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Blockchain Cloud and the Supply Chain Network Empowers the Grocery Industry from Farm to Store

Paul Woodward
Senior Director, Retail Supply Chain Business

Take a minute to visualise all the people involved in bringing a food product to market - farmers, agents, buyers, chefs, designers, technologists, planners, drivers, warehouse teams through to the end consumer.

Now consider this - for every person involved in bringing a product to market, and for every customer they serve, there are different systems being used across buying, sourcing, assessment, shipments, quality, formulation, labelling, packaging, promotion, pricing, inventory, replenishment and compliance. As you can imagine, this adds complexity, inefficiency and risk to every product lifecycle. 

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a central platform where everyone can collaborate, communicate and interact with each other? A platform where all of these systems, data pools, mobile apps and digital devices can securely share and synchronise on common sets of reliable data, removing duplication, error and providing an irrefutable audit. Or even better, a common dashboard of all of these transactions enabling you to anticipate risk, take effective action and learn for the future.

Good news is this isn’t a pipe dream any longer.

Oracle is helping the grocery industry with the Supply Chain Network, an initiative focused at empowering the digitization and common protocols across the entire market. This requires attention on what each layer of the supply chain needs to increase, improve and protect trading relationships.

Meeting Everyone’s Needs

  • Farmers ultimately need to grow and sell all of their crops for the most money.
  • Producers and manufacturers need to increase margin and productivity.
  • Retailers are seeking to grow and protect their brands.
  • Consumers want to trust the safety, availability and quality of their food.

To meet these multiple demands and inspire a common platform of data, the industry needs to embrace IoT and micro apps that simplify the capture and provide business benefits across all layers.

The Supply Chain Network & Oracle Blockchain Cloud

The Supply Chain Network is a platform that enables IoT, micro apps and business systems to connect and exchange transactional data in an open and protected environment. This inspires the industry to create and market exception based tools for the capture of transactions utilising common sets of data to improve efficiency, remove duplication, improve quality and ultimately digitise the market.

This then enables the layering of dashboards, analytics and science across the platform to help the industry work better together in anticipating risk, analysing market dynamics and managing crisis. Integration with the Oracle Blockchain Cloud can then be incorporated to lock and secure selected transactions providing irrefutable evidence to support traceability.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Blockchain is improving the supply chain, contact Jonathan Pickles, Solutions Management, Oracle Retail.

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  • Arun Kumar Saturday, March 31, 2018
    Yes i will like to participate and explore with you guys on it. I also have some idea to share with you in respect to indian market which is very much unorganized.
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