SOA Suite 11g Developers Cookbook Published

SOA Suite 11g Developers Cookbook Available Just realized that I failed to mention that Matt & mine’s most recent book, the SOA Suite 11g Developers Cookbook was published over Christmas last year! In some ways this was an easier book to write than the Developers Guide, the hard bit was deciding what recipes to include.  Once we had decided that the writing of the book was pretty straight forward. The book focuses on areas that we felt we had neglected in the Developers Guide,...

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Free WebLogic Administration Cookbook

Free WebLogic Admin Cookbook Packt Publishing are offering free copies of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Advanced Administration Cookbook :  in exchange for a review either on your blog or on the title’s Amazon page. Here’s the blurb: Install, create and configure WebLogic Server Configure an Administration Server with high availability Create and configure JDBC data sources, multi data sources...

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Target Verification

Verifying the Target I just built a combined OSB, SOA/BPM, BAM clustered domain.  The biggest hassle is validating that the resource targeting is correct.  There is a great appendix in the documentation that lists all the modules and resources with their associated targets.  The only problem is that the appendix is six pages of small print.  I manually went through the first page, verifying my targeting, until I thought ‘there must be a better way of doing this’.  So...

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Event Processed

Installing Oracle Event Processing 11g Earlier this month I was involved in organizing the Monument Family History Day.  It was certainly a complex event, with dozens of presenters, guides and 100s of visitors.  So with that experience of a complex event under my belt I decided to refresh my acquaintance with Oracle Event Processing (CEP). CEP has a developer side based on Eclipse and a runtime environment. Server install The server install is very straightforward (documentation)....

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Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook

SOA Administration Book I have just received a copy of the “Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook” so as soon as I have read it I will let you know what I think.  In the meantime the first thing that struck me was the author credentials, although I have never met either of them as I remember, I have read Admeds blog postingsand they are a great community resource, so immediately I am well disposed towards the book.  Similarly Arun is an employee of my friend and...

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Following the Thread in OSB

Threading in OSB The Scenario I recently led an OSB POC where we needed to get high throughput from an OSB pipeline that had the following logic: 1. Receive Request 2. Send Request to External System 3. If Response has a particular value   3.1 Modify Request   3.2 Resend Request to External System 4. Send Response back to Requestor All looks very straightforward and no nasty wrinkles along the way.  The flow was implemented in OSB as follows (see diagram for more details): Proxy...

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