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Oracle Commerce Cloud at a fixed price of $150,000 and a start-to-launch of 3 months

Krista Sterner

Oracle Retail ConsultingCommerce has an accelerator program for implementing a fully functional ecommerce site on Oracle Commerce Cloud at a fixed price of $150,000, and with a start-to-launch implementation period of three months. The program has been designed for:

  • Mid-market direct-to-consumer brands that want to move from an on-premise or conventional hosted solution to Oracle Commerce Cloud in a cost-effective and expedient fashion, yet with the quality and backing of Oracle
  • Up-market brands interested in getting a new brand on the cloud quickly

Oracle Retail ConsultingCommerce has a long track record of working with retailers such as Kohl’s, Tesco, and Eddie Bauer, and now brings those credentials and expertise to bear in Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Templated Approach Enables Rapid Implementation

To facilitate speed of implementation, cost-effectiveness, and quality, Oracle Retail ConsultingCommerce has developed a template service for Oracle Commerce Cloud. On the front end are about 25 different widgets that enable customers to display products and enhanced navigation features within their website.

For example, a set of faceted navigation widgets helps make the site more navigable by users performing searches, with an eye to making it operate like some of the more sophisticated on-premise solutions that use Guided Search. The solution features built-in and tested integration with the Jagged Peak order management system as well as integration with Google Analytics, Live Chat, Easy Store Locator, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On the payment management side, it includes pre-configured, tested integration with CyberSource and PayPal.

Easy Transition to the Cloud

The vast majority of retail websites, especially for mid-market brands, are still using some form of on-premise or traditional hosted model. Oracle Commerce Cloud offers retailers a fast, affordable way to realize the operational and upgrade benefits of moving to the cloud, and eliminates the need to make a capital investment in an ecommerce solution.

Implementation of the new site by Oracle Retail ConsultingCommerce goes through four phases, beginning with discovery, which involves creative design to help the client understand how they want their site to look. The user interface is designed according to that creative direction, followed by integration with outside services, and testing/launch–all scripted into a three-month engagement.

Oracle Retail ConsultingCommerce anticipates that many customers will want a certain amount of enhancement and tailoring beyond the templated implementation. “We welcome the opportunity to work with those customers and are well positioned to do so as the factory consulting group for Oracle Commerce” says Oracle Retail ConsultingCommerce Director Mark Knisely. “Whether we are building additional integrations or more complex functionality on the User Interface, it will still fit within the same paradigm from a customer perspective, and they get the peace of mind that comes with an Oracle-led implementation.”

To Learn More About the Program

For more information about Oracle Commerce Cloud and the fixed-price, three-month accelerated implementation from Oracle Retail ConsultingCommerce, please review the program summary sheet, reach out to your Oracle sales representative, or drop an email to OneRetailVoice_ww@Oracle.com.

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