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Unwrapping Our Top 6 Retail Blogs of 2019

Amber Leith
Head of Global Marketing

As we welcome a new year, we've rounded up our 2019 stories that were popular among the retail community. ICYMI we shared over 125 stories including global customer success, consumer research, analyst insights, and thought leadership across all things retail. We look forward to continuing the momentum in 2020 as we grow and embrace our community of retailers and partners.

1. The Prada Group Adopts Oracle Cloud Solutions to Support Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness: The Prada Group announced a collaboration with Oracle to adopt a suite of Oracle advanced technological solutions that will support efficiency throughout all of Prada Group’s core retail processes. They will also help the company analyze historical data and current market demands across its global retail network of 634 stores, better-informing business decisions and providing a unique customer experience. 

2. Bata Improves Planning and Process Efficiency to Enhance Customer Experience with Oracle: Global footwear retailer Bata has deployed Oracle Retail technology, Oracle Retail Merchandising and POS solutions, to improve planning and supply chain efficiency while enhancing the customer experience in stores. With this technology investment, Bata will be able to modernize its supply chain, reduce markdowns and unnecessary inventory investment, and improve margin potential.

3. The New KPIs of Retail - Part IIThe changing retail KPIs is a hot topic. Learn how by employing Retail Science, you can not only exploit the flexibility of a more advanced customer lifetime value (CLV) calculus through the configurability afforded by Oracle Retail's Innovation Workbench, but also parlay CLV into more advanced customer segmentation, targeted offers, and better promotion halo and cannibalization prediction across more intelligent customer segmentations. Missed The New KPIs of Retail - Part I? Catch up now.

4. Wishing All A Very Successful BOPIS Holiday: Buy online, pick up in store continues to gain traction. By offering BOPIS, retailers not only draw coveted foot traffic into the store but also lead the way for new, positive customer experiences. Retailers need to build their strategy for BOPIS – from catering to customers in a rush to finding ways to maintain a personal touch throughout the pickup process. 

5. Setting the Bar: Global Customer Experience Trends 2019: The bar that consumers mentally and emotionally measure experience is in constant flux, with every great experience setting a new measure of success. Cutting across sectors – from shopping to streaming, banking to travel – consumers make little distinction between industries when it comes to convenience and user experience. Retailers are not meeting customer expectations, and in many cases are missing on the fundamentals.  Explore the global trends to see why retailers and customers don’t see eye to eye.

6. Giving Thanks to Our Retail Community: As we reflect on the past year, we have been blessed to work with the best of the best in the retail industry. In this post, we’ve curated a fantastic collection of our most popular customer stories over the past year.



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