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  • May 12, 2015

Announcing Networking & Security Smart Labs on AWS and Google Cloud

We at Ravello are proud to announce the launch of networking and security Smart Labs on AWS or Google Cloud.

Our goal is to enable the entire ecosystem of networking and security technologies with real world labs that run in the cloud to achieve a level of scale and accuracy not possible with traditional network and security simulation approaches. Using Ravello’s technology, we enable true “data center like” labs in the cloud - without any restrictions on layer 2 networking and security testing. We envisioned a world where network and security teams are not constrained by hardware capacity each time they need a lab for design, modelling, proof of concept or even upgrade testing - and we are excited to formally announce the solution today.

Ravello’s Smart Labs are powered by a virtual overlay cloud with software-defined networking, with support for running existing VMware and KVM virtual appliances, in a fully fenced environment, with complete layer 2 access in the public cloud. In addition, entire hypervisor labs with ESXi or KVM can be run on Ravello, creating a unique enabler for malware testing and security sandboxing. Virtual networks created in Ravello Smart Labs can be used for training, network modeling, planning for new security services, or examining “what-if” scenarios for the installed network.

Use Cases

Using Ravello, appliance vendors and their partners are able to rapidly provision demos, proof of concept labs and test environments for their virtual appliances. They can also accelerate training for their entire ecosystem ahead of a new software release. Enterprises can quickly upgrade test their own production deployments when new versions of networking and security virtual appliance are released, by replicating their data center environments in the public cloud and creating their own Smart Labs on Ravello.

Guides to Setting Up Sample Networking & Security Smart Labs on Ravello

Besides access to full layer 2 networking in the cloud, Ravello’s enables most existing VMware and KVM virtual appliances to run unmodified on AWS and Google Cloud. For instance, users are already running Smart Labs for popular virtual appliances. Below is a list of sample labs with detailed how-to guides on how to set them up.

  1. Setting up a Palo Alto Networks lab on Ravello
  2. Setting up an F5 Networks lab on Ravello
  3. Setting up a Citrix Netscaler lab on Ravello
  4. Setting up a Barracuda lab on Ravello
  5. Setting up a Fortinet lab on Ravello


Pricing starts at $0.14/hr for 2 CPU/4GB RAM chunks. See our pricing calculator for more detail.

How to get started

In order to use Ravello’s Smart Labs, you can start with a free trial by signing up here. After activating your account, here are some how-to guides that illustrate how to set up various aspects of your networking and security labs in the cloud:

  1. How to keep your static IP intact when you move to AWS
  2. Adding unlimited NICs per VM in AWS or Google
  3. Changing the MAC addresses on your virtual machines and virtual appliances
  4. Promiscuous mode on AWS - using port mirroring for packet capture in the cloud
  5. How to setup VLANs on AWS or Google Cloud
  6. Using an external router in your Ravello application environment

Please reach out to us if you need any help at support@ravellosystems.com

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