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Oracle Retail XBRi Cloud Services for Release 18.1

Randy Kapelke
Director, Global Content

Oracle Retail XBRi Cloud Services for Release 18.1

Oracle Retail XBRi Cloud Services includes the following:

The XBRi Loss Prevention (LP) module is a global analytical reporting solution that is designed to quickly identify suspicious trends, transactions, and other data anomalies. The LP module allows easy user access, dynamic functionality, and forensic analysis to make more informed decisions with timely, data-driven answers to business questions and to protect the bottom line.
The XBRi Sales and Productivity (SP) module offers configurable reporting across all levels of the retail organization hierarchy (Salesperson, Store, District, Region, and so on), merchandise hierarchy (item, class, dept., and so on), and/or by geographic attributes. Through a comprehensive set of grid and graph reports, documents and interactive dashboards, users can compare same store sales to past performance and custom goals, measure sales members’ productivity, and evaluate the impact of merchandise characteristics on productivity.

The Cloud Services are hosted in the Oracle Cloud.

For information on enhancements in this release, see the Release Notes. Documentation Highlights for 18.1 included the following:

Import Services Guide

A new Import Services Guide was added to detail a new import process that uses Web services to import data into the XBRi system.

Administration Guide

* A new section on Creating and Maintaining an XBRLoader account was added to the User Administration chapter
* New sections were added to the Application Configuration chapter:
  - Configuring for Receipt Viewer
  - Video Linking Configuration
  - Event Management
  - Controlling ETL Services
* New sections were added to the Customer Data Configuration Chapter:
  - Custom Language Translation
  - Extending ODI Configuration

Implementation Guide
* Detailed procedures were added for executing SOAP-based XBR Loader Web services

The following documents were also published for this release:

Release Notes
Web User Guide
Administrator User Guide

These documents can be accessed at the Oracle Retail XBRi Documentation Library on Oracle Technical Network (OTN).