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Multi Domain Controller Active Directory Migration to Cloud

The following describes a case when there are multiple Domain Controllers in your environment and you need to migrate them to the cloud.

Using Ravello, it is possible to migrate only one Domain Controller to the cloud and use it to create a complete replica of your environment. This means that even if you have ‘n’ number of Domain Controllers, you can migrate your complete Domain only by uploading a single virtual machine.

Here we will consider a case where three Domain Controllers and all the FSMO roles that have been divided, as shown below, are moved to the cloud.

As you can see, we have three Domain Controllers named DC, ADC and ADC2 in ‘contoso.local’ domain. We have three FSMO roles in DC, one role in ADC, and one role in ADC2. We will upload Domain Controller with three roles (DC.contoso.local) and then seize the other two roles to replicate the entire environment.

First, we will upload the exported VM of the DC to the cloud using Ravello. You can refer the Importing Domain Controller VM to Ravello.

This is how your canvas looks after uploading and dropping the Server on the Canvas.

Our next step is to install a new Domain Controller in the existing domain, and then make this VM a Domain Controller in an existing domain. Refer to Installing active directory role to do this.

After doing this, we promote this VM as a Domain Controller. Refer to promote server as a Domain Controller.

You will need to transfer two roles from the new Domain Controller to the one that we have uploaded so that all five FSMO roles are on it.

The Microsoft utility called ntdsutil.exe is used to seize and transfer the roles. Run the following commands to seize the ‘infrastructure master’ and ‘domain naming master’ roles to our main Domain Controller.

Click Start, click Run, type ntdsutil in the Open box, and then click OK.

Type roles, and then press ENTER.

Type connections, and then press ENTER.

Type connect to server DC.contoso.local (name of the Domain Controller that you want to assign the FSMO role to), and then press ENTER.

At the server connections prompt, type q, and then press ENTER.

Type seize infrastructure master, and then press ENTER.

When asked if you really want to seize the role, click Yes.

You can transfer the ‘domain naming master’ role in the same way.

Get all the roles on your desired Domain Controller. Run the ‘netdom query fsmo’ command in your main Domain Controller and you will see that all the roles are on the same Domain Controller.

The four parts of this series are:

  1. Introduction & Active Directory Configuration
  2. Promote a Server to a Domain Controller & Create a User
  3. Deploy a Domain Controller on Ravello (running on AWS)
  4. Deploy a Selected Domain Controller from a Multi Domain Controller Environment

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