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The Front Line on The War for Talent

Christopher Sarne
Senior Director Product Management Strategy

Retail environments are becoming more and more competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. In an article with MarTech Advisor, I share insights around the role of the CMO in this process and the role technology plays throughout the store, specifically as it relates to revenue and the overall employee experience. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Store associates serve as one of the greatest touchpoints customers have with any given brand. As shoppers walk in the door, choose products and check out, associates are primed to seize opportunities to upsell and strengthen the retailer’s relationship with the customer. With such an important role, it’s clear that retailers must focus on attracting and retaining talent, but in today’s talent market and complex retail organizations, that may be easier said than done. A partnership is evolving between HR and departmental heads, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), to recruit associates who create individualized connections, amplify customer advocates and turn loyalists into evangelists.

No longer centered on maintaining a brand, today’s CMOs focus on the customer and every surrounding factor. This extends to drawing and keeping top talent as brand ambassadors by offering them the chance to work the way they live – with technology at their fingertips. With technologies, such as mobile applications and smart point of service (POS) systems, retailers can greatly impact the in-store employee experience and, in turn, the caliber of talent they recruit. Don’t be fooled, the POS system is not simply for “ringing sales.” A smart POS system also serves as the portal that associates rely on for information about loyalty programs, customer profiles, and every other part of the customer journey. Through the POS gateway, associates can more rapidly shift to changing customer preferences and, ultimately, create a truly omnichannel customer experience. Given the scope of impact this technology has on the entire customer journey, it is imperative that this decision be made at the top.

Read on for the full article with MarTech Advisor

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