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Corrections and Enhancements in Oracle Retail Installation Guides

Randy Kapelke
Director, Global Content

Oracle Retail is committed to making Oracle Retail products easier to install and configure. In the past year, Oracle Retail created a new process to allow regular updates to be made to the installation documentation based on feedback from customers and partners, and from internal discoveries. This process is summarized far below and in the following knowledge article on My Oracle Support (https://support.oracle.com): Doc ID1307682.1.

Key corrections and enhancements to the Oracle Retail Installation Guides have been occurring in these areas, among others:

  • Additional detail was included regarding technology infrastructure setup required prior to Oracle Retail product installation.
  • Greater clarity was provided about user configuration during installation for online and batch access.
  • Manual processes were made easier to follow through the addition of context within procedural steps.
  • Installation screens that were optional, or dependant upon answers to prior questions, were denoted more clearly. 
  • Cross references were added to whitepapers containing more detail about technology stack installation and configuration.
  • Simple verification tests were included that can be run after installation to validate application deployment.
  • Information common to multiple guides was included and verified so that the guides became more consistent.

Oracle Retail is committed to continually improving the installation guides and welcomes customers' comments and suggestions on their quality and usefulness.

To send comments, use this email address: retail-doc_us@oracle.com

Improved Process for Installation Guide Corrections

To more quickly address critical corrections to installation guide content, Oracle Retail installation guides may be republished whenever a correction or enhancement is needed. For these updates, the republication of an installation guide is not attached to a release number; the document is simply replaced on the Oracle Technology Network Web site. This process prevents delays in making corrections available to retailers and partners. For the customer, it means that before you begin installation, you must verify that you have the most recent version of the installation guide. Oracle Retail installation guides are available on the Oracle Technology Network at the following URL:
An updated version of an installation guide is indicated by Oracle part number, as well as print date (month and year). An updated version uses the same part number, with a higher-numbered suffix. For example, part number E123456-02 is an updated version of an installation guide with part number E123456-01. If a more recent version of an installation guide is available, that version supersedes all previous versions. Only use the newest version for your installation.

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