produced by the SOA Working Group for use by enterprise architects working with Service-Oriented Architecture”.  Having looked at it I have to say it seems to have a high information density and would be a good place to start getting someone's head around SOA concepts.  Well worth a look.

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Tuxedo Connections

Tuxedo Connections or the On Ramp to Tux Tuxedo can be considered as the original and purest service oriented architecture.  The key abstraction in Tuxedo is the service and everything is made to fit into the service mould.  It seems strange then that people think of Tuxedo as a legacy application.  Tuxedo is highly regarded by the senior management team in Oracle who view it as a key tool to support extreme transaction processing.  The question is then, how does this relate...

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Top Five Insights for Maximizing Returns with SOA

 Oracle SOA Executive Roundtable Webcast: Top Five Insights for Maximizing Returns with SOA Oracle are having an executive round table web cast at 8AM PDT Thursday 23rd 2009 chaired by Amlan Debnath, Senior Vice President Integration Products at Oracle.  Other attendees include Job Simon, Senior Director, NetApp Dan Goerdt, Director, Schneider National Inc. Jennifer Briscoe, CTO and VP, Collect America Check out the registration" page here.

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SOA Readiness Assessment

Online SOA Readiness Assessment Oracle have just made available an online SOA Readiness Assessment,  It asks you a few questions focused around the 8 areas in Oracles SOA maturity model and then provides a report.  The assessment is obviously very lightweight, but it is worth taking for several reasons. It gives you some reasonable suggestions about what steps to take next. It provides an initial SOA maturity assessment and compares it to your peers. It provides links to a...

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Design Patterns

Design Patterns Last week I received a heavy parcel through the post from Amazon containing Thomas Erls new book SOA Design Patterns.  I have been interested in design patterns for many years and still regularly refer to my copy of the gang of four (Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software).  For those of you unaware of them, patterns provide a proven solution to a problem.  The gang of four book identifies four essential elements in a pattern (from...

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License to Use

License to Use or Tracking Service Usage I was on a training course this week around an Oracle SOA Reference Architecture.  This led to an interesting conversation about what is a service.  There was a difference in opinion on some of the characteristics of a service, most noticeably does a service have to be re-used to be a service.  There was however, general agreement that the definition of a service presented was a good one so I thought I would share it with you.  The...

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