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Announcing Oracle Retail 14.1 Product Overview and TOI Training Sessions as well as the Solutions Enablement Enterprise Version 14.1 – Guide to Enablement

Randy Kapelke
Director, Global Content

In order to better enable and educate retailers and partners, the Oracle Retail Solutions Enablement team and the Oracle Retail Curriculum team, in partnership with Oracle Retail Product teams, has published Release 14.1 Product Overviews and Transfer of Information (TOI) sessions through Oracle University and accessed through My Oracle Support.

Get Proactive - Oracle Applications TOI Online Training (Doc ID 732026.1)

Available Product Overviews Released in Conjunction with 14.1

Product Overviews are high-level recordings that highlight the business use, features and benefits of Oracle Retail product. Recordings are each less than one hour long and are intended as a stand-alone, self-paced introduction.

  • Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning (AIP) Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting (RDF) Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Replenishment Optimization (RO) Product Overview
  • Macro Space Management with In Store Space Collaboration (MSM/ISSC) Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Product Overview
  • RMS Product Overview: Inventory and Stock
  • RMS Product Overview: Foundation Data
  • RMS Product Overview: Replenishment
  • RMS Product Overview: Purchase Orders and Deals
  • RMS Product Overview: Retail Trade Management
  • RMS Product Overview: Retail Sales Audit
  • Oracle Retail Invoice Matching (ReIM) Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Allocation Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Price Management (RPM) Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM) Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Point of Service (ORPOS) Suite Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Fusion Client Product Overview
  • RPAS Classic Client Product Overview
  • RPAS Hybrid Storage Architecture (HAS) Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Assortment Planning (AP) Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Analytics Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Category Management Product Overview
  • Oracle Retail Warehouse Management Product Overview
  • Globalization Product Overview

Available TOIs Released in Conjunction with 14.1

TOI recorded sessions provide release-specific product knowledge that enables your functional and technical teams to plan, implement, and/or upgrade and support Oracle Retail applications effectively and efficiently.

  • Oracle Retail Warehouse Management (RWMS) Functional TOI
  • RWMS Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Price Management (RPM) Functional TOI
  • RPM Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Functional TOI
  • RMS Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Allocation Functional TOI
  • Oracle Retail Allocation Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Sales Audit (ReSA) Functional TOI
  • ReSA Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Invoice Matching (ReIM) Functional TOI
  • ReIM Technical TOI
  • RPAS Functional TOI
  • RPAS HAS Functional TOI
  • RPAS Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Macro Space Management (MSM) with In Store Space Collaboration (ISSC) Functional TOI
  • MSM with ISSC Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Category Management Functional TOI
  • Oracle Retail Assortment and Space Optimization (ASO) Functional TOI
  • Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting (RDF) Functional TOI
  • Oracle Retail Translations Functional TOI
  • Oracle Retail Replenishment Optimization (RO) Functional TOI
  • Oracle Retail Analytics Functional TOI
  • Oracle Retail Analytics Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Point of Service (ORPOS) Suite Functional TOI
  • ORPOS Suite Technical TOI
  • SIM Functional TOI
  • SIM Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Application Role Management Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Installation and Infrastructure Technical TOI
  • AQ JMS Admin Console Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Enterprise Integration Technical TOI
  • Oracle Retail Advanced Science Engine (ORASE) Technical TOI
  • Advanced Clustering (AC) Functional TOI
  • Demand Transference Functional TOI
  • Customer Decision Tree Functional TOI

Also note that a standalone TOI exists to address Oracle Retail Documentation Enhancements across the enterprise:


  • Oracle Retail Documentation Functional TOI

Solutions Enablement Enterprise Version 14.1 – Guide to Enablement (Doc ID 1666259.1

In order to better guide retailers and partners through the Oracle Retail enablement material currently available for Release 14.1 on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), My Oracle Support, and Oracle University, the Oracle Retail Customer Management Office, in partnership with the Oracle Retail Solutions Management, Development and the Global Content team, has published the Oracle Retail Enterprise Version 14.1 – Guide to Enablement.

The purpose of this document is to provide a single point of reference and direct hyperlinks to all Release 14.1 enablement material that is currently available, allowing retailers and partners to enable and educate their teams on the release. 


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