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  • May 12, 2015

Adding NICs and changing MAC addresses in AWS EC2

For networking and security enthusiasts, below is a short comparison of running your VMs in AWS/Google vs. data center vs. Ravello. One of the main limitations of AWS/Google is that they don’t allow for advanced L2 networking configurations including VLANs, dynamic routing, IPv6 and multicast/broadcast traffic.

With Ravello, your entire application environment is encapsulated and run in AWS/Google. One of the main benefits of doing this is that it opens up all the L2 and L3 networking limitations which exist in AWS/Google.

  Ravello on top of AWS/Google Data center AWS/Google
Layer 2 networking support
IPv6 Support
High fidelity environment copies
Usage based pricing
No migration required
1-click environment replication
Share blueprints/snapshots
Worldwide deployment


An example of Ravello’s networking flexibility is adding NICs to a VM and updating the MAC addresses. These capabilities are important for cases where MAC addresses need to remain the same once the VM is uploaded to the public cloud, while providing a very simple way to add as many NICs per VM as needed.

How to add multiple NICs to a VM

Simply navigate to the Network tab of your VM, and click the “Add +” link to add a new network interface.

How to change a NIC’s MAC address

Once you’re on the Network tab of a VM, uncheck the “Auto MAC” option, and then you can edit the MAC addresses as desired.

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