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How to Upload an ISO Image to Ravello

An ISO file, popularly known as an ISO image, is a single file, that represents the content of an entire CD, DVD or BD. Ravello provides a powerful platform that helps you to either import a VM from an existing data center or upload your existing ISO to Ravello platform and launch a VM from it.

In this post we will describe how easy it is to install the VM Import Utility and upload an ISO image to Ravello.

In the next post, we will demonstrate how to create, configure and publish a VM in Ravello using this ISO image.

To import your VM ISO images

  1. Browse to the Ravello home page and click Login.
  2. Enter your Ravello credentials.
  3. After successful login, the Ravello Applications page lists all of the applications running with your account. You can design, deploy and manage your applications from the Applications page using predefined VM images or your own VMs that you import into Ravello. Before you can import your own images, you need to download and install the VM Import Utility.
  4. Select the Library page. You see two options here: VMs and Disk images. Each tab shows the respective VMs and Disk Images in your library.
  5. Click the Disk Images tab to upload a disk image (ISO).
  6. If you have not already done so, the console prompts you to download VM Import Utility and load unsafe scripting through your browser.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the utility. Select either the GUI or CLI utility download. For this exercise, we selected the Download GUI VM Import Utility link.
  8. Save or run the GUI utility, and install the utility.
  9. You can check whether it is installed properly or not by typing the URL http://localhost:8881/hello in your local machine browser. The following output should appear:
  10. Once the client is installed, you can upload your image or ISO file. Go to the Library page, and select the Disk Images tab.
  11. On the Disk Images tab, click the Import button. When prompted, enter your Ravello password. Once authenticated, the Browse for an Image file dialog box appears.
  12. Browse to and select the ISO image from local machine, and click Read.
  13. The ISO upload process begins. You can track the progress of the upload on the console.

When the ISO is uploaded successfully it appears in the Ready status on the Library tab.

You can use this ISO to launch a VM. In the next article we will show how easy it is to launch a VM with this ISO.

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