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Checklist for Reopening Retail Stores

Peggy Pulliam, Judy Fisher, and Erica Triplet

When mandated retail closures lift and your store is ready to reopen, we are here to help. We have tapped years worth of learnings from our customers to provide a simple Point of Service (POS) checklist to guide your teams through a smooth re-opening. 


Was the POS turned off or left on during store closures? How long has the POS been left in the current state? Were all sites shutdown on the same date? 

  • Review the state of your POS systems in all store locations.
  • Review the POS download data queue and status to see if processes can be cleaned up or stopped.
  • Verify what software updates were sent during the store closures, and to which stores and terminals.


Can the stores open for the day before opening live to confirm the open/close process in advance of a full opening? This step will allow you to test and verify before you open, mitigating any possible setbacks. 

  • Ensure download data is correctly loaded to the store before the opening date.
  • Verify registers are all online to Xcenter and other corporate applications (e.g., check Xadmin and review Xcenter tables like device registration).
  • Depending on the country and duration of the shutdown, re-enable/re-register fiscal devices as applicable. This step may also apply to payment services.
  • Validate and test peripherals to make sure everything is working, including scanners, mobile devices, and printers. 
  • Review Xcenter Monitoring and respond to any warning/error conditions.
  • Configure the POS to open the store on the proper business date.
  • Power up the POS at least a day before opening the store, so there is time to run system updates and load current SKUs.   


Communication and connectivity will be vital as you ramp up and open your stores on a rolling schedule. Have any service or other credentials expired during store closure? 

  • Ensure the updated credentials are rolled out and effective before re-opening. 
  • Verify that any critical information has not expired during the shutdown, including Cipher file and Certificates. 
  • Verify employees are activated in the system that may have been removed. 
  • Review expirations dates and update policies for:
    • Gift certificates/store credits
    • Gift cards
    • Loyalty programs and points
    • Orders
    • Returns


As you prepare to re-open, review policies for re-opening post-shutdown periods, such as post-holiday procedures, and consider where these may apply. Do you need to add flexibility or new policies before you re-open stores? 

  • Update return policies in the system to allow delayed returns once stores re-open. 
  • If fulfilling orders from store locations (e.g., pick up or deliver from store), confirm the store opening/closure times in the system. The fulfillment engine (e.g., Oracle Retail Order Broker) and your digital site should not count on the inventory of closed stores for fulfillment.


Review your in-store staffing and determine if training is needed to reset your operations. 

  • How many associates do you need to bring back to your stores? 
  • Do associates need training on new processes and social distancing best practice ahead of store re-opening?
  • Reset the employee passwords in the system due to too much time away.
  • Revisit and publish your new hygiene policies to gain consumer confidence and create a safe working environment for your associates. 
  • Have you leveraged your stores to satisfy online demand by opening access to existing in-store inventory and providing new service models such as Buy Online Pick Up Curbside? Do you need to train returning associates to scale your new customer journeys?  


Should you need further assistance or clarification, our retail experts are standing by to assist. Click here to request a day and time that works for your team.

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  • Anil Kumar Veera Raghavan Saturday, April 25, 2020
    Thanks for the comprehensive check-list.
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