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Announcing Two Papers Addressing the RPAS Fusion Client

Randy Kapelke
Director, Global Content

Oracle Retail has published two documents to My Oracle Support addressing the Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Fusion Client, a web-based rich client developed using the latest Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). The Fusion Client provides an enhanced user experience for communicating with the RPAS server.

Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server Fusion Client Getting Started Guide

  • Doc ID 1492759.1
    The Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) is a configurable platform that provides capabilities such as a multidimensional database structure, batch and online processing, a configurable user interface, a configurable calculation engine, user security, and utility functions such as importing and exporting, all on a highly scalable technical environment that can be deployed on a variety of hardware. This paper addresses typical questions that arise during setting up and deploying the Fusion Client, provides performance recommendations, and highlights the differences between the Classic Client and the Fusion Client.

Oracle Retail RPAS Fusion Client Performance Issue Report

  • Doc ID 1493747.1
    Performance issues can be frustrating for customers, and Oracle Retail will strive to assist you as you attempt to enhance the performance of your systems. To ensure the timeliest processing of your issue, retailers and partners are encouraged to respond as thoroughly as possible to each question in this document, which can be sent back for analysis by logging a Service Request and following typical Customer Support processes. The sections of the document solicit information about the following:
    • Performance Issue Description
    • Performance Issue Details
    • System Configuration Data
    • Application Configuration Data
    • Performance Log Files

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