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  • April 16, 2015

To vCloud Air or AWS? The million dollar dilemma

Enterprises are trying to decide whether to embrace AWS or vCloud Air as a part of their cloud strategy. This post looks into benefits of each, and introduces Ravello as an option that brings together best of both worlds. Interested in seeing the benefits for yourself? Sign up for a free Ravello trial.

With IT budgets shrinking, enterprises across the globe are faced with a million dollar question – can I stretch my budget by moving away from capex and embracing opex? Many companies are looking to reduce their data center foot-print (capex) and move their workloads to cloud (opex) where possible. In this endeavour, IT departments are trying to figure out — should go I with AWS (the market leader in the public cloud), or choose VMware vCloud™ Air (the public cloud from VMware – the market leader in data center virtualization)?

Criteria AWS vCloud Air
Ability to run VMware VMs without migration Needs AMI migration No migration needed as vCloud Air runs VMware vSphere™
Flexibility of VM CPU & Memory combination AWS provides multiple instance sizes, but doesn’t provide all combinations Allows one to create any combination of CPU and memory for the VM
On-demand addition of vCPU, Memory and Disk Un-supported Supported
Services AWS provides extremely rich set of IaaS and PaaS Extremely light compared to AWS
Layer 2 networking Un-supported Supported
Scalability Very elastic due to much larger infrastructure Much lighter compared to AWS
Geographical spread 8 geographical regions (multiple locations in some regions) 5 geographical regions (multiple locations in some regions)
OS support Wider choice of supported OS Light compared to AWS
High availability High availability possible through deployment in multiple regions Hot redundant capacity and instant restart of affected VMs in case of failure
Marketplace for virtual appliances Rich collection of virtual appliances and services Lighter compared to AWS Marketplace
Management Tools AWS has its own management interface and supports REST APIs for integration vCloud Air can be managed using VMware tools (e.g. vSphere client, vCAC) in addition to REST APIs for integration
Infrastructure maturity More mature Less mature compared to AWS
Pricing (4 vCPU, 15GB Memory, 80 GB SSD Storage deployed in US) $0.28/hour $0.39/hour

So, which is the preferred option - AWS or vCloud Air? Well, it depends on what matters to you! If Layer 2 networking, integration with existing VMware tools and running VMware VMs without migration is important - vCloud Air is a great option. If you are looking for a mature & scalable cloud with a rich set of services, and a vast geographical reach - clearly AWS is the way to go.

Ravello, a nested virtualization platform enables the ability to run VMware VMs with Layer 2 networking to public clouds such as AWS and Google, bringing together best of both the worlds. Using Ravello one can create an exact replica of VMware based data-center environment on public cloud (see below).

This unique capability enables many use-cases.

Interested? Just sign up for a free Ravello trial, and drop us a line – we can get your VMware & KVM VMs running ‘as-is’ on AWS/Google using Ravello in no time.

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