Oracle SOA Suite Preview Available for Download

SOA Suite on OTN

SOA Suite has finally been posted to OTN.  This is the release I have been playing with for the last couple of months and includes the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as well as several other key components.  The following diagram is taken from the QuickStart Guide and provides a view of the components.

SOA Suite is built on top of an J2EE Application Server (preview only supports Oracle Application Server but components will run on other App Servers later) which provides web services support, event services and access to the Java Enterprise environment.  Sitting on top of this are the following components

  • BPEL Process Manager

    • This has a much improved workflow component.  Workflow is now a true service configured via XML, which means that the wizard can and has been made re-entrant (you can now change workflows by altering your choices in the wizard).  To me this is one of the biggest improvements.
    • A lot of other areas of BPEL PM have been improved in this release and I will cover some of them in a future blog.
    • There is another major area that I think is worth mentioning and that is the ability to create test suites for your BPEL process.  I will return to these in a later blog but they will improve the ability to control the life cycle of processes.

  • Enterprise Service Bus

    • Now is not the time to go into the arguments around what is an ESB and how essential is it to a service oriented architecture.  This is the first public release of the ESB and is a great opportunity to figure out how it fits in your environment.
    • Although the diagram shows adapters and transformation in the ESB, these are also available in BPEL - the same adapters and transformations are available in both.

  • Business Rules

    • These have been available for download for some time and are packaged up into the SOA Suite.  They also shipped with Applicatoin Server 10.1.3.

  • Business Activity Monitoring

    • This isn't currently included in the download although it is part of the SOA Suite and is available directly from Oracle rather than as a download.  Currently this runs only on the Windows platform although a project is well advanced to support BAM on all Application Server platforms.

There are a couple of components shown tacked onto the side of the diagram to indicate that they are used across the whole stack.

  • Web Services Manager

    • This allows you to add security to services, track usage of services and collect service metrics.

  • JDeveloper

    • This has been updated to support the new features of BPEL as well as adding a new ESB designer.
    • TopLink and Applicaton Developer Framework (ADF) are shown seperately in the diagram but I like to think of them as part of the Application Server runtime environment with support for them in JDeveloper.

Most Impressive Achievement

What do I consider the most impressive achievement of SOA Suite

The fact that it comes on a single CD with a single click install.  If you want to be picky it doesn't install all components of SOA Suite but what it does install is very impressive.

Components on CD and Installed by One Click Installer

  • Oracle Applicaton Server - including TopLink and ADF
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
  • Oracle Business Rules
  • Oracle Web Services Manager

Components on Seperate JDeveloper Download

JDeveloper is not installed from the one disk install.  There is a limit to what even Pavana and her team can achieve.  A seperate download provides JDeveloper as well as other components.

  • JDeveloper - with full Java development capbability including TopLink and ADF
  • BPEL Designer
  • ESB Designer

Components Not on Single CD or JDeveloper CD

SOA Suite has some other components outside the core SOA functionalites that are installed seperately.

  • Oracle B2B - slipped into the diagram as part of Application Server but really a seperate component.
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • UDDI Registry - again slipped into the diagram as part of Application Server but really a seperate component.

So all in all a whole new release of technology to get to grips with.  I'm off now to install the OTN release onto one of my VMs.


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