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New Eye-Opening Stats About Brand Compliance Adoption

Paul Woodward
Senior Director, Retail Supply Chain Business
Customers need to trust that retail brands are providing reliable information about product provenance. In this fast changing retail climate, to maintain trust in their brands, retailers must demonstrate due diligence in their collection, capture, and validation of supplier and product data. There is an obvious necessity for retailers to respond quickly to any issues by forensically interrogating the supply chain.
Many of the world's top brands are taking the necessary steps to protect their supply chain with Oracle Retail Brand Compliance. Brand Compliance enables private label product growth, anticipates and protects brands against supply chain risks, and maintains consumer trust during crisis. Read on for a collection of eye-opening stats.

Real Customer Examples After Brand Compliance Adoption:

  • All 4 large UK grocery chains have seen significant growth in private label to over 60% of shelf 
  • A leading Canadian grocery chain relaunched over 4,000 products to meet new labeling laws within 6 months  
  • A major US family brand reduced the number of internal systems from 17 to 1, improving efficiency, accuracy and job satisfaction 
  • Leading European cash and carry drove standardization, transparency and quality across 22 countries in 19 languages

5 Wow Factors Based on Latest Brand Compliance User Statistics:

  1. Nearly 70% of grocery retailers worldwide who have adopted software solutions to manage product specifications and supplier compliance, chose Oracle Retail Brand Compliance 
  2. Over 80% of the world's primary private label suppliers use Oracle Retail Brand Compliance for at least 1 customer
  3. Over 1 million products have been developed and protected through Oracle Retail Brand Compliance 
  4. Over 10,000 suppliers concurrently manage product specifications in Oracle Retail Brand Compliance each day 
  5. Over 1 million supply chain trading relationships are visible through Oracle Retail Brand Compliance 

Sample of Brand Compliance Solution Benefits:

  • Growth of private label brands from 10% to over 50% of market shelf
  • Improved speed to market by 25% by reducing administration by 75%
  • 12% increased revenue per product or portfolio growth of 1/3 more per year
  • Connection to over 250,000 suppliers worldwide
  • Reduced R&D costs by 10% by anticipating risk, simplifying processes and collaboration
  • Increased confidence in product and supplier data to 95%, an 80% improvement
  • Launch and protection of over 1 million products worldwidePlay Video on Oracle Retail Brand Compliance
  • Reduction of food mislabeling recalls by 80%, saving on average $16M in risk
  • Protects and builds trust through transparency of online brands

With over 5,000 customers worldwide, Oracle is empowering commerce around the globe. Oracle Retail Brand Compliance sources, validates and continually checks all product attributes to ensure consumers have up-to-date transparent information, building trust in retailers’ online brands. See how you can protect your supply chain.

View the Full Infographic and Learn More About Protecting Your Brand Integrity

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