Cleaning Up After Yourself

Maintaining a Clean SOA Suite Test Environment Fun blog entry with Fantasia animated gifs got me thinking like Mickey about how nice it would be to automate clean up tasks. I don’t have a sorcerers castle to clean up but I often have a test environment which I use to run tests, then after fixing problems that I uncovered in the tests I want to run them again.  The problem is that all the data from my previous test environment is still there. Now in the past I used VirtualBox...

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Share & Enjoy : Using a JDeveloper Project as an MDS Store

Share & Enjoy : Sharing Resources through MDS One of my favorite radio shows was the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by the sadly departed Douglas Adams.  One of the characters, Marvin the Paranoid Android, was created by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation whose corporate song was entitled Share and Enjoy!  Just like using the products of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, reusing resources through MDS is not fun, but at least it is useful and avoids some problems in SOA...

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Multiple SOA Developers Using a Single Install

Running Multiple SOA Developers from a Single Install A question just came up about how to run multiple developers from a single software install.  The objective is to have a single software installation on a shared server and then provide different OS users with the ability to create their own domains.  This is not a supported configuration but it is attractive for a development environment. Out of the Box Before we do anything special lets review the basic installation. Oracle...

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WebLogic Admin Cookbook Review

Review of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Advanced Administration Cookbook Like all of Packts cookbook titles, the book follows a standard format of a recipe followed by an explanation of how it works and then a discussion of additional recipe related features and extensions. When reading this book I tried out some of the recipes on an internal beta of 12.1.2 and they seemed to work fine on that future release. The book starts with basic installation instructions that belie its...

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Whos Port Is It?

Who Owns What Port? It is not uncommon to be unable to start a server process because some other process is holding onto a network port that is required by the server.  The question is how do you find the offending process?  I thought I would identify some of the commands I use to track down wayward port usage. Identify the Conflict The first thing to do is to identify the port that is being used.  Hopefully your log file will indicate which port the server process was unable to...

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Using Coherence with JDeveloper

Configuring JDeveloper for use with Coherence Doing some work with Coherence again and so I needed to create some Java code calling Coherence API and edit some Coherence configuration files in JDeveloper.  The easiest way to do this is to register the Coherence jar file and the Coherence Schemas with JDeveloper, once that is done then you can use JDevelopers XML insight features to help you create the XML documents. Register the Coherence Library To register the Coherence jar...

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