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A Day in the Life of a Retail Stock Associate

Demo of Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service

3 profiles of a stock associate for Oracle Retail Store Inventory Operations DemoIn a recent inventory and supply chain webcast and demonstration, Oracle Retail Master Consultant Danny Beltran depicts the Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service's flawless execution from omnichannel fulfillment through a streamlined process with notifications to speed up the picking process. If you missed the live demonstration of these three stock associates for inventory adjustments, in-store replenishment, and cycle count execution, catch it on-demand.

Key Solution Benefits of Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service

  • Optimizes store inventory operations

  • Delivers processes in support of accurate real-time inventory

  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility to stores' discrete inventory position 

  • Executes omnichannel customer fulfillment

  • Supports in-store associate mobility

  • Facilitates global deployments

Retailer FAQ on Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service

Q: How long does it take to implement this inventory solution? 

A: Depending on the retailer, implementations can take between 4-6 months. Single store pilots are typically up and running in about 3 months. The complexity of the retailers’ environment (integrations and business processes) can further impact the timeline. 

Q: What devices does this solution work on and do I need a third-party system? 

A: Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service is device agnostic and works on iOS, Android or Windows 10. 

Q: My point of sale has inventory capabilities, so why wouldn't I use that instead of adding another solution? 

A: While many point of sales solutions, including Oracle Retail Xstore, have a basic inventory capability, Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service is completely focused on all aspects of store inventory management and customer order fulfillment. It takes inventory management to a more granular level for retailers who require serialized inventory (Telco, Jewellery) and who are implementing RFID. In addition, for customer order fulfillment, it guides the associate in the pick, pack, and ship or pick, pack, and hold process for customer orders. It also automatically prompts users to bring backroom inventory to the shop floor based on POS sales, current stock levels, or manual shelf scans, which increases inventory productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction.    

Q: What other Oracle Retail cloud solutions does this integrate to? 

A: Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service is quite a key integration point in the Oracle Retail portfolio, and it has integration with:

It is also designed to integrate with third-party RFID solutions. Oracle Retail is working with a variety of RFID partners and the open APIs can take a stream from any RFID provider, including exact locations and quantities of items and their tags.

Q: Does this solution work with grocery retailers who deal with the wide variety of catch-weight items and transformation items, which do not currently have RFID tagging? 

A: The solution does not require RFID tagging. One of the big benefits of Store Inventory Operations is that it can handle items that are RFID tagged and items that are not. It does handle weighted items, so it can support receiving in kilograms or pounds, for example. 

Transformation items are interesting in terms of how retailers handle the build-to-sell and break-to-sell items, and there's a variety of ways to do that. Oracle Retail is partnering with its consulting team, Oracle Retail Consulting, around an ingredients management accelerator that will integrate with Store Inventory Operations to manage the actual ingredient inventory in the store during store production.  

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