Whos Port Is It?

Who Owns What Port? It is not uncommon to be unable to start a server process because some other process is holding onto a network port that is required by the server.  The question is how do you find the offending process?  I thought I would identify some of the commands I use to track down wayward port usage. Identify the Conflict The first thing to do is to identify the port that is being used.  Hopefully your log file will indicate which port the server process was unable to...

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Scripting WebLogic Admin Server Startup

How to Script WebLogic Admin Server Startup My first car was a 14 year old Vauxhall Viva.  It is the only one of my cars that has ever been stolen, and to this day how they stole it is a mystery to me as I could never get it to start.  I always parked it pointing down a steep hill so that I was ready to jump start it!  Of course its ability to start was dramatically improved when I replaced the carburetor butterfly valve! Getting SOA Suite or other WebLogic based systems...

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Memory Efficient Windows SOA Server

Installing a Memory Efficient SOA Suite on Windows Server Well is now available for download so I thought I would build a Windows Server environment to run it.  I will minimize the memory footprint of the installation by putting all functionality into the Admin Server of the SOA Suite domain. Required Software 64-bit JDK SOA Suite If you want 64-bit then choose “Generic” rather than “Microsoft Windows 32bit JVM” or “Linux 32bit JVM” This has links to all the...

Friday, March 16, 2012 | SOA Suite | Read More

Packt Oracle Discount Month

Packt Publishing are celebrating the publication of their 50th Oracle book by offering an exclusive discount throughout March for all Oracle books. Here is the link which explains it in detail: Packt's Oracle Campaign, https://www.packtpub.com/news/hit-the-oracle-packtpot. If you haven’t bought mine and Matt’s book the Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 Developer's Guide book then now is a great time to get it from Packt.  Packt have recently published a number of new Oracle SOA Suite bo...

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My Hiring Approach

Hiring Engineers I recently had the privilege of performing the technical interviews to evaluate potential new hires into Oracles support organization.  As my approach is different from many interview processes I thought I would share it with you.  It is basically a three step process. Step 1 – What Do You Know? We ask them technical questions about what they said they have done on their resume.  Very common to get responses like, oh I didn't do very much with that.  In that...

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Using Coherence with JDeveloper

Configuring JDeveloper for use with Coherence Doing some work with Coherence again and so I needed to create some Java code calling Coherence API and edit some Coherence configuration files in JDeveloper.  The easiest way to do this is to register the Coherence jar file and the Coherence Schemas with JDeveloper, once that is done then you can use JDevelopers XML insight features to help you create the XML documents. Register the Coherence Library To register the Coherence jar...

Saturday, March 3, 2012 | Development | Read More

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