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  • May 12, 2015

How to setup VLANs on AWS using Ravello?

Ravello’s software defined networking overlay on AWS & Google cloud exposes a clean Layer 2 interface to the guest VMs running on top. Networking overlay enables all capabilities that one has access to in a datacenter environment - including VLANs - which AWS & Google cloud cannot natively support.

VLANs are extremely useful for network segregation in variety of scenarios -

  1. One can move from flat network to segregated network without changing IPs
  2. Use the same firewall interface for segregated networks
  3. In multi-tenancy operations such as hosting, one can share the same network for multiple customers without risking data breach
  4. Segregate traffic for each host in VDI deployments

VLAN tags can be applied in:

  • Access mode: End hosts are typically connected to Access switch ports. Although Access port is a member of a VLAN, it never gets tagged with that VLAN because the end host LAN card does not understand the tag. To facilitate Access mode, Ravello’s SDN strips off the VLAN tag before passing the packet to the guest VM on top.
  • Trunk mode: Trunk switch ports multiplex traffic for multiple VLANs over the same physical link. Each device at the end of trunk port must be capable of adding and removing the VLAN tags. To facilitate Trunk mode, Ravello’s SDN will let the VLAN pass through to the guest VM on top without modification.

This video walks one through on setting up VLAN tags on Ravello.

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