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  • September 10, 2004

Oracle BPEL Engine

Antony Reynolds
Senior Director Integration Strategy

Oracle BPEL Process Manager

One of the hot topics demo grounds at London OpenWorld was the new Oracle BPEL Process Manager demo.  For general information on the BPEL engine go to


If you want to run it on your Windows environment here is how

Download and install
BPEL Process Manager and
BPEL Designer in that order.  Note that in the very near future the BPEL Designer will be tightly integrated with JDeveloper.

Running the Oracle Open World Demo

The demo we used at Open World is called Loan Flow Plus and simulates a loan application process at a car dealers.  The demo is actually included as part of the BPEL Process Manager download.  Read on to find out how to set it up on your system.

Set Up

The LoanFlowPlus demo is in the samples directory of the BPEL server installation.

To install

  1. Start the BPEL server from the BPEL menu.

  2. Run the "Developer Prompt" that is installed in the BPEL menu.

  3. Change directory to demosLoanDemoPlus.

  4. Run "obant" to deploy the BPEL processes and applications to OC4J and the BPEL server.

You are now ready to demonstrate your BPEL prowess.

Running the Demo

The demo simulates applying for a loan at a car dealership or similar.

  • A user requests a loan for a car through a web form.  Go to http://localhost:9700/LoanFlowPlusUI and request a loan.

  • When the loan is submitted it starts a BPEL process

  • The BPEL process retrieves a Social Security Number (SSN) using EJB technology and then requests a credit rating from a Credit Rating Web Service.  Go to the BPEL console to look at the progress of the process http://localhost:9700/BPELConsole.

  • Note that the process has submitted requests to two loan providers.  One has responded (UnitedLoan) but we are still waiting for a response from StarLoan.

  • StarLoan is actually another BPEL process that has a user interaction required.  Go to the StarLoan site at http://localhost:9700/StarLoanUI and assign an interest rate to the loan request and submit it.  This completes the StarLoan BPEL process and returns the loan rate back to the main BPEL process.

  • Refresh the console view of the BPEL process to confirm that the Star Loan offer has been received and note that the smallest loan rate is selected.

  • The final stage of the process is to return the original start page and note that a loan offer is now waiting.  Accept the loan and the process will complete.

Compare the business process representation between the Designer and the Console.  Note that they look the same.  However drilling down into a process box in the designer allows you to view the BPEL code.  Doing the same in the console allows you to see the data associated with the code.

You can also use the console to look at historical BPEL processes - ones that have completed.  Note that you can still access all the data in these because the record of them is persisted in the database.

So now you too can be a BPEL Demo Dolly!


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